Chapter 33: Is this inviting a wolf to my house?

Listening to Su Ziyang’s twisted and forceful words, Ling Zhanyi was not angry but he wanted to laugh. He thought for a moment. After all, he still needed a certain process to take the little thing home. It was not good to be too urgent, in fact, it would be counterproductive.

“Then all right, I’ll take you home.” Ling Zhanyi turned the steering wheel and the car around and headed for the right road.

Su Ziyang sat at the back seat, his hand subconsciously covered his abdomen, but his mind was running at a high speed. He promised Ling Zhanyi to let him send him home but he did not consent to leting him enter his home ah. What if he doesn’t go? No, he must shut Bastard Ling out of the door quickly, so as not to really invite the wolf into the house.

If Ling Zhanyi knew that Su Ziyang was plotting him in his mind now, he would wish to press him down for another 300 rounds of battle.

There was nothing to say along the way.

They soon arrived at Su Ziyang’s neighborhood.

Ling Zhanyi considerately parked the car in the nearest location, then stopped the car. He went around the back seat to unbuckle Su Ziyang’s seat belt and helped him down.

When going up the stairs, he also carefully stood on one side for fear of him falling. He looked like a super-expectant nanny dad.

Su Ziyang’s eyeballs kept turning around and Ling Zhanyi took a quiet look at the changes in his expression.

If he’s not mistaken, this little thing must be thinking about how to get rid of him.

It was not easy for him to send him home. If he was refused outside the door, his reputation as President Ling would be just too terrible.

Su Ziyang has many strange ideas, but Ling Zhanyi was not a fool. For many years in the business circles, every hair of his would be empty if it was plucked out. How can Su Ziyang’s tricks be integrated?

They both came out of the elevator with thoughts running in their mind. Su Ziyang took out the key and pretended to go to his door to open it. His sight went straight to Ling Zhanyi’s side: “That… Yi, thank you for sending me back. Then… If there is nothing else, you can go back.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyebrows raised: “Aren’t you going to invite me in for a cup of tea?”

“Do you have the heart to let me make tea for you while I’m pregnant? If you really want to drink tea, I will buy you a good package of tea another day and send it to your company. You can steep it whatever ways you want, is that fine?” Su Ziyang quickly learned the trick of “coercion and lure” used by Ling Zhanyi to deal with him.

But all kinds of means were exhausted and President Ling still refused to leave. He just stood at the side, seeing how all the keys had been put in the lock and smiled.

—— Finally, it was the last key. To think that he just discharged from the hospital, he could actually stand there for a while. Did he not feel tired? Ling Zhanyi really wanted to sit down and take a rest.

Su Ziyang slowly opened the door. Although he thought about flashing inside and shutting Ling Zhanyi out, because he was now a double concealed constitution man, his movements must not be too dexterous. If he accidentally bumped into the door, it would not be worth. So after thinking about it, Su Ziyang, who was afraid of death and pain, acquiesced in the act of letting Ling Zhanyi into the house.

After stepping into the door, his immediate precautions were taken off. Su Ziyang sighed, lay down on the living room sofa and hummed with with holding his stomach, “Oh, I’m so tired!”


  • Inviting a wolf to the room: to leave oneself open to attack / to act imprudently, asking for trouble
  • Every hair of his would be empty if it was plucked out: Saying that the person is smart, understanding, can’t be hide from everything, exaggerated method (google)

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