CF – Prologue

Chapter 0 – Prologue.

Mujin was having a beautiful dream.

The sky was clear and bright, and there were some clouds floating in the blue sky. The air was faintly discernible with a jasmine flower scent, and breathing in this scent gladden one’s heart. Large swaths of sunlight poured from the gaps between the leaves, allowing Mujin’s body to feel a little long-lost warmth.

Refreshing, faintly, like the smell of the sun, it calmed his uneasy nerves, whose pheromone is this? So familiar, so fond of it, the kind of unwilling-to-let-it-go fondness…

Mujin sniffed the familiar pheromone of the person around him. In his sleep, he lacked the coldness he normally had. The two arms tightly clasped and hugged the person around him, as if he let go, he will disappear.

Looking at this Omega’s that was his in name only, there was a happy smile hanging on his mouth. So soundly asleep, Gao Tianchen knitted a pair of eyebrows, and the heart was filled with all kind of complexity.

Too much alike, the Mujin after every fierce bed situation will take off the usual cold and lonely shell, revealing such an undefended look. It was so much like that person in his heart, the one who cannot be touched, cannot be thought of.

If Xiao Ze was still alive, he might be the happiest person in the world, Gao Tianchen thought bitterly inside.

He will have the true love of two innocent playmates, he will show him gentle affectionate care on the day of Muze’s adulthood. Give him a soft kiss and finally give him a mark of loyalty and form a lifelong companionship in the holy and solemn cathedral. The sun will shine through the stained glass on the exquisite face of Muze, who was like an angel that descended upon him.

“Hnn…” a low voice interrupted Gao Tianchen’s thoughts.

Mujin opened his heavy eyes, the Alpha’s fierce facial features were projected into his pupils, but they were full of indifference.

But he wasn’t concerned at all. Gao Tianchen always had this kind of expression when facing himself. Whether it was the usual occasion of seeing him at home, or when he was dealing with him during his estrus like it was work, even in the moment of releasing in his body, there were no slightest any traces of emotion on the face.

He raised his hands to get up and find himself sleeping with a coquettish position. It seemed that he had hugged him for the entire night. A flush red appeared on the face of Mujin, and he pulled back his arm with embarassment.

Seeing that he was awake, Gao Tianchen got up and took the neatly folded clothes on the sofa, and put it on while back facing the Omega.

On the tall and wide shoulders, the nail prints left by the emotions of their own estrus were looming. When he thought of the undistinguishable days and nights of the past days, the face of Mujin was even redder and his sheets were simply raised up and he turned over.

“With these days accompanying you, the company has accumulated a lot of things,” Gao Tianchen said, picking up the briefcase on the side, like he was explaining about work, “This period of time I will not be free to come back, you are tired, let Auntie Chen take care of you and rest well.” And he walked to the door without even turning his head back.

The door rang with a “thump” sound, hitting the heart of Mujin. The smell of the sun-cooled pheromone in the air also faded.

In order to facilitate the estrus period to be convenient, the babysitter Chen Hao will not stay at home. Once Gao Tianchen was gone, this big house was like being abandoned, the house without turning on the lights was filled with cold air everywhere, revealing dead loneliness. The cold furniture and the silent air swallowed his heart.

He wrapped his quilt tightly, the coldness in his body clung to his heart, and his Alpha once again threw him aside and left alone.

Every time during his estrus, he treated it like a routine, without the gentleness and thoughtfulness that a lover should have. The expressionless look was like a pot of cold water pouring on the hot feelings of Mujin, making him feel that estrus was so unbearable, yet sinking again when he felt the heat of his loved one.

Reaching his hands out to the pillow with the lingering Alpha’s smell and hugged it in his arms. Sniffing at the familiar pheromone, a warm tear glided across the corner of the eye, quietly tainting a little water stain on the sheet.

End of chapter 0.

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