Chapter 29: I’m not dead?! The child is still here?!

“Wu…” Su Ziyang hung his head over his stomach and made a painful hum. When Ling Zhanyi saw his frown and cries, his heart had jumped out of his chest to his eyes. He didn’t give any explanation and picked up the person and rushed to the hospital.

“Go away – don’t touch me – ah”. Su Ziyang’s words were intermittent and his painful expression revealed stubbornness.

Damn it, he’s afraid that his anger from just now had affected the fetus in his abdomen, hence causing this abdominal pain… He knew it! There was no good end to meeting this bastard!

Su Ziyang did not forget to slander Ling Zhanyi even if he was gritting his teeth in pain, but his body could not handle it anymore. His body that was leaning against the car was about to slide down. Naturally, Ling Zhanyi would not let him fall. He was not afraid of Su Ziyang treating him coldly and still carried him up. His voice was laced with concern and with an undeniable domineering tone: “You can be angry, but don’t let it affect your body, besides you are not alone now. I’ll take you back to the hospital for treatment first, and we’ll talk about it later!”

Looking at how Ling Zhanyi was taking him back to the hospital again, Su Ziyang was really frightened. He pushed Ling Zhanyi desperately and stopped weakly. “I don’t go to the hospital! You let me down! Ling Zhanyi! You, you let me down now…”

Because of the abdominal pain, his strength was insufficient and it was not worth mentioning in the eyes of Ling Zhanyi. In addition, Ling Zhanyi was worried about the little thing and the child in his stomach, so his walking speed was faster.

“Ling… Master Ling… I beg you… Let me go, will you? Your fiancee wants to harm me… I can’t send myself to death… If you really worry about me… Take me home… Or just go to other hospitals. I’m not going to this hospital… Doctors, the doctor have been bribed… They’ll kill me and my baby…” Su Ziyang leaned his head on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder weakly and begged intermittently.

He really could not go back, or else his little life would be thrown in again! He could not guarantee that heaven would give him another chance to rebirth…

Ling Zhanyi listened to Su Ziyang’s words with fear and anger. His heart was startled and his eyes flashed a sharp glint, however, his tone was nevertheless increasingly tender: “Ziyang, don’t think about nonsense, I am here, no one will hurt you and your baby! It’s too late to go to another hospital now. You’ll be in even more danger. Be good and believe me, will you?”

“No… I’m not going to… Yi… If you really love me… Don’t send me to death…” Su Ziyang was carried up to the elevator by Ling Zhanyi. His heart sank on bit by bit and his abdominal pain was aggravated. His lower body was hot and there seemed to be blood flowing out. He was so frightened that his tears came out. He covered his stomach with grievance and anger, looking very pitifully.

Ling Zhanyi’s heart went soft when he looked at Su Ziyang, but he dared not be neglectful. He comforted him in a soft voice: “Don’t be afraid, I will always be there for you. Those things you worry about will never happen. Rest assured, you and your baby will be safe and sound. Don’t be angry and just relax. Just now, when the doctor checked you up, he told me that your constitution is not suitable for pregnancy. If your mood fluctuates slightly, it will be easy to risk a miscarriage. You should relax and rest more to be safe and sound.”


Hearing Ling Zhanyi’s words, Su Ziyang stared with widened eyes at Ling Zhanyi. The original clever eyes became dull at the moment. The doctor had already spoken to Ling Zhanyi just now? It was spoken during the examination? Why didn’t he hear that?

Oh, yeah, he was racking his brains on how to get away from the this Buddha, and how could he have the heart to listen to the doctor? But… He merely just throw his anger at Ling Zhanyi and now he was risking a miscarriage? Was he really so vulnerable? Ouch, his stomach hurt…

Ling Zhanyi saw that he was finally settling down and no longer tried to struggle. He was a little relieved, but at the first sight of his dull and listless look, there was a burst of worry: Was this little thing thinking nonsense again? How could he harm his wife and child? He could not wait to spoil them in fact!

When Su Ziyang was carried to the emergency room by Ling Zhanyi and placed on the operating table, Su Ziyang thought to himself that he had totally planted himself the hands of this bastard. Forget it, he shall die then!

Although he had that thought, when he saw Ling Zhanyi going out, Su Ziyang grabbed at his hand with an unknown strength. His face was pale as he gazed at Ling Zhanyi with an expression that could not be told as to whether it was pleading, unwilling to part or was bidding farewell.

If he really died on the operating table again, he must remember the person in front of him clearly. Next time when he was born, or reborn, they better not meet again!

