Chapter 4 – Massive Hemorrhage

Ling Zhanyi was not reconciled, he dragged Su Ziyang to the blood test. It was until the blood test results came out and he pinched the examination report and stared at the above ’13 weeks of pregnancy’ and sighed.

And the doctor also gave Su Ziyang a detailed examination to confirm that he had a “concealed double constitution” physique, there was a chance of pregnancy.

But because he’s a man after all, he was afraid that it will be hard to stick to the end of the pregnancy without miscarriage…

Ling Zhanyi thought of the doctor’s words. He quietly put the examination report away and looked at Su Ziyang, who was already sleeping in a chair beside him.

Ling Zhanyi got up and went to him, kicked Su Ziyang’s leg: “Hey, get up.”

Su Ziyang was woken up by him, and he wiped his saliva and raised his head confusedly: “The result came out?”

“En.” Ling Zhanyi nodded and looked down at Su Ziyang’s handsome face. He swallowed several times when he reached his mouth, but he finally said, “Follow me to the third floor to abort the child.”

“…” Su Ziyang was stunned for a moment, then stood up and showed a brilliant smile. “Okay.”

After that, he took the lead and Ling Zhanyi followed him. He noticed that his hand had been caressing his lower abdomen, which was obvious that he was reluctant to part with the baby.

Ling Zhanyi considered for a moment and said softly, “I will give you a sum of money to compensate you.”

Su Ziyang paused, his eyes dimmed slightly, and then he nodded quickly: “Good! Thank you so much for that!“

“It has been 13 weeks. Are you sure you want to abort the baby? It’s easy for mishaps!” The woman responsible for abortion was a grinning old lady. Although she was surprised when she got the report, the man was pregnant…

The one staying silence was Ling Zhanyi, Su Ziyang actually laughed and said, “Sure, I’ll be troubling you.”

“Well, sign here and we’ll have the operation later.”

Su Ziyang took the pen, signed his name in the place where he was supposed to sign, then turned around and patted Ling Zhanyi on the shoulder, joking said, “I’m going to trouble you to pay for the operation.”

“I’ll call someone to hand the fees for me. I’ll stay here with you.” Ling Zhanyi was serious.

Su Ziyang was stunned momentarily and then laughed and said, “That’s really my pleasure!”

Su Ziyang who was already lying on the operating table was still scared. He clasped his hands and closed his eyes, but he seemed to see the newly formed child come to him for his depraved life.

“Relax… Don’t be nervous…” At the doctor’s request, Su Ziyang tried to relax. He should had been given anesthesia, his consciousness was floating and sinking, he could feel some pain. Something was stirring in his body. He opened his eyes blankly, thinking about the things this little fellow had been torturing him in the past three months, and his expression was reluctant.

He did not know how long after but a sharp pain came, Su Ziyang couldn’t help groaning.

“This is bad, the patient is bleeding a lot. Get ready for first aid!”

“No, the bleeding couldn’t be stopped…”

“Go to the blood bank and request for blood…”

“It’s too late…”


“Su Ziyang! Hey! Get yourself together! Su Ziyang!”

“Su Ziyang – Ziyang -“

The noise faded away in an instant. Su Ziyang blackened before his eyes. He could hardly hear the voices of the people around him under the throes of pain. His ears roared and his strength gradually diminished.

When he realized that he might die, Su Ziyang couldn’t help shouting in his heart, “Come on! If I knew I would die for this, and even if I become a beggar, I would not have went to find this Ling Zhanyi bastard.”

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