CF – 8

Chapter 8

Because the matter of these two days had already been put off, although Mujin did not enter the estrus period as he planned, Gao Tianchen planned to put down his work and have a good rest.

After their marriage, although Master Mu did not completely liberalize his authority thus many of Mu’s group’s works were handed over to him and his father began to slowly retreat to the second line. This month’s Gao Tianchen’s life was not easy.

But he was talented and capable and had been trained by his father to be resourceful and quick-witted. It was not very difficult for him to do these things alone.

What made him most troubled was actually Mujin.

Gao Tianchen didn’t want to go back, he will have to face Mujin who was waiting painstakingly at home.

He did not hate Mujin, on the contrary, sometimes he would have some inexplicable pity for his clear, black and bright eyes.

But pity was not equal to love. In the past, this man always looked at himself. His eyes always contained some confusing feelings. Gao Tianchen could not understand them before, but now he knew

Mujin loved him from childhood to adulthood.

But he couldn’t respond to the intense passions of the other party. Muze dug out the only tender corner in his heart. He was afraid that he would not have the strength to love others again in his life.

Last night, he dreamed of Muze again. He still remembered how he looked like a teenager in his dream, so beautiful that any adjective used on him seemed pale and colorless.

They strolled hand in hand on the silent deserted beach, the cool breeze of the evening brushed on the fine hair on their foreheads, and Muze smiled warmly. Sometimes they picked up a stone and drifted them across the water on the undulating sea surface.

Until the night came and the sea turned dark blue, the sky suddenly felt empty and the person around him disappeared. He helpless looked around yet only to turn his head and saw a pair of eyes gazing at him in the distance. The eyes contained an unconcealable attachment.

It seemed that every time Mujin looked at himself and his brother together, he chose to hide in the distance silently and follow himself with such eyes.

In the past, he could only see Muze in his eyes and no one else could be let in. Until now that he realized that there was another person who loved him so much.

When he woke up dazedly, it was still early and the first snow had passed. The dawn shone through the pure white that was piled up on the window edge, sparkling with brilliant light.

He simply put on clothes and went out of the door with an intention to wash up but he heard the sound of kitchen pots and bowls touching. It was very light, as if afraid of disturbing someone.

Mujin prepared breakfast in the kitchen. He wore simple household clothes with a light blue apron and was busy in front of the kitchen counter, and the air emitted the fragrance of toasted bread.

This picture that shone into his eyes was so warm and attractive, with the smooth steadiness that was appearing through the years, he could not help but leaned against the door and stared deeply for a long time.

Until Mujin turned around and found him and gave him a smile warmer than the dawn.

“Morning, Tianchen.”


“I will be ready in a minute. Go out and sit and wait.”

Two minutes later, Mujin came out of the kitchen with two plates and put them on the table.

Softly baked bread and toast with medium-cooked hearty fried eggs on it and a few fresh broccoli flowers beside them, even the bacon was scorch just right.

Breakfast was simple but warm. He can see from first sight that it was very carefully prepared.

“These things should be done by Auntie Chen.” He took the hot milk from Mujin.

“But I want to do it for you.” Mujin’s voice was not very loud but his tone was firm.

Watching his loved ones enjoy his breakfast made with his own hands, the heart of Mujin was filled with happiness, even dull pain in the waist from last night could not be any more uncomfortable.

“Are you going to the company soon?” He asked with a little caution. After all, Mujin did not know when he would be back after he left.

“No, I’ve pushed things off for the past two days.”

‘Really?!” Hearing his reply, Mujin was incredibly happy. Does this mean that he can accompany him in these two days, instead of being so lonely until he shivered from the coldness as before?

Watching Mujin with the excitement of a child getting honey, Gao Tianchen’s heart flashed a little inexplicable palpitation.

“En, I’ll be with you these two days. You can go anywhere you want.”

Now that the words were spoken, he was quite surprised when Mujin pulled him to the amusement park.

His memory of Mujin was that he does not like to go out to play nor do he like to go to crowded places.

it’s not that he doesn’t like it but that he was unaccompanied. He was lonely and timid. Instead of making a person feel less lonely and uncomfortable in a lively and happy atmosphere, he preferred to stay away.

Although it’s not a holiday, the amusement park was still overcrowded because of the sunshine and good weather today.

Mujin’s heart was full of excitement, and his eyes looked everywhere. Even his pale cheeks were red.

As if infected by his emotions, Gao Tianchen’s heart surged with rare pleasure.

His father’s expectations, his arduous career, his lover’s death, and his wrong marriage all weighed heavily on his heart like huge stones, which made him gasp for breath.

It seemed that he hadn’t been so relaxed for a long time.

The coming and going crowds, children with cotton caps and flushed red cheeks, their hand holding onto the adult’s, another hand holding a large bag of popcorn, and the face filled with laughter.

Glancing at the roller coaster track ahead, Gao Tianchen thought of something and turned around excitedly. “The roller coaster is in front of us!” You liked it best…

Halfway through, he stopped.

The person who liked to ride roller coasters was not the Mujin behind him, but Muze.

Looking at the slightly awkward expression in front of him, Mujin grabbed his hand and walked resolutely to the roller coaster ahead.

“En, I like it. Let’s go and play.”

Mujin, who got out of the car, looked terribly pale and his legs trembled. He felt nauseous and felt like vomiting.

Even so, he told Gao Tianchen that he liked roller coasters.

End of Chapter 8.

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