Chapter 12: It doesn’t matter, you can hide from me, can’t I chase you?

When Ling Zhanyi once again returned to the ward, the bedclothes were shriveled and the person who should be having a good rest disappeared again!

Ling Zhanyi glanced at the disheveled light blue hospital clothes beside his bed. He was feeling angry and want to laugh. Why did he felt like he was regarded as a plague? Why was this little thing always hiding from him? Did he eat people? Or did he did something that frightened him? To go as far as to slip away under his sights twice when the atmosphere was good?

Ling Zhanyi carefully reflected on what he had done that night as he supported his chin with his hand. He had always been gentle and courteous. Of course, except in bed, how else could it be exciting if he did not become a wolf in bed?

Could it be… The fundamental reason was that… He got unhappy because he spilled his seeds in that fellow? So that led him to run away several times?

After thinking about it, Ling Zhanyi could only thought of this reason.

However, he also said at that time, if Su Ziyang really got pregnant because of this, he would be responsible for it, and really wished Ziyang could really conceive an heir for himself!

In this case, he will have a reason to block his parents’ mouths! You need to know that the two elderly had been forcing him to get married in these past two years.

Although he had made it clear that he didn’t like women, his parents said that he would still have to leave descendants for the Ling Family regardless and whether he divorce or go live with another man, they won’t interfere! The premise was that they had to embrace their grandchildren first!

Ling Zhanyi’s brain echoed the words of the doctors at that time. ‘Su Ziyang is indeed a concealed double constitution. Although his fertility rate is not as high as that of a female, it is also possible to breed offspring. Of course, it will be very hard…’

Thinking until this part, President Ling’s mind shook, it was not easy to meet such a person who met his aesthetic standards in all respects, he could not give up no matter what!

It doesn’t matter. You can hide from me, can’t I chase you?

One of these days, I must put you into my pocket and bring you to let my parents see! And work hard to make you have Ling Family’s seed in your stomach!

Ling Zhanyi made payment for the hospital fee, he went through the discharge formalities and drove out of the hospital while humming songs.

As for Su Ziyang, he slipped out of the ward and headed downstairs with the elevator. Then he slipped toward the hospital door, waved his hand, hailed a taxi with great pride, and went home!

When he reached the residential area, Su Ziyang paid and got out of the car. He walked towards his own building with a joyful pace, getting fifty thousand yuan for no reason was a good thing!

So this money-mad and also a foodie turned into a nearby convenience store. He plundered a lot of snacks. After hesitating for a while, Su Ziyang still bought a few pregnancy sticks, in case of unexpected needs.

Despite the hope that after a rebirth, the track of fate will shift, but Su Ziyang dared not make any negligence. In case he really got pregnant, it was better to take precautions than to be caught unprepared…

After Ling Zhanyi turned into the residential area, he saw Su Ziyang coming out of the convenience store with a big bag of snacks. His beautiful face was full of smiles at the moment. Obviously, the pile of snacks satisfied him.

Ling Zhanyi slowed down the speed of the car and quietly followed Su Ziyang from the rear side, quietly observing the little thing that unconsciously touched at his heartstrings. His eyes flew over the big bag of snacks and the smiling face. Ling Zhanyi could not help but drawn up his mouth and laughed gently.

It seemed that this little thing was still a foodie… En… To deal with a money-mad and foodie, this dignified President was still very confident!

His vision fell on the thing Su Ziyang was turning around with his left hand. Ling Zhanyi’s grinned stiffened and stared at it. He realized that the pen-like thing Su Ziyang was playing with was actually a pregnancy stick!

Ling Zhanyi stepped on the brake and parked on the roadside. He pinched the steering wheel and gritted his teeth, seeing the figure getting farther and farther ahead. He felt puzzled and some annoyance. So this guy obviously behaved so inexperienced in bed, but he actually knew to test for pregnancy after the event. Could he be…He who looked so innocent…Was actually someone who did this often?

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  1. doubting again??? augh…
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  2. Just because he brought a pregnancy test he’s experienced with men? What’s that logic? Ling Zhangyiy, you have a long path ahead.

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  4. Does the jerk just said he thought mc was mad at him because mc was a double constitution and could get pregnant. So he’s mad that mc is trying to test after he was an ahole and came inside him? Jeez, I really hope this guy has to work for it hard to get in MC’s good graces.

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