Chapter 25: I don’t want to die…

Su Ziyang restlessly stroked his stomach. Although the speed of the car was slow, it was after all advancing and getting closer to the hospital. His eyeballs were also turning very fast. Finally, he came up with an idea. He leaned forward and told Ling Zhanyi: “Mr. Ling… Uh, no, that… Yi, shall we go to Pingan Hospital for examination? I’ve been doing my checkups there all the time. I’m not used to changing places. Besides… I’m a pregnant man… This kind of thing is too unimaginable. If too many people find out, it will be difficult for me. Let’s go to Pingan Hospital!”

Ling Zhanyi looked at him in the rearview mirror and said calmly: “No.”

“… Why?” Su Ziyang frowned.

Ling Zhanyi smiled as he answered, “I’m afraid you and the doctor over there would collude to deceive me, so I have to go to see a doctor I can trust.” He paused and decided, “Let’s go to Municipal hospital!”

Municipal hospital…

Su Ziyang stared at Ling Zhanyi with astonishment. If he really went to the municipal hospital… This was a disaster, he was really going to die now…

Heaven ah… You don’t have good eyes…

Originally, he wanted to stop Ling Zhanyi from going to the Municipal hospital by making a terrible scene. But when Su Ziyang wanted to make a scene, the car unexpectedly stopped. Ling Zhanyi personally came to the door to help him down. He was smiling across his whole face. “Ziyang, we’re here, I’ll help you, be careful at your footstep…”

“…” Su Ziyang had no choice but to smile back at him, but his smile looked no much better than crying.

After entering the hospital door, Su Ziyang’s heart began to drip blood. All the way, he tried his best get away from Ling Zhanyi but it was fruitless.

“Yi, I want to go to the toilet. Would you wait for me here for a while first?” Su Ziyang laughed so sweetly.

Ling Zhanyi followed with well-intentioned advice and said: “I will accompany you, your pregnancy is inconvenient. I just saw an aunt mopping the floor and there are still water stains on the floor. What if you slip and fall? Come on, this way to the toilet.”

Su Ziyang waist was wrapped by Ling Zhanyi, his left shoulder was supported by Ling Zhanyi; with this “protection” posture, even if he sprouted wings and wanted to fly, it would be hard!

“… It’s okay, I’ll have still had to take a urine test later anyway. I’ll hold back for a later while more.” Su Ziyang’s face was stiffened from smiling.

But in his heart, he continued to cry —— It’s over——I’m dead——

Ling Zhanyi felt that the person around him was tensed all over, his eyes flickering around and his forehead was sweating. He was somewhat puzzled: “Ziyang, what are you afraid of?”

“I… I’m afraid of death…” Su Ziyang dared not take any further steps. He held onto the armrest of the chair in the corridor with one hand and begged, “Yi, I beg you, don’t make me abort the child, can you? I don’t want you to take responsibility. I won’t blackmail you for money. I will raise my own child, okay? Would you please let me and the child off? I don’t want to die… I really don’t want to die…”

When Ling Zhanyi heard these, his forehead turned black, and when the last line was spoken, his whole face turned black. No matter how he interpreted this, he was just an irresponsible bastard in the little thing’s eyes? Did he say he was not going to take responsibility? Did he say he wanted to abort the child? He did not say anything at all? Oh, this was incorrect. He said that if the child was his, he would surely take responsibility. Why did this little thing think so badly of him?

“Did I say I wanted you to abort the baby?” Ling Zhanyi hesitated, and patiently explained in a soft voice, “I didn’t say I will not be responsible, nor did I say I want you to abort the child. I just want to help you with the check-up, and then fetch you home. Whether we get married, or wait for the baby to be born and then marry, I will not wrong you either way. Don’t be afraid, okay? Relax… Relax… Careful of your health… Good… Don’t be afraid… Ah… “

In the end, Ling Zhanyi almost swore to kneel and pleaded to the heaven. His voice was as soft as feathers and his attitude was sincere as that of the aunt in the kindergarten. Su Ziyang looked at him suspiciously as he held his lower abdomen and asked cautiously after a while, “Really?”

“Of course it is true! Why would I lie to you!” Ling Zhanyi smiled: This little thing finally believed his words.

As a result, the next moment, Su Ziyang shook his head and threw out a sentence, and Ling Zhanyi felt so hurt that his heart shattered into fragments.

Su little devil valiantly and spirited despised: “I ——don’t——believe!”


Drip blood in the heart : could mean very hurt or it the not literally word of crying (i forgot the word sigh) , MC belonged to the latter hahahah


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