Chapter 1 – I’m Pregnant

“I’m pregnant.” Su Ziyang was wearing loose sportswear. He held his waist with one hand while the other was stretched out, stopping Ling Zhanyi who was in front of him.

At the rush hour of getting off work, there were many employees coming and going of Ling Enterprise Building. Ling Zhanyi squinted, feeling displeased as he sized up the young man in front of with a dangerous glint in his iris.

Three months ago, he indeed went to a nightclub, and immediately chimed in with a man named Su Ziyang. They opened a room and rolled in the sheets. Both of them had a good time. But then, like all one-night stands, they went their separate ways and had nothing to do with each other afterward.

Who could have expected Su Ziyang to obtain his telephone number from nowhere, and called every day to tell him that he was pregnant and he should be responsible for it.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t believe in his words at all… Men could get pregnant, who was he lying to?! Even ghosts don’t believe it!

Find a better reason if he wanted to pester him for hush money!

Su Ziyang didn’t call in these two days. He thought that this fellow had finally figured it out. How would he know that he was stopped just after he left the company today?

Looking over the man’s abdomen, Ling Zhanyi sneered, “How many months?”

“Three months.” Su Ziyang scratched his cheeks and said with some embarrassment, “Actually, I didn’t want to come to you, but this child is your seed after all. I don’t have the right to decide this child’s life or death. If you are sure you don’t want this child, you can accompany me to the hospital to abort the child. If you want the child, then I’ll have to bother you with my child’s living expenses. I can’t work when I’m pregnant. But you can rest assured that when the baby is born, I will disappear automatically and never pester you again!”

When Ling Zhanyi heard him mention the “living expenses”, his eyes revealed sarcasm. Oh, he said all this with such pompous, in the end, it was just for the one word “money”!

However, talking nonsense to him under the company building was not Ling Zhanyi’s style. There were so many employees coming and going, if they knew that their president was entangled by a man for the reason of “pregnancy” and “responsibility”, where would his reputation go?

“Get on the car.” Ling Zhanyi went to his car, opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

Su Ziyang was stunned for a long time before he came to his senses. He opened the back door and sat down.

The car was spacious and comfortable, and Su Ziyang, who had been holding his waist, breathed an air of relief. Then he put his hand on his lower abdomen and assumed a protective form subconsciously, saying, “Slow down, or I will puke in your car later.”

Ling Zhanyi gritted his teeth secretly and stared at Su Ziyang in the rearview mirror. He started the car, stepped on the accelerator, and flew out!

“Ah—” Su Ziyang was shocked and leaned backward. He quickly and carefully reached out one hand to grasp the arm of the front seat, while the other hand remained at his stomach.

Ling Zhanyi ignored his cries and drove his car so fast that he even took the route with an overpass.

“Hey… Slow down… Hey…” Su Ziyang was leaning all over the sides in the back seat, and in a few moments, his stomach was brewing storms. He covered his mouth and made a vomiting gesture. Ling Zhanyi made a turn and stepped on the brakes when he was at the parking lane.

When the rear door opened, Su Ziyang stumbled off the car. He leaned on the railing and couldn’t stop vomiting. Of course, nothing came out anything except for his stomach acid, but it was still so uncomfortable that his tears came down.

Ling Zhanyi took a glance at the vomiting Su Ziyang from the reversing mirror. His mouth was slightly warped, showing a smile, but he still despised that guy inwardly: He really acted like he was pregnant!

Chapter 2

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    1. Yeah people without much knowledge about sexuality and intersex conditions tend to be reactionary and make @$$umptions about everything generally.

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