Chapter 27: Lying down and still got shot!

Su Ziqi stood opposite of Ling Zhanyi and piteously opened her mouth, “Yi, I know I’m wrong. I really know I’m wrong. Don’t be so heartless, okay? Don’t you like children? I was wrong before. I shouldn’t have lied to you. I’ve even aborted the child. Shall we have a child that belonged to both of us?”

Ling Zhanyi was straight to the point and retorted, “I’m sorry, I don’t like children, and even more so women, so… Young Mistress Su should stop wasting her time! I have something else to do. I’m sorry that I need to leave you alone. Farewell! “

“Yi –” Su Ziqi failed to stop him and had to watch Ling Zhanyi leave.

Su Ziyang was secretly relieved that he had managed to escape. So, this Bastard Ling really was not sincere in being responsible. He just said that he did not like children, so everything before was an act? Sure enough, the rivers and mountains might change, but not one’s essential nature…

Move house! Move house! Old me needs to sell his house! Never meet him again!

When Su Ziyang was about to leave, he abruptly heard Su Ziqi sneered: “Ling Zhanyi, you asked for this!”

Ask for this? Su Ziyang raised his ears curiously and listened to Su Ziqi murmuring: “Don’t think I don’t know which man you are pursuing. If you don’t want the child I have, then the child in his stomach would not be born safely! I want you to regret for a lifetime!”

Su Ziyang almost exposed his whereabouts when he heard this. He covered his mouth and stared at the elegant and noble lady rich young mistress. Wasn’t she supposed to pester that Bastard Ling Zhanyi? Why did she transfer her hatred to himself? He was lying down and still got shot!

In response to Su Ziqi’s remarks just now, Su Ziyang dared not have any connection with Ling Zhanyi any more. Any carelessness could lead to the death of two lives. While he could not afford to play, but he could still hide? He was even more determined to move house!

Su Ziyang watched Su Ziqi enter the room where he had just had his blood test. He wanted to take the opportunity to leave, but when passing the door, he couldn’t help but listen to the conversation inside.

When he heard was sure amazing!

Su Ziqi was actually using a huge amount of money to bribe the doctor to let him lie to himself or Ling Zhanyi, saying that the child in his stomach was not suitable for birth. The purpose was to let him get an abortion!

An idea flashed through his brain, and Su Ziyang thought hard. Seemed like in his past life, the doctor had said something about men not being suitable for pregnancy, misplacement and so on, and then Ling Zhanyi took him to get an abortion… Was it possible that… The cause and effects came from here?

It just that it was now a month later, and because of his past life experience, he had been hiding from Ling Zhanyi. He also made some rice weevil preparation before his pregnancy. He rented his house and got to know Luoyang, and then he took care of himself for nearly four months.

Otherwise… If he followed the normal development, he still had to go through this stage?!

After eavesdropping, Su Ziyang dared not delay any longer and hurried away from this troubled place.

The most vicious thing was a woman’s heart; this was really not wrong! He and that Su Ziqi have no wrongs and were not enemies. How could she had been so hard-handed! No wonder she could not get Ling Zhanyi’s love. She deserved it!

Su Ziyang, who was indignant about the bad woman, did not notice that Ling Zhanyi’s car was parked a few meters away from the hospital, while Ling Zhanyi was staring at the door of the hospital with his arm leaning against the body – waiting for the rabbit.

Footnotes: (i thought i could escape from writing footnotes but no….)

  • Lying down and still got shot: Never do anything but still got into trouble
  • The rivers and mountains may change, but not one’s essential nature: Old habits die hard/ The leopard cannot change its spot/ A fox may grow gray, but never good
  • Old me : is another term for “I”, just bigger tone. ( in case y’all forgot)
  • Cause and Effects : the entire process of development
  • Rice weevil: sponge on someone, aka louyang paying him rent
  • The most vicious thing was a woman’s heart; a very self explanatory idiom, saying that no one could be more cruel than a woman
  • Waiting for the rabbit: A story about how someone waited under a tree and hope that a rabbit would kill itself by crashing into a tree trunk, to wait idly for opportunities

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  1. waaa….! is that why LZY wanted him to abort in last life? because it’ll be dangerous to give birth?
    before there’s no way for Su Ziqi to figure out that SZY was preg for real, so I don’t think she’d have the time to bribe the doctors….

  2. So it was actually this ZiQi who caused ZiYang to forcefully aborted by Zhanyi. Wow wow wow. What a vicious woman.

  3. Why does she have to be a vicious woman and not a rotten woman

  4. How could she do that?! So vicious, love is love but sacrifice another person live is a another matter, human really can be really dangerous creature
    Thanks for the hardwork

  5. But… It don’t makes any sense.
    First: In the previous life, everything was kind of improvised and ML had no interest in MC. So there’s no reason for this bitch rage.
    Second: I remember clearly the nurse saying “It’s already 12 weeks, it could be problems” Discouraged abortion before they signed.
    And Third: ¡I fucking don’t like this deus-ex-machinesque “villainess” out of nowhere to be a scapegoat on the lazy plot writing!!!

    But I’m still reading because I’m masochist. Thank you very much.

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