CF – 5

Chapter 5

Mujin’s estrus period came so strangely and suddenly. Three days had passed since the adulthood banquet. Neither of them left Mujin’s room for the three days.

An omega that is in heat will be desperate for an alpha’s caress. His body was like a withered grass, thirsty for the rain and nectar. The alpha was also inflated by the strong pheromone. He pressed the omega under his body and took him wantonly. They clung all day and night.

Three days later, the warm morning light sprinkled into the house through the window, reflecting the shadows of the branches outside and fell onto the floor.

Gao Tianchen opened his eyes with exhaustion. His head was spinning heavily and he couldn’t form his thought coherently, as if he was rusted. His body also felt somewhat tired. He kneaded at his head and was lost in thoughts, however, he found another person beside him.

Compared with the light red scratches on his body, Mujin’s white skin was covered with obvious red pinching marks, and the inside of his thighs that was wrapped in quilt seemed to have blue-purple bruises. He seemed extremely wore out, lying quietly beside himself. He was sleeping soundly with smooth breathing.

The random and messy clothes on the floor, the erotic atmosphere in the room that had yet to fade, the ambiguous traces scattered everywhere on the sheets, and the teeth marks clearly visible in the nape of the person beside him all showed an indisputable fact.

He marked Mujin.

Gao Tianchen, who had never been alarmed by anything, felt an unprecedented panic. He couldn’t deal with his thoughts for a long time. He remembered that he went to visit Mujin at the request of Lady Mu, and then came across Mujin’s estrus period, and then…

He slept with Mujin and even marked each other.

Mujin grew up with him. The weak and thin him was actually a little shorter than Muze. His appearance also looked smaller than Muze and this had always aroused his protective desire. Gao Tianchen regarded Mujin as his younger brother and always took good care of him.

When Muze was still around, he had already decided that he will be the only person he will mark. When Muze left, he thought that he would never mark anyone else in his life.

Unexpectedly, only two years since his lover had left and he already marked someone else, and that person was also his lover’s brother.

Although involuntarily, the guilt of betraying his lover filled his nerves intensely, which stimulated him to sweat a body of cold drips. He picked up the scattered clothes in bewilderment, and fled the messy room in a hurry.

Gao Tianchen marked Mujin and this naturally could not be concealed from both of their parents. The only omega son in the family was marked and the Mu family unexpectedly did not ask about the situation. They were not surprised or indignant at all, just somewhat eager to ask the Gao family to make a statement, as if they had been friends for many years and that their feelings had already come to fruition.

Master Gao knew that his son was unwilling to mark Mujin. It was because his son was confused after drinking and being led by the pheromone that he lost control and made a big mistake.

The Mu family and his family had planned to marry before, but only to come to a futile due to the death of Muze. Now, his son marked Mujin, the only omega of the Mu family. Based on this sitaution, the marriage between the two families was settled.

On the other hand, he did not think that Mujin would like his son. After all, this child did not like to have too much contact nor communication with people since childhood and it always made people elusive. And his son, it was even more impossible for him to like Mujin. How important is Muze in his heart? How can he, as a father, be unclear?

With regards to the combination of these two person, Mr. Gao did not think it was a good marriage. To let his son marry an omega who he did not love, and under the intense psychological torture of betraying his lover, he would not be happy. Master Gao was also reluctant in his heart.

But the timber had been turned into a boat already, he had already seen enough of his son’s sluggish appearance after Muze’s departure. Maybe it will bring him a new life and more chances to get out of the agony if he let him be with Mujin.

And if the two families become alliance by marriage, the Mu family’s inheritance will naturally fall onto Gao Tianchen, and the rich Mu family business was naturally a great temptation to businessmen who were good eager to make profits.

Weighting the merits and drawbacks, Master Gao, in the end, still proposed marriage to the Mu family and the Mu family did not have any objection.

This unblessed marriage with no love accumulated, embracing each other yet they were not in love. It might have been doomed since the beginning.

End of Chapter 5.

Translated at rrrrhexiatranslations

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  1. 😟 This is beginning to sound like an angstfest, are you sure it’s a sweet story?

    1. Already awaiting for them to divorce. I hate the ML already. He should at the least be kind to the MC even if it was just guilt. But… tsk.

      Also, was it stated that Muze and GTC were really lovers, or is it just GTC’s fantasy and his and the families’ assumption? I hope Muze left a diary, and state something like he didn’t like GTC.

      1. Muze died at 14, when Tianchen was 17. I don’t think they were lovers in a real sense (that would be FBI! OPEN UP) but more like holding hands and kissing cheeks kinda lovers.

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