Chapter 32: Divergence, to return to your house or my home

“How could I possibly leave you here alone?”

“… So why did you leave just now? Su Ziyang questioned and muttered, “You left without saying a word…”
“Aren’t you clamoring to be discharged? Of course, I went to help you pay for your medical expense. Well, the discharge formalities have been completed. You can change your clothes and leave.” Ling Zhanyi explained.

“I called Luoyang to pick me up, you… You can go.” After Su Ziyang said this, he felt a little contrary to his convictions.

Instead of talking, Ling Zhanyi took two steps to pick up Su Ziyang’s sportswear in bed and tried to help him wear it.

Su Ziyang dodged: “Give it to me, I’ll wear it myself.”

“It’s certain that your friend does not have enough money. Besides, I’ve paid for your medical expense. You can ask him to go back!” Ling Zhanyi allowed for no further explanation and encased the sportswear Su Ziyang’s head. When he saw that he was about to flail around, he told him, “You’re going to catch a cold if you still refuse to wear it and the one suffering will be you later on.”

Su Ziyang pouted under the clothes and no longer flailed about again. Nevertheless, his mouth was not idle: “I’ll ask Luoyang to pay you back the medical expenses. How much is it altogether?”

“One hundred thousand.” There was no blushing face or quickened heartbeat when Ling Zhanyi lied. His actions did not stop and he quickly helped Su Ziyang changed his clothes.

“What?! One hundred thousand?!” Su Ziyang exclaimed, “Isn’t this a pit?!”

“There can’t be helped, you are not an ordinary person now. The child in your stomach is important, so I let the doctor use the best medicine that is not harmful to the fetus and not harmful to your vitality, of course, it’s very expensive. But it’s nothing to me at all. As long as you’re okay with your child, it’s worth the money! “

Listen, listen, how well spoken was this sentence of Ling Zhanyi.

Su Ziyang had to admit that he had such a trace of triumph in his heart. Unexpectedly, this Bastard Ling was a little different from the previous life. He was very generous toward himself as if he had changed personality.

Although most of the time he always played tricks on him, such as the last car accident…

“Come on, I’ll send you home.” Ling Zhanyi once again made this request.

Su Ziyang frowned and wondered if he should agree to his request of sending him home.

What was he going to do if he invited a wolf into his house?

“Nevermind, you’ve just had an operation. It’s not good to walk. Let me take you downstairs!” Ling Zhanyi saw that he was in a daze there, and his eyes were swirling around. He did not know what he was calculating and he was afraid of his objection. Thus, Ling Zhanyi decided to initiate first and picked up the person.

Su Ziyang resisted in his embrace: “Luoyang hasn’t come back yet. I want to tell him…”

“Just call him later.”


“That will be the decision!”

With this one conversation, Ling Zhanyi made a decision for Su Ziyang.

But as soon as he went out with Su Ziyang in his arms, he met Luoyang was who running back.

Behind Luoyang was a young boy who looked like a college student.
Seeing Ling Zhanyi holding Su Ziyang so intimately, Luoyang stopped his footsteps and was breathing breathlessly.

Just now he called this Damn little kid to help him pay the medical expense. This time the money was sufficient, but the girl at the counter told him that someone had already paid the expense. She also helped Su Ziyang went through the discharge formalities. He was worried about Su Ziyang and rushed up to see the scene.

He was surprised, but this was also understandable.

When he was coming here, he wondered why the man who took Ziyang away was not accompanying Ziyang. Even if something happened to Ziyang, it should be the man who should be responsible for taking care of Ziyang. But his failure to take care of Ziyang showed that they did not reach an agreement. Luoyang guessed that the man was too scum, but now it seemed that he was not that scum.

These two people should be just having small quarrels. Now they were hugging so intimately, naturally, there shouldn’t be any more big issue.

Luoyang was relieved on his side, but Su Ziyang on the other side was a little uncomfortable. He moved his body but received more restraint.

Ling Zhangyi frowned unpleasantly.

Su Ziyang has already opened his mouth, “Luoyang, good to have you here. Could you please help me pay back the money—— Wu——”

Unexpectedly, his lips were covered. Ling Zhanyi kissed him with no regards to the occasion and prevented his words from coming out.

Su Ziyang was already being obedient enough to let Ling Zhanyi held him in his arms but he still mentioned about money! This little bastard needed to be punished!

Su Ziyang was caught off guard and was kissed head on. Ling Zhanyi was used to being strong and domineering. Once he seized the opportunity, naturally, he kissed the person until he was confused. After a long time, Ling Zhanyi then let go of Su Ziyang. His breath was calm as usual, while Su Ziyang buried himself in front of his chest, breathing heavily, unable to utilize his strength to speak.

