Chapter 36: Secretly cheating

How did Ling Zhanyi know that Su Ziyang was the one taking a sneak shot? The shadow reflected on the door bulged up a small bump at the waist, so, who else could it be?

Originally, Su Ziyang was laying in the bed for a while and getting ready to sleep. However, he heard sounds of vegetables being chopped in the kitchen. He felt that this was amazing. Did Bastard Ling really know how to cook?

It couldn’t be ah…

How could he cook with that kind of arrogance?

Su Ziyang couldn’t believe it no matter what. At last, he could not help but get up from the bed to sneak up and take a peek.

Ling Zhanyi chopped the kitchen knife so loudly that the knife chopping sounded very decent. He listened to it and that sound never once stopped. He was very skilled.

Su Ziyang was peeping, so he couldn’t see clearly. He looked at it for a while and thought it was not interesting, so he went back to sleep.

Ling Zhanyi lifted his sleeve and wiped his sweat. The little thing finally disappeared. He was so nervous.

Ling Zhanyi took a breath of relief and threw all the potato shreds which he had cut so badly into the garbage bin. Then he looked at the cabbage beside him which was torn into a mess. The fish was just taken out of the freezer. It was so hard that he didn’t know how to begin. The carrots were lumps like potatoes.

All in all, the kitchen was in a mess, and neither of the dishes looked easy to cook.

The cookbook was also not reliable, he had to guess how to put in the ingredients. In the end,  President Ling sweated all over and finally surrendered.

He packed up all these things and threw them into the bag of the garbage can and it was a bag full of them. After clearing up, Ling Zhanyi secretly opened the kitchen door and listened for a moment. This time it was his turn to creep out.

Ling Zhanyi opened a crack in the main bedroom door and found that Su Ziyang had fallen asleep with his quilt in his arms, before he dared to carry out the bag of vegetables that he had destroyed. He went through the living room and came to the main door. He opened the door and put the garbage in the door. Then he went back and huddled in the kitchen and began to make phone calls.

“Hello? Mama Zhang, it’s me. Could you please help me cook some dishes? The normal home cook food is fine… Remember to use an insulating bucket.

“Hello? Uncle Li, my parents didn’t use the car today, did they? Would you please bring me something? Well, Mama Zhang will give you something…”

“What? Address? Oh, the address is…”

“Please hurry up Uncle Li… Well, thank Uncle Li! By the way, if my parents ask about it, you say it was to send me some documents! “

After some commands, Ling Zhanyi hung up the phone and smiled triumphantly.

Having waited for half an hour, Ling Zhanyi knew this could not be rushed and the dishes still had to fry and keep warmed. So he was too lazy to wait in the kitchen and sneaked into the second bedroom and took a few glances. He then decided that when he moved in tomorrow, he would not stay in the second bedroom, but he would sleep with Ziyang!

Anyway, he had just seen that the bed was not small, on the contrary, it was a big double bed. Even if Su Ziyang was pregnant and occupied a large area, it was more than enough for him.

They could finally sleep together!

As for the second bedroom… Leave it for their son to sleep!

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  1. Cheating XD well I understand, but like, even if all the chopped stuff is all mangled up it’s ok to just put it in a pot and continue cooking :v what a waste of good ingredients… Thanks for the chapter~~

  2. I like how he’s just planning out the housing arrangement about sleeping with Ziyang and baby occupying the other room and just throwing away the fact that Mr Professor actually lives there too.
    Thank you for the chapter by the way

  3. Srsly Zhanyi. XD He gave up and called for back-ups lolol. Such a waste of food tho. Even the fish was thrown? Hmm. Never ever waste food.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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