Chapter 14: Rent the house? That’s a good idea!

Su Ziyang’s company was not small. It was a listed media company and he happened to be the chief photographer. It was not that he started with this as his career, but he had an interest in it.

Su Ziyang was of an orphan origin, only until the death of his last life that he understood, perhaps because of his bizarre concealed double constitution, it caused his parents to abandon him. So, Su Ziyang, with this kind of origin, naturally did not have high education.

The welfare home reluctantly supported him to graduate from high school, and Su Ziyang did not attend college. He was doing odd jobs while he studied, and he worked in different jobs. As a good young man in the 21st century, Su Ziyang did not really abandon his studies. He caught up with the trend of self-study and got an undergraduate degree. The certificate should be available by the end of this year.

But what he liked the most was photography. He had contributed a lot of his savings into it. Fortunately, he had made some achievements. Now, he achieved what he wished; he had become the Chief Photographer of his company. His work was basically stable, his salary was enough, and his job was relatively leisure.

If he hadn’t known that he was able to conceive three months before his death, there would have been a high probability that he would still be pregnant in this lifetime. He would not have been able to support him and his child with his dead wage alone, and he had plans to continue doing his job as usual.

“Ah!” Su Ziyang held his chin and stared at the half-finished film on the computer screen. He sighed for the seventh time.

What the hell was he doing? Why did he have to go to the nightclub last weekend to look for men?!

Yes, he liked men, but it was not his fault. He was just like this and he couldn’t help it. But even if he liked men, wouldn’t it be good to be calm and composed as he waited for his predestined person to show up? Why couldn’t he be patient instead of going out to look for a meal? And he even provoked a ruthless and irresponsible slag man, causing him to go to the hospital with tears to have an abortion and his life was even gone…

Fortunately, heaven had eyes to let him rebirth once, but this heaven’s eyes were somewhat myopic, the time for rebirth was a little late, if it happened to be on his way to the nightclub, then he would have obediently turned back and gone home to sleep. Even if he died, he will never go to the nightclub to look for men!

Now what to do, whether there were seeds planted in his stomach were unknown. The result had not come out and he already had a knot in his heart.

The good mood in the morning lasted only until noon. During lunch, Su Ziyang listened to his colleagues’ comments about ‘the rental price had risen again recently’, ‘Aiyo, really can’t survive’.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in his mind and he began to worry again.

Although he had foolishly borrowed money to buy a two-bedroom one living-room house, and the process of repaying his debts was quite difficult. But by the end of last year, he had paid off all his debts. The house was indeed his property. Compared with other colleagues of the same age who were still living in rental houses, he was lucky. But because of this house, coupled with his love of photography, most of his savings were almost spent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in desperate need to go to the slag man three months in his pregnancy. If only he had more money, he could last longer.

As the saying went, once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope. Su Ziyang no longer smiled after thinking back to his problem from his last life.

“Ziyang ah, why are you sighing all day? Could it be you have gone foolish from the injury on your head?” Sitting at the desk next door to Su Ziyang was a fat man with glasses, named Lin Kai. He was not ugly but was a little fat. He talked a lot and had a good temper. This day, when Su Ziyang sighed repeatedly, he could not help asking.

“Go, don’t bother me. I’m worried!” Su Ziyang continued to slander Ling Zhanyi this slag man in his heart as he leaned on his cheek.

“What are you worried about?” A happy bachelor will never starve his family. Besides, you are the chief photographer. Your remuneration is much better than ours. You also don’t have to rent a house. You live in a house with two rooms and one hall by yourself. What a wonderful thing! “ Lin Kai was extremely envious.

“Every family has its own difficulties, and I have my own difficulties, okay? I’m in urgent need of a sum of money now, or I’ll have a headache whenever I think of it.” Su Ziyang covered his head and threw himself on the table and spoke dispiritedly.

“You can rent out your house! It’s enough for you to live in one room alone, and the other room is also empty. Now rental is in demand and your location is good. It must be a good place to rent. Oh dear! Why didn’t I think of it! If I hadn’t just found a house and paid a deposit of three months’rent, I would have wanted to rent at your house with you!” As Lin Kai talked, he patted his thighs. His regretful expression made Su Ziyang smiled.

But this was a good proposal. He can rent out a room. In this way, his money will raise even without selling the house and losing a place to stay. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Why not just go with it!

It’s just that Su Ziyang’s smile was slightly dimming. There will be no problem if he only rent for 3 months. However, if the duration was any longer and if he was really pregnant, his body shape would certainly change. What would he do if he scared the person away at that point in time?

It seemed that he had to find a solution. He needed to have discerning eyes to tell the greatness from mediocrity and choose a person who was brave and could accept new ideas.


  • Once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope (一年被蛇咬,十年怕井绳) : When a man is bitten by a snake,he starts with fright at the sight of a grass rope for the next three years. Or, once bitten, twice shy.
  • A happy bachelor will never starve his family(一人吃饱全家不饿): When a single person(bachelor) is full, the whole family is full.

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