CF – Extra 2

Chapter 37: Extra 2

Today was a cloudy day. The sky was tightly covered by grey clouds from morning till night. This mazy appearance made people felt an unexplained irritability.

The northern part of S City was situated in villas of different styles. Whether it was luxurious or simple, it converged into a group of top quality villas.

The night was approaching, most of the courtyards were sparkling with bright lights, illuminating the moonlight.

One of them, but only the second floor of a window revealed a dim light. It was a warm yellow color that made people feel comfortable.

Mujin went to the window and looked at something.

He had just coaxed his two children to sleep. He did not know who (Baby) Gao had inherited from. He was naughty since young and was even very active. He used to sneak into the next baby room with his short legs to poke at Gao Jiaruo’s plump small face while he was not paying attention. The Sleeping Princess whom he coaxed to sleep with difficulties felt she was being bullied. She immediately drooped her lips and cried without even opening her eyes. Mujin quickly threw down the things in his hands and gently picked her up and coaxed her for a while before stopping.

When he was finally rushed Gao with his hippy smile back to his room, the bell on the wall rang 10 o’clock, but Gao Tianchen was still not back. Mujin was naturally anxious.

Afraid that he was having a meeting, Mujin dared not call him rashly to disturb him. Gao Tianchen told himself a while ago that he had a big project to deal with. He might be very busy these days. It was normal for him to come back later.

It was no use waiting idly. Mujin went to the bathroom and took a bath. He stood in front of the foggy mirror and looked at himself quietly.

There seemed to be nothing too attractive about this leather bag except it was white-skinned. Although Gao Tianchen tried different ways to supplement himself every day when he was pregnant with Gao Jia, his thin body only became a little rounder.

But those weights he put on his body never seemed to stay. After giving birth to Gao Jia, some complications inevitably appeared in his body. After lying in bed for a long time, there was not much left of the weight he gained.

Although Gao Tianchen said remorsefully that he would not want the second one if he had known this would happen, Mujin was grateful to God that he was able to get a son and a daughter for his alpha, and he could afford to suffer as much as possible.

Reaching out and touching the obvious scar on his lower abdomen, he drifted along the scar. and some uneasy mood in Mujin’s heart gradually spread.

It was a little ugly…

After he gave birth to Gao Jia, Gao Tianchen hadn’t touched him for two months. Mujin carefully weighted over. He hasn’t recovered from his bed the previous month, but afterward, he could take care of his children like a normal person. However, Gao Tianchen still hadn’t touched himself.

Every time he came back, he would take a bath and go to bed. Mujin was timid and reserved, it was a little shameful for him to ask for pleasure boldly when he was wide awake. But after all, he was a normal adult omega, even if he was scant of desire, he still had a little physiological need.

Why didn’t Gao Tianchen wanted to touch himself? Was it because of after he gave birth, his body became unattractive? It had been so many years, but the inferiority of Mujin had never disappeared. Even when Gao Tianchen told him his mind face to face, he still couldn’t control being worried when there were signs of disturbance.

As his thoughts were slowly moving in a bad direction, Mujin was startled by the sudden opening of the door. He flipped a towel on the hanger to hurriedly wrap himself reflectively, but it was still seen by the person.

As soon as Gao Tianchen came back and looked at the dark room on the first floor, he knew that Mujin must be in the bedroom. The room was quiet, indicating that the two children had fallen asleep.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, he did not see Mujin. However, the bathroom was lit up, yet he did not hear the sound of water. Gao Tianchen opened the door feeling somewhat puzzled, but what entered his sight actually let his blood sprayed out.

Mu Jin held a towel in his hand, and before he could wrap it around him, he saw the white without any clothes.

Gao Tianchen was surprised for a few seconds. He must have just taken a bath and had no time to dress. He had to say, “I didn’t see you when I came back, I guess that you were in the bathroom.” He wanted to exit the bathroom. “I’m going out first.”

“Tianchen… Wait a minute, “Mujin blushed a little, maybe he was fumigated by the hot mist. He stared at the person in front of him and muttered, “You… You seem to be hard.”

Gao Tianchen could feel that his lower abdomen was tight even if he didn’t look at it. After all, he hadn’t touched Mujin for two months because of the doctor’s advice before.

The doctor said that the pheromone of Mujin was not stable, and the possibility of something happening could be delayed for two or three months.

The ascetic practice of a monk’s life was naturally not easy, and his lover was still naked in front of him. This impact was truly not small. Gao Tianchen tried to keep the last trace of calmness and his hand shook with he was holding the doorknob.

However, Mujin, wrapped in a bath towel, approached him. He stretched out his long, white arm, and gently grasped the body that was leaving.

Gao Tianchen breathed a little faster. The body that Mujin just bathed had a temperature higher than usual. There was a little pink suffused and a few wisps of delicate jasmine fragrance scattered into the tip of his nose, eroding his own rationality.

“Tianchen, you haven’t touched me for a long time.” Mujin’s delicate inquiry rang in the ear accompanied with an imperceptible tremble.

“Do you… think that it’s ugly that I have scars. You don’t want to touch me anymore.”  Mujin’s drooping eyes had an unidentified expression, but his tone showed a little loss.

Gao Tianchen only felt distressed. His lover’s heart was still pessimistic. Even if he showed his feelings, there would always be marks left on the places hurt by him.

Abandoning his persistence, Mujin’s pheromone had stabilized. He chose to indulge his desire and his omega needed him.

Without saying a word, he only kissed Mujin with his head bowed, grinding his lips from shallow to deep, plundering the air in his lungs and forbidding him to think wildly.

The bathroom towel wrapped in the body was unrolled and fell to the ground. Moanings that made people blush and skip a beat shuttled in the misty bathroom.

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  1. Is this the end of the story? Or there is more extras??
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  2. This is a really nice story. Its fluffy, makes me want to cry, and kill the ML and then fluff again

    1. Same.. My feelings for this story is quite complicated… It’s good for HE for both of them.. But I can’t seems to be accepting some sort.. But still I love the MC and want to torture the ML for short period of time to let off some steam of my bottled anger for our MC. Hahahaha..

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  4. uh, i’m… confused. What exactly happened when he was 4-5yo? Why didn’t Mujin want to see his parents?

    1. I think It was because they didn’t allow him to go along with the kidney transplant for Muze since it would’ve been dangerous with his allergy and all.

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