However, Ling Zhanyi did not think so. He was pulled by Su Ziyang and looked at his miserable little expression. His heart instantly melted into a stream of spring water. He held onto Su Ziyang’s cold hand and turned to crouch on the side of the operating table. He spoke in a low voice, “Okay, I will stay here with you.” With this, Ling Zhangyi put Su Ziyang’s hand on his lips, kissed it and encouraged him, “Don’t be afraid, if you have me, nothing will happen, be good… Endure for a moment… Sleep and you’ll be all right…”

Su Ziyang’s consciousness was drifting away, and he muttered unconsciously: “Must keep our child… The child is yours… Don’t abort the baby… I can stand the pain…”

“Good… I promise you… You and your baby will be safe and sound…”

“…” Su Ziyang said nothing more. He closed his eyes slightly and seemed to enter a comatose state.

This time, although the pain in his abdomen still existed and the thoughts of fear lingered on, it seemed that there was something different.

In his last life, he died in alone on the operating table, but in this life, he was not alone. From the beginning to the end, Ling Zhanyi had been there with him and was constantly comforting and encouraging him with warm words. His ears never once cease of sound.

What Su Ziyang did not know was that he had been muttering Ling Zhanyi’s name during the operation. Of course, what’s more, was calling out “Child”…

Ling Zhanyi felt the hand temperature in his palm change from cold to hot, then it started to perspire constantly. His heart also followed from worry to anxiety and finally to worrying about personal gains and losses.

This little thing must be in deep pain, right? He sweated a lot… He must be very shocked and frightened. Because he kept repeating things like ‘Don’t want to die’…

Whether his previous so-called ‘death in his own hands’ was complete nonsense or it was justified, he would not let him go in this life. Just let it be that he truly owned him his last life, so in this life he was destined to be manipulated by this little thing, even if he was overruled by him for a lifetime, he would be willing to endure gladly.

Ling Zhanyi did not know why he suddenly came up with such a thought. He looked at the pale Su Ziyang who was still asleep after the operation and caressed his slightly raised abdomen. Ling Zhanyi suddenly felt that it was not an unacceptable thing to live with this man who intertwined with him after a one-night stand for a lifetime. On the contrary, he was brimming with expectations.

What’s more, they even had a child. When he thought of how Su Ziyang who was still calling out for their child in his coma, Ling Zhanyi could not help but perked up his lips, showing a gratified smile.

When Su Ziyang opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Ling Zhanyi, who had been standing beside the bed. His first reaction was that he was dead and then reborn again! And he actually met this bastard again after he was reborn! Heaven ah! Earth ah! Could he apply to die again?

Seeing that Su Ziyang was awake and was just staring at himself without saying a word, and then his eyes began to turn around. This bizarre appearance was followed by another expression of pain. Ling Zhanyi felt like laughing at the moment. What nonsense was this little thing thinking about again?

“Awake? Are you feeling better? Does your stomach hurt?” Ling Zhanyi’s soft words came into his eardrum. Su Ziyang stared with widened eyes and raised his hand to his abdomen without bothering about the IV needles stuck in his hand. When he felt his bulging belly, Su Ziyang stared even harder. He was in disbelief and exclaimed, “I am not dead?!” I am alive?! The child is still here?!”

Ling Zhanyi was between laughers and tears. He was just about to answer his words and saw that this little thing was like a carp that wanted to get up. Of course, it failed. Perhaps it was lack of strength or maybe it was a pain caused by the movement. He fell back and lay down again. However, he still raised his head and looked down at the bulging belly and muttered, “I’m still alive… This is too amazing…”

As he mumbled to himself, he did not forget to stroke his stomach back and forth with his hands, and these actions seemed comical and warm.

Ling Zhanyi took his moving hand and put it on one side of his body. He smiled and said, “Okay, don’t move, be careful the IV drips may move out of place and have to re-infuse later. Look at your lively appearance, you should be fine? Ziyang, I have something to discuss with you. Would you like to come home with me when you recover? I will take good care of you and baby, otherwise, I am worried about you living alone. When the baby is born, I will make up a wedding. After that, our family will live happily together. How wonderful is that! How do you feel about it?”

However, Su Ziyang was still uneased. He touched his stomach again with the hand without the infusion. It was only until he confirmed that this was not a dream when he felt that his child was still in his stomach that he was relieved. His eyes turned around and meet at Ling Zhanyi intently gaze at him. Then Su Ziyang asked him afterward, “En? What did you just say?”


Yes, Ziyang called Zhanyi Buddha

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter. Good to see LZ has his priorities sorted – he tried to genuinely calm SZ despite being hit by the whole “I got reincarnated” bulldozer!
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  2. Thanks for the new chapter. Good to see LZ has his priorities sorted – he tried to genuinely calm SZ despite being hit by the whole “I got reincarnated” bulldozer!
    looking forward to more.

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