Chapter 71: To pick a date is not as good as to encounter a date1. So let it be today!

Listening to the attentive advice of parents, what else could Ling Zhanyi say? So, he didn’t say anything and let his heart bubble with joy. He held back his snickering and he obediently nodded on the surface: “Mom and Dad, you can rest assured that I will treat him well!”

He already said that his parents were open-minded. Look, it’s so simple!

After getting his son’s affirmative answer, Father Ling and Mother Ling calmed down, and then the gossipy Mother Ling began to ask: “When are you going to get married? Ziyang has no parents, so we’ll settle the whole marriage affair. What do you think?”

Ling Zhanyi shook his head. “Mom, I don’t want to get married so quickly.”

Mother Ling raised her eyebrows and glared at him: “You don’t want to get married? Then what do you want to do? Don’t call me Mom if you want to abandon him after using him!!”

“Mom, where are your thoughts running to? Why could I be so foolish to leave him when it took me so much difficulty to chase him? I mean, Ziyang is pregnant now. He is almost six months in his pregnancy and has a big stomach. He is even tired from resting at home. The matters of marriage are too troublesome and tiring. What if he risks a miscarriage? Won’t the losses be more than the gains? The wedding must be done, but let’s wait for him to give birth and recuperate first. When he wants to do the wedding, then we will do it. Everything depends on him. What do you think about it?”

“En, right, right, right. You’re right. It’s Mom’s negligence to forget about this! Let him take care of his body first. We’re not in a hurry about the wedding.” Mother Ling suddenly realized after hearing his words and repeatedly agreed.

“Mom, you are so good! I love you to death!” This time, Ling Zhanyi hugged Mother Ling and gave her a loud kiss.

“Yo, you stinky boy, are you thinking of loving me now? I thought you’ve forgotten about your mother now that you have a wife!” Mother Ling mocked.

“That’s impossible. You are also an important person in my heart!”

“Come on, stop fooling me here.” Even though Mother Ling said this, she was smiling so hard.

“Now that both of you had agreed, I’ll take Ziyang to see you sometime.” Ling Zhanyi then got up, “Mom and Dad, Ziyang is at home alone and I don’t feel assured. I’m going back now.”

“En, go back.” Father Ling quickly agreed, but Mother Ling took Ling Zhanyi’s hand and refused to let him go. “Son, you see, both your Dad and I have no objection to your relationship, why not we go back with you? Just as you don’t want Ziyang to sit in the car, after all, it’s not uncomfortable to sit in the car for such a long time with a bulging stomach. What do you think about letting your Dad and I follow you back?”

Although she was asking, the warning in Mother Ling’s eyes was very obvious, and her hand that was holding onto Ling Zhanyi’s was also intentionally exerting strength like it was saying: You brat try and say “no” and see what will happen!

Could Ling Zhanyi say no? Of course not. He also knew that his parents were curious considering that they didn’t get to see Ziyang for several times. After a little pondering, he nodded and agreed, “Well, let’s go back together. I’ll call him later and tell him both of you are coming too so that he can mentally prepare himself.”

“Don’t call him, you will just make him nervous alone at home. If he’s tired and sleeping, won’t you wake him up by calling him?” Mother Ling had changed her position and was completely standing at Su Ziyang’s side.

Ling Zhanyi frowned slightly: “But what if your sudden appearance frightens him…”

“Look at what you’ve just said!” Mother Ling looked at Ling Zhanyi despised. “Are we some disaster or beast that will frighten him? You can rest assure that we will give you time to go in and tell Ziyang. Besides, how can we frighten him when your Dad and I are so friendly?”

“Yes, son, it’s better to pick a date than encounter a date. So let it be today!! Stop sitting and let’s leave!” Father Ling also got up with a face full of anticipation.

But he only took two steps before he suddenly remembered something. He rushed to Mother Ling and called out, “Wife, do you think my attire is okay? I don’t think it’s nice, why not I’ll go and change into a new set of clothes!”

Mother Ling suddenly realized something too. She loosened Ling Zhanyi and got up from the sofa. She followed Father Ling and strolled to the bedroom. “Then I’ll change my clothes too! Husband, what do you say about the new one I bought the day before yesterday? I think you’d better wear that shirt with a round collar…”

Ling Zhanyi was left dumbfounded on the sofa for a while before he leaned back on it. Who on earth was meeting who ah? Why are Dad and Mom dressing up ah? This is really trying to show off their good look shamelessly!

Ten minutes later, Father Ling and Mother Ling dressed themselves to a completely new look. They came out of the bedroom and circled around Ling Zhanyi before asking in unison, “Son, you see if our attire is okay?”

