CF – 6

Chapter 6

When Mujin woke up, it was already evening. The dense night sky was akin to being covered by a curtain. There were only a few bright stars hanging on it and the surrounding was quiet as if you could hear the winds passing by.

Opening his tired eyes, his body was flooded with an intolerable soreness as if he was ferociously crushed by something. His back no longer had the previous feeling of stickiness and the sheets and quilts had been replaced to a new one. The clothes were neatly folded on the sofa and the room was no longer disordered like previously.

The silence was broken by three soft knocks at the door. Lady Mu came in with a bowl of hot, fragrant porridge and she gently and softly pushed open the door.

When she found her son awake, she put the hot porridge on the table beside her and sat beside the bed, her loving eyes flashed with some restlessness.

“Mom… cough and cough…” Looking at his mother’s hesitation to speak, Mujin tried to break the silence. However, when he uttered her voice, he was frightened by his hoarse voice. He could not catch up with his breath and coughed right away.

Lady Mu immediately stood up and poured a cup of warm water for her son. She helped him to sit up half-way and also laid a soft pillow behind him.

Looking at her son gradually gaining back his breath, she then uncomfortably asked: “Xiao Jin, tell Mom honestly, you… do you like Gao Tianchen?”

Mujin did not answer her, but stared at the cup in his hand, looking at the circles of faint water lines in it. He bowed his head and said nothing. The answer was clear.

After all, he was her son. He was a limp of meat that fell from her body, Lady Mu had long sensed something, Mujin should like Gao Tianchen.

He clumsily tried to hide this feeling for his lifetime, but he still could not escape the eyes of his closest relatives.

“Gao Tianchen said he wants to marry you.” After hearing this news, Mujin shivered slightly and held the cup tightly. There was a little light of joy in his dull eyes.

As if he thought of something, his eyes dimmed and he said with somewhat confusion, “But… He doesn’t like me.

Lady Mu caressed his white cheek lightly, how could she not thought of it, but the reality always forced people to have no other way. The Mu family wanted to tie this excellent and knowledgeable heir and only could use Mujin that looked somewhat similar to Muze.

“It doesn’t matter. Everything will be all right.” Lady Mu could do nothing but comfort him. After all, such a result was planned by her.

She had a selfish motive, but Mujin liked Gao Tianchen, so this arrangement can be regarded as fulfilling her son’s wish.

Without this situation, her son might not have been able to receive his love for the rest of his life.

She let Mujin have a good rest. The wedding will be held in two weeks and she also said that as long as he sincerely treated Gao Tianchen well, the other party would be moved by him.

Her words of comfort were recorded in Mujin’s heart and had been supporting his later life. Even though he suffered from the other party’s indifference and ignorance, he also believed that there would be a day when the clouds will scatter and the mists will disperse. The willow trees will make the shade and the flower will blossom.

The wedding was scheduled to take place in this flourishing city. Both sides were from a distinguished family and they chose the city’s largest and most luxurious church to witness this event.

The pure white church was heavily deposited with stone and brick. The crystal chandelier above the head was lithe and elegant. It was dazzling with colored windows and lifelike marble relief. The white roses symbolize loyalty and adorn all places within sight.

Both of them were in white suits made by exquisite workmanship, and it gave people a unique feeling. Although Mujin was not particularly short, his body was slightly thinner and weaker, and his soft facial features showed the purity of a teenager.

On the contrary, Gao Tianchen’s tailoring fitted his slender and upright figure, showing maturity and competence. The fine strands of hair on the forehead were carefully combed to reveal the delicate features of the elite and the firm outline.

He heard the priest say, “Gao Tianchen, are you willing to make a partnership with Mujin, love him, respect him and protect him, whether sick or healthy, rich or poor, remain loyal to him until you leave the world?”

Facing Mujin’s gentle and slightly expecting eyes, he hesitated. He had no intention or courage to give the ideal love to this person in front of him. His vows had already disappeared into memory along the departure of Muze.

Even though he knew it was a necessary procedure for a wedding, he could not open his mouth.

The atmosphere was silent and he looked at the other party’s ears staining with a light embarrassing red due to his hesitation. Under the light brown hair, his eyes were dimmed as he bowed his head and moved his sight away.

The brilliant sunshine from the painted glass shone in his eyes. The face of the other person gradually blurred in his sight. It seemed that he was the one he always thought about in the day and night, the one who lived in his heart. He was waiting for his answer.

He opened his lips and gently said his vows.

“Yes, I do.”

End of Chapter 6.

Translated at rrrrhexiatranlsations

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