Chapter 16: Welcome to the house!

Su Ziyang was stunned by his straightforward question, and he nodded quickly: “Yes, I am.”

Luoyang smiled with understanding. “Me too.”

Su Ziyang widened his eyes in surprise. Luoyang was amused at his expression and his laughter did not diminish. “What about the questionnaire? Do you want to ask me if I can accept living with a gay?”

“Uh… That was one just aspect, but… There’s one more issue…” Su Ziyang pondered and he did not know how to speak out his concern.

Luoyang was generous and expressed: “It doesn’t matter, just tell me your problems. I do have a strong tolerance in accepting matters.”

“… Have you heard of… A concealed double constitution?” Su Ziyang took a deep breath and said out loud.

Luoyang’s gentle expression finally had a hint of change. He was astonished and said, “Are you?”

Su Ziyang felt that he had received a blow. When the previous tenants came, they either mind that the questionnaire was too troublesome or that the girl who was like a wolf that stared at him until she almost drooled. No one had ever been as sharp, receptive and intelligent as Luoyang.

What should he say?

He remained silent and hesitantly nodded his head, indicating that Luoyang’s guess was correct. He was a concealed double constitution.

Luoyang’s eyebrows bent: “I can accept it. In fact, apart from being a professor at a prestigious university, I still enjoy studying the object of life in my spare time. Of course, don’t be afraid. I don’t mean to take you as an object of study. It’s just… Oh, what I want to say is that I can accept all kinds of weird people and things. You don’t have to worry that I will look at you differently.”

Su Ziyang took a serious gaze at Luoyang’s eyes. Unless this person was a master of acting, he should be sincere.

Since he had already opened his mouth, there was no need to ask any more questions. Su Ziyang held out his hand and said, “Welcome to the house, in the future… Please take more care of me.”

“Rest assured, I will.” Luoyang reached out to hold Su Ziyang’s hand, and a contract was signed.

Su Ziyang felt a big stone fell in his heart, and he felt some tumbling in his stomach. He went back to the bathroom and vomited again.

Luoyang’s eyes shifted and he stood at the door of the bathroom. He asked in a low voice, “You… Are already pregnant?”

Su Ziyang gargled and responded weakly, “En.”

“How many months?” Luoyang questioned.

“Er… Less than a month.” Su Ziyang sighed.

“Less than a month? And you are already vomiting?” Luoyang stared curiously.

“Yeah… I’m afraid this will last a long time…” According to the experience of his last life, three months were considered to be little, and if actually might be four months…

After all, he was a man, even if he could get pregnant, it must be more painful and arduous than a woman’s pregnancy.

Luoyang pondered for a moment and asked the last question: “Then… What about the father of the child?”

Su Ziyang’s expression changed before he closed his eyes and gave a bitter laugh: “This is the result of a night’s romance. Where do I go to find the child’s father?”

“Then why don’t you abort the child?” Luoyang frowned and thought that this young man was a little silly. When the majority met this kind of situation, they would definitely go to the hospital to solve the problem in their stomach. What’s more, he was still a man. Wouldn’t it be very noticeable if he appeared in front of outsiders with a big stomach? And he would even be criticized…

Su Ziyang laughed with a little self-mockery this time, but there was more relief: “First, I am afraid that there will be some accident in the operation and I will die. Second, I think it’s good to have a baby with me, so let’s resign to fate!”

I hoped that this life, I would be able to be safe and sound for the next ten months… I also hoped that his baby would be born safely…

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