Ling Zhanyi turned to Luoyang satisfactorily and smiled with an overbearing dignity: “Mr. Luo, right? Thank you for taking care of Ziyang for several months. I’ll invite you to dinner if I have the chance. In the future… Just let me take care of Ziyang!”

When Luoyang heard this, naturally he would not say much, he nodded slightly and modestly said: “In fact, I did not do anything but just cook… You are the father of the child, and I am sure you will take good care of him.”

“That is of course!” Ling Zhanyi no longer lingered after he was done talking. He went out with Su Ziyang in his arms. “We are going first, goodbye!”


Watching Ling Zhanyi strode away with Su Ziyang in his arms, Luoyang sighed slightly.

The boy next to him was waiting quietly against the wall with his arms in his arms. After Ling Zhanyi left, he heard Luoyang sighing. The boy spoke with sarcasm and imitated the tone of Luoyang just now: “‘Actually, I didn’t do anything, just cook’… I really couldn’t tell that Professor Lou could actually cook. When are you going to cook for me?”

Luoyang took a look at him and passed his bank card back to him, and then dropped a sentence: “For once, you are useful to the situation, but you hasn’t been used yet. Take your bank card and go back to school!”

“Next time if you ask me again, I won’t care about you.” The boy was not upset. He took the bank card and turned it around at his fingertips. It was obvious that he liked to spin something on his fingers. Last time he played with a pen, this time with a bank card.

Luoyang pretended that he did not hear that. He brushed past him and walked forward.

“Wait for me, Professor Luo!” The boy was busy keeping his bank card and catching up to him. He followed Luoyang step by step and questions followed one by one.

“Professor Luo, are we going back to school for class? Your teaching plan is still with me. There are two classes in the afternoon. I will listen to it and sit in the first row, facing right at the platform!”

“Professor Luo, who were the two men just now? They don’t look like your friend! “

“Professor Luo, I’ve seen the contents behind your teaching plan. You’ve also studied the history of human evolution. It’s so abstruse!”

“Professor Luo, is the person being carried just now really pregnant? He looks like a man. It’s amazing that a man can have a baby…”

“Professor Luo…”

Luoyang quickened his pace. He really wanted to get away from this noisy Damn little kid behind him. He would not have looked for him if he had known he would be pestered.


Su Ziyang was carried downstairs by Ling Zhanyi. When he was in the car, he looked back at the direction of the hospital. “Wait for Luoyang, he lives with me, just takes him back together.”

“I’m not Uncle Lei Feng!” Ling Zhanyi helped him to fasten his seat belt carefully. “Sit well, don’t move around. If you feel uncomfortable, tell me at the first moment. Whether the speed is fast or slow, you can also voice it out. Your comfort is the utmost important, understand?”

Su Ziyang nodded absently and looked at the hospital entrance.
As a result, he saw Luoyang coming out. A boy threw him a helmet and they got on a motorcycle together. They were even faster than them.

Ling Zhanyi also started the car and left.

Su Ziyang looked at the unfamiliar street scene and shouted, “Stop, stop!”

“What’s wrong?” Ling Zhanyi slowed down the speed of the car.
“This is not the way back to my house!” Su Ziyang pointed to a road not far behind him. “You should turn from there.”

“Who says we’re going back to your house, I’m going to take you back to my house.” Ling Zhanyi kept his eyes fixed on the road ahead and drove with great concentration.

Su Ziyang was no longer happy. He snapped, “Who’s going to your house? Stop the car!”

Ling Zhanyi helplessly said, “Ziyang, can you stop making trouble? Both of us already have a child together. Isn’t it natural for me to take you home and take care of you? Can you stop hiding from me? Don’t be so guarded against me. I’ll be sad and hurt if you are so hostile to me.”

Su Ziyang’s heart went soft, but after giving it some thought, he felt that it was not safe. He insisted on his own opinion and said, “No, I can’t go to your house. Either you send me back to my house or you let me get down from the car. Anyway, I will not go to your house, I can’t get used to living in another place, I can’t sleep when I’m not used to the place, if I can’t sleep, my spirit will be bad. If my spirit is bad, my appetite will be bad. If my appetite is bad, my health will be bad. With such a vicious cycle, one day I will drop dead. If you really want the best for me, then send me back home.”


Uncle Lei Feng: uh… idk who, but google says its a man that help the people See comment below! By kind Kokorosy!

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