Chapter 15: The handsome new tenant

On the rental website, a post about renting a house was pushed to the top.

The house had a good layout, a good location and was renting at a low price. In principle, it should be rented out soon, but it had been hanging there for five days.  It was not deleted and it was even pushed to the first post.

Busybodies couldn’t resist their gossiping hearts. They clicked in and took a look. They found some interesting comments.

—— Fuck, this is my first time knowing that you need to answer questionnaires when you want to rent a place. If the answers did not meet the requirements of the landlord. He will not sign the contract. Fuck, if Old me had that effort, I would have already found another place to live in! No time to play with you!

—— The owner of the house is a white, clean, tall, thin beautiful teenager, but it seems like he has some mental problems, and it is more or less inconvenient to live with a man. I, this lady, better look for elsewhere!

—— There is so much love in the questionnaire! Unexpectedly the question was asking about opinions on a guy guy relationship. Could it be he is looking for a Xiao Gong?! Aiyo, if only I was a man, I would take him down! That little waist was really fascinating! However, for the happiness of the Shou, I will retire, Xiao Gong, come and quickly get your tsundere …

Su Ziyang was not aware of the lively discussion at the internet… Because the thing he worried was about… Happened!

This Thursday morning, Su Ziyang routinely used a pregnancy test when urinating. He, who had yet to wake up squinted his eyes at the stick and unconsciously threw the stick into the trash basket.

When he once again reacted, Su Ziyang’s eyes widened. He squatted beside the trash basket and looked carefully at the stick – two bars!!!

Unbelievable, Su Ziyang ran out of the bathroom again to the bedroom to get the last pregnancy stick he had and squeezed out a little urine to test it – still two bars!!!

Su Ziyang sat on the toilet lid. He felt like weeping but there was no tear.

What will come had descended upon him. All the praying from before was useless!

Thursday and Friday were spent in low spirit. On the morning of Saturday, Su Ziyang, for the very first time, woke up in the early morning. He turned over and over again. He just could not sleep. He rubbed his hands around his stomach, secretly counting his own money; the fifty thousand yuan given by Ling Zhanyi and his savings. It looked like it could last him for six months…

It seemed like he would have to apply for a leave of absence with his superior because he could already foresee how he will spend the next three months.

Just thinking about it, Su Ziyang got out of bed with his mouth covered and ran to the bathroom.

“Barff -” Su Ziyang was almost fell to the ground in weakness. He was already having pregnancy reaction. This was really bad.

The doorbell rang suddenly. Su Ziyang wiped his mouth tiredly and dragged his feeble steps to open the door.

At the door stood a gentleman with neat attire and a pair of black-framed glasses on his nose. He said softly, “Mr. Su?”

Su Ziyang was stunned and then he asked in doubt, “You are…”

“Oh, I’ve taken the liberty to bother you, I am a professor of Mingyang University, Luoyang. I saw a post on the Internet saying that you want are renting a house…” Luoyang politely explained, “I know I should have called you in advance. Unfortunately, my mobile phone was stolen the day before yesterday… Fortunately, I remembered your address and followed it according to my memory to find the place… I shouldn’t have remembered wrongly?”

“No, this is where you are looking. Come in with me!”

Su Ziyang had already come back to his sense when he heard him saying about renting houses online. He let Luoyang in and looked at the man quietly. He was polite and he seemed to be very easy to get along with. He just didn’t know whether he could accept his weird constitution or not.

“This is the secondary bedroom, the daylighting is also good, I have tidied up two days ago. This area is not very far from Mingyang University. The rental price is not high, you can pay monthly…” Su Ziyang was like reciting a book but he was interrupted by Luoyang before he could finish his sentence.

“I’ve seen all this on the Internet. Let me fill out the questionnaire survey.” Luoyang gave the surround a glance before turning back and stared at Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyan’s eyes widened. “You even know about the questionnaire?”

“En.” Luoyang nodded slightly before he deliberately asked, “Are you gay?”

Footnotes: if yall dw what this two means….. be ashamed!

  • Gong means the top in the r/s, while as Xiao is little – An endearing way to call someone.
  • Shou means the bottom in the r/s
  • so whats the sound of vomitting?

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