CF – 9

Chapter 9

And for the next two days, Mujin experienced the most blissful days since his marriage.

This big house finally gained some popularity. He sent Auntie Chen back to the Mu family and he personally took charge of everything in the house.

Every day, he will try his best to prepare all kinds of dishes in different ways. As long as he gets the approval smile of the other person, he will be very happy.

When Gao Tianchen observed the company’s operation in front of the computer in his study room, Mujin always went in softly and gently in fear of disturbing his work, to put a cup of carefully prepared hot coffee.

There are many more things which were all carefully and attentively done by Mujin. He vowed that he had many positive traits to let the other party discover. He only wanted to do his best to love his lover.

Gao Tianchen was not blind. He couldn’t ignore the strong love that was showed to himself.

He felt that Mujin had changed. The former Mujin did not like to laugh or talk. He was always indifferent to people and did not know how to take care of them.

But he did not know that these changes were not easy for Mujin. For him, he was willing to try to learn what he was not good at. He put aside the shackles of camouflage and the wall he had put on for many years and presented to him the softest side of himself.

Maybe it was the efforts of Mujin that moved him. Gao Tianchen gradually found that it was not so difficult to face Mujin.

In spite of his past, he was fortunate to have a companion who cared for him and he obviously should not let him down nor hurt him.

He accompanied Mujin to shopping malls for daily necessities, helped him in the kitchen, and went out for a walk in the garden after dinner. These dull happiness, Gao Tianchen admitted that he liked it.

There was a passer-by leading a furry puppy that was skipping and jumping about and Mujin’s eyes would inadvertently follow. Gao Tianchen could see hidden envy in Mujin’s eyes.

Mujin was too lonely and he soon will have to go back to work. Although he will not be as before and not return home, the time spent with him would definitely be not more. He would have to once again face the big house which was desolately engulfed by the cold.

On the third night, Gao Tianchen gave Mujin a poodle dog, with brown curly hair and thick black eyes like obsidian. He was smart and intelligent and listened to Mujin’s words.

Mu Jin was very happy. There was a light in his eyes and a shimmer of little incredibleness.

He had known Mujin for so many years and this seemed to be the first time he gave him a present.

Gao Tianchen’s attitude towards Mujin was not as intimate as that of an ordinary partner, but it was not as cold as before.

At least after the intense situation, he will no longer go to the guest room alone to rest but sleep together with him.

Mujin was delighted with his efforts and the response he had received. Everything seemed to be moving in an ideal direction.

Time passes like how a white steed flits past a crack, silently and quietly slipped through the fingers. In a twinkling of an eye, winter has entered.

The little poodle given by Gao Tianchen to Mujin had grown a circle larger under his careful care. The brown, flocculent hair had become more and more fluffy.

Mujin gave him a name, Malt, a very lovely name.

When the spring wind blew, after a winter of depression and cold, a green symbol of hope emerged secretly.

Malt was obedient and smart. If a little toy was swayed in front of him for a few moments, he will shake his short and fluffy tail and gently rubbed itself against the person.

When there was no official entertainment, Gao Tianchen will come back in the evening. As soon as he entered the door, Malt will jump out of the room happily, stick out its powdery tongue and sit at the porch to greet him.

Entering the dining room, a rich and steaming dish had been placed on the long glass table.

His omega came out with two bowls of fragrant soup. Two pairs of chopsticks were in between his fingers and he had a warm smile on his lips.

Like all the respectful companions in the world, life was quiet and warm.

Except for one company meeting, Gao Tianchen suddenly received a call from Mujin. The person was breathless, like a stranded fish, as he spoke across the cell phone. It was extremely difficult for him to say a complete word.

From his intermittent groaning, Gao Tianchen reacted and was aware that Mujin was in heat.

This happened so suddenly that Gao Tianchen suspended the meeting immediately, leaving the top management and shareholders of the company behind and rushing back without stopping.

Even if he will be criticized and reprimanded by the board of directors and even his father and that the company will miss some rare opportunities, everything afterward was not important.

Mujin blamed himself for this. He was guilty of having no preparation. He piled up a lot of inhibitors for any sudden oestrus at home.

The warm sunshine in the winter was not as warm as that in summer. It was mild and slightly bright and mottled all over the earth.

With Malt in his arms, Mujin sat idly in the yard with a book on his lap and a warm black tea in the lightly glazed pottery cup was on the table beside him.

He had been getting sleepy recently. He felt tired from just sitting down and reading a book. He didn’t want to move and his head felt dizzy too.

Suddenly he felt sudden nausea overwhelming his heart. Mujin put down Malt and rushed to the bathroom in spite of the book falling between his legs.

Mujin covered his stuffy chest with one hand and propped up beside the washstand with the other. His head drooped weakly, his fine hair was hanging on his forehead and his face was pale.

He felt strong nausea on his chest as if he was going to spit out his heart, lungs and internal organs. His body trembled with painful struggles running down his throat.

After a long period of nausea, Mujin finally calmed down and the pain of bloating in the depths of the body began to ease.

The legs were too weak to move, and the strength of the body was sucked away by the hysterical retching from just now.

Weakly holding the wall and slowly walking out, the sunshine cast a shadow on his white face.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through his heart. This feeling, it can’t be that he is….

End of Chapter 9.

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