Ling Zhanyi got up from the sofa and nodded: “En, en. It’s very good, very good. Not bad, not bad. If Ziyang looks at you, he may think that you two are my brother and sister instead…”

Father Ling and Mother Ling looked at each other with a smile reflected in their eyes. If they looked younger, they would look easier to get close to. Without a generation gap, Ziyang would be able to get acquainted with them faster.

“By the way, son, do you think I shall get my hair styled again?” Mother Ling reached out to fiddle with her hair and asked.

Ling Zhanyi stood up quickly and pushed Mother Ling out. “Okay, Mom, you look beautiful. There is no need to do any more styling! Let’s go quickly. Ziyang must be so bored being at home alone!”

“Yes, yes, go, go, let’s go at once!” Mother Ling took the lead, Ling Zhanyi took the second place, and Father Ling took the last place. The three left their home in the suburbs happily and headed for the downtown area.

Father Ling drove his car, while Mother Ling sat in Ling Zhanyi’s car. She asked questions one after another in excitement.

“Son, what does Ziyang like to eat? Let’s buy him something delicious before we go there!”

“Mom, there’s everything in the house. I just bought him a lot of delicious food online yesterday.”

“That is what you’ve bought. How insincere would it be if your father and I were to go empty-handed! Even if it’s not for Ziyang,  we still will have to buy some delicious food for our grandchildren.” Mother Ling continued to ask, “All right, stop dodging my question. Tell me, what does Ziyang like? It doesn’t matter if we buy something or not now. Next time when he comes to our house, I’ll have to prepare something for him in advance! “

So Ling Zhanyi started listing the snacks, dishes and so on that Su Ziyang liked.

Mother Ling listened with a bright smile: “That’s good, this child is not very picky about food, he surely will be happy with whatever food we buy for him.”

Ling Zhanyi also laughed: “He is a foodie. But maybe it’s because he is pregnant now, so he has a bigger appetite.”

“That’s good, and the babies will be well-nourished.” Mother Ling agreed and looked out of the window. She suddenly saw a truck stopped on the side of the road. Many people were circled around it. After taking a closer look, Mother Ling laughed. “Son, there are strawberries sold over there. Let’so and take a look and buy some for Ziyang? There aren’t many strawberries sold during this season. They should be shipped from other places to promote the sale here.”

Ling Zhanyi resolutely agreed. A while ago, Ziyang said he wanted to eat strawberries but he wasn’t able to find any places that sell them. This matter ended up being unsettled. Fortunately, Ziyang didn’t remember what he said very clearly at that time and the very next day, he wanted to eat something else.

As a matter of fact, the truck had a freezer and the strawberries were kept in it at low temperature. They were very fresh and big, so Mother Ling asked, “How much is a catty?”

“$35 per catty.”

“10 catties.” Mother Ling paused. “No, 20 catties!”

“…” Ling Zhanyi was speechless. “Mom, why are you buying so much? He can’t eat that many.”

“Isn’t there a refrigerator at home? If you can’t eat it, keep it until he wants to eat it.” Mother Ling laughed and directed the person to weigh the strawberries.

Ling Zhanyi sighed: “Mom, ten catties is enough, twenty catties is too many. Strawberry is perishable, when they spoil, he will feel wasteful to have them throw away. Can we buy it next time after we’ve finish eating them?”

Mother Ling thought about it as well: “Well, let’s start with ten catties. When will you come back again, Master2? Ah? You’re not coming back any time? Is this the last truck?” Mother Ling looked at Ling Zhanyi and Ling Zhanyi resolutely shook his head, “Ten catties. I’m afraid he will end up eating too much all at once. What if he gets too bloated, or it’s too cooling3 for him and his stomach hurts? This is not a joke.”

“All right, you decide, I’ll listen to you.” Although she only bought ten catties, Mother Ling was very happy.

It was almost noon when Ling Zhanyi was in the villa area. The weather was hot and two cars drove into the garage. Ling Zhanyi took out the box of strawberry and said to his parents, “Come in. Ziyang should be taking a nap now. Don’t worry about scaring him.”

“He didn’t eat lunch?” Mother Ling was worried.

“He usually takes a nap from 11 to 1 and wakes up at 1 for lunch. I cook lunch at home around 12 plus. It’s 11:30 now, he’s just went to sleep, and he will be sleeping for a while!” Ling Zhanyi had already realized Su Ziyang’s work and rest rules.

They were at the door and Ling Zhanyi who was carrying the strawberries, naturally couldn’t press the passcode. He could only say to Mother Ling, “Mom, open the door for me. The password is 121521.”

“Stinky boy, you even changed the password!” Mother Ling rolled her eyes at him, but she wasn’t too angry. Once the door was opened, the three people entered the house, and all of them deliberately lightened their footsteps.

Ling Zhanyi went to put the strawberries in the kitchen fridge first, while Father Ling and Mother Ling were eagerly creeping towards his bedroom.

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