Chapter 13: Entanglement

At that moment, when Ling Zhanyi was hesitating, Su Ziyang had turned into the building with his pile of things and the pregnancy stick. He went up the stairs, pressed the elevator. While waiting for the elevator, he found a candy bar in the snack pile and bit it in his mouth. Fortunately, the elevator came soon, so Su Ziyang went into the elevator and pressed at the seventh floor with the candy bar in his mouth. He looked up at the floor display screen, waiting for the elevator to arrive at his floor.

Ling Zhanyi was hesitating in the car. He pinched at the steering wheel for a long while and ultimately did not follow him. He started the car, drove forward for a while then he turned around and drove back. When passing Su Ziyang’s building, he looked sideways unconsciously, but without stopping or hesitating, he drove out of the residential area and left.

Before he started anything with Su Ziyang, it was necessary for him to make a thorough investigation. If Su Ziyang used to be a promiscuous person, even if he was eyeing the advantage of him having the “probability of pregnancy”, he would not hang himself on this tree and die.

Yes, President Ling had a slight obsession with cleanliness, especially in this aspect. Perhaps, you will say that he used to be someone who pursuit others with his appearance and then casting them aside, that his private life was not that simple then why was he so demanding on his other half?

In fact, Ling Zhanyi was very critical in this respect. After all, the gossip of outside journalists’ media was only hearsay and highly exaggerated. Ling Zhanyi, adding in Su Ziyang, had only opened eaten meat for five times. And the first two times was with the same person, and his former bedmates had all clean base. Everyone played and enjoyed themselves. If they wanted to break, they will stop, and the other party will not entangle endlessly.

This time, he could tell that Su Ziyang was an inexperienced person when they kissed, so he actually pulled him to bed together. But unlike before, he was now the one interested in the other party. He pestered him. Even now, he still cared whether Su Ziyang was a man with a clean base.

So just now that saw how he was “experienced” enough to buy pregnancy stick, Ling Zhanyi’s heart felt blocked and it was painful. He was wandering in the edge of the rampage.

Did he slept with someone before and brought a pregnancy kit privately to see if he was pregnant?

Forget it, now that he actually liked him, he will investigate clearly before he decided anything. So that he will not receive a blow when he found out the truth. Otherwise, when he wanted to leave, it will take a lot of effort.

Ling Zhanyi’s plan was good, but what he didn’t expect was that this decision led him to be away from Su Ziyang for four months!

Of course, that’s what happened afterward. Now let’s go on talking about Su Ziyang.

He came home with a bunch of snacks and threw himself on the big bed first thing first.

After all, he was also a wounded person. He was not in good spirits. Although fifty thousand yuan could cheer him up for a while, he was tired after all. He just pulled at the quilt and squinted for a while and went to sleep like that.

He woke up to the next day.

Su Ziyang looked at his watch. Well, at a quarter past seven, it was the usual time for him to get up. He pinched his finger and counted that he hadn’t gone to work for four days since he went to the night club on the weekend. Today was Friday. He could not stay away from work all the time, can he? Besides, it was only one more day before it was the weekend again, so let’s just go for one day!

So Su Ziyang got up and went to the bathroom to wash and urinate, and by the way, he used the pregnancy test. The result showed that there was no abnormality, that was to say, there was no situation at present, so he was slightly assured.

If it continued to be like this for a while, maybe fate will shift. He would not have to have a big belly like a woman for ten months, let alone trying to raise money and racking his brains to feed the child in his belly…

Su Ziyang, in a cheerful mood, put on the bandage on his head and locked the door before he went downstairs. He went to work feeling very pleased with himself.


  1. Hang himself on the tree and die, 一棵树上吊死, referring to be don’t be stubborn, there are other ways to work things out.
  2. Meat: the Chinese word used is 开荤, which means to begin or resume a meat diet. In this case, referring to someone who have sex after a long time of not doing it.

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  1. Such weird idioms.
    Chinese people are really creative in making idioms, huh?
    Thanks for the update.
    I sincerely thought Long Zhanyi won’t be as suspicious as he is in the first timeline, but apparently he still is.
    That says a lot about his character.
    I wonder if that would change later on.
    I’m rooting for this story to turn on a better corner.

  2. well.. its only been a few days since they did it..
    oh wait, he did fall into a coma after fainting..
    so it could be possible that the pregnancy kit could show results now, (cuz it should be done 1 or 2 weeks after a missed period but hes not really a menstruating woman lololol)

    ahhh i cant wait <3

  3. at least now he got ‘accident’ as a reason for missing work!
    I still don’t like how LZY talks about SZY….. if he likes clean partners, why would he pick a stranger from the bar?

  4. woowww dude. spends like three paragraphs and apparently four months on a tangent fretting about whether he’s clean cuz he takes buying a pregnancy test as proof against virginity rather than…like. a thing one thinks to do when someone throws “rice” into their functioning “pot”

  5. The actions that ML took in the previous life feels a bit shallow and rushed. I mean we learned a bit more about the ML in this chapter, but this time his actions feel more grounded.

    Maybe it’s just butterfly effect, just like our MC mentioned. Or he is in a parallel universe all together. So our ML is not the “same” ML. Hmm.

    The theories fascinate me.

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