CF – 4

Chapter 4

Mujin did not know why Gao Tianchen suddenly made such an intimate move. He only felt that the place touched by his fingertips was searing up and his heartbeat was getting faster and faster like it was going to jump out of his chest.

The banquet hall was full of large crystal chandeliers, and the dazzling lights pass through the crystal clear crystals, making Mujin a little dizzy. He was never good at holding his drink, but he never thought that he could be made drunk by just a few sips.

Supporting his somewhat lethargic body, Mujin walked to his mother and told her that he was drunk and wished to return to his room. Lady Mu saw the exhausted expression on her son and saw how his eyes were a little out of focus. She distressedly made a bowl of sobering soup for him to drink before letting him go up to rest.

She looked at the empty bowl on the table and there was still a little light-colored soup at the bottom of the bowl. Lady Mu’s hands trembled slightly, pinching at the skirt with uneasiness, and the delicate and flat skirt was pinched into fine wrinkles. She made this decision and a bet, whether it was right or wrong, it was all unpredictable.

Quickly walking through the corridor into his room, and he closed the door and his strength faded. He lazily fell down onto his big bed and buried his heavy head in the soft bedclothes.

The teddy doll on the bed showed the innocence and loneliness of the owner of the room. For so many years, he couldn’t change this habit, he could not sleep without holding anything in his hand. It’s childish, Mujin mockingly thought.

Somehow, Mujin felt that his body was a little strange, a kind of heat that he had never experience wrapped around himself, and there were a growing and intense trend. His body temperature was getting higher and higher, and the blood in his whole body was scorching hot like it was going to burn himself into ashes.

Was it that he drank too much? The alcohol level of this wine was too great. Mujin’s thoughts were already very confused. Every time he breathed, the heat in his body rose by one degree.

Until Gao Tianchen came to look for Mujin, the rationality of Mujin had already been burned by the hot blood, and he was soaked in sweat. He was in disorder, short of breath, like a small fish stranded on the shore. The expensive suit was ripped open by him in confusion and the tie was thrown on the floor, revealing a lean and fair skin.

“Xiao Jin! Why did you suddenly have an estrus?!” Gao Tianchen had never encountered this situation. The pheromone of an omega in heat was strong and thick, which made him felt helpless. He put the struggling Mujin on the bed and planned to go out and buy inhibitors.

“Tianchen, I… I feel uncomfortable… save me…” Mujin had been completely overwhelmed by the lust of estrus, and the chaotic mind had long been unable to think. He only felt that he was very uncomfortable, eager to get rid of the heat that was burning him. He held onto Gao Tianchen not letting him leave, as if the alpha in front of him was his only redemption.

As an adult alpha, an omega’s hungry request ran through Gao Tianchen’s brain in an instant, stimulating his scalp numb, almost making him lose control on the spot. But he knew that he could not touch Mujin. He and Mujin were not lovers. If he loses control, it will not be good for both of them. He has to find an inhibitor.

“Xiao Jin, endure, I will buy you an inhibitor and it will be alright soon.” He broke open the hands that were holding him tightly and Gao Tianchen was about to get up and leave, but he was pulled by Mujin onto the bed. An omega’s strength was very strong during estrus, and he immediately pulled Gao Tianchen to himself.

The omega that was surrounded by desire was stunned by the estrus until his eyes were red. He no longer thought of anything. Every cell in his body was eager to get an alpha’s caress. He flipped over the tall alpha and the slender arms circled him with some unknown strength and released his pheromone wantonly.

The omega’s longing that was mixed with pheromone lashed at the rationality of Gao Tianchen that was barely hanging. He looked at this quiet face that were so close to him and it was so similar to his lover. The last taut of string in his brain broke. He held the omega on his body and pressed him underneath his body.

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3 thoughts on “CF – 4

  1. I can’t feel good with this chapter. 😂
    All I keep thinking about whilw they’re doing it is. “Fuck. This is the start of a calamity.”

  2. I can’t feel good with this chapter. 😂
    All I keep thinking about while they’re doing it is. “Fuck. This is the start of a calamity.”

  3. I can’t really blame Alpha for hating Mujin. But he literally forced. But it wasn’t Mujin’s fault either. They were both set up by the stupid useless mother. I know this story has a happy ending, but I kinda want Mujin to end up with a proper alpha who will live him without the baggage of the past… And for Gao Tincheng to find a good Omega that he loves for himself.

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