Chapter 40: Nervous, I cut my hand

Of course, you can be stubborn, but you’ll have to see the occasions.

Ling Zhanyi persistently handed over the spoon and coaxed, “Ziyang, try it. If it’s not delicious, you can spit it out. I will definitely not make things difficult for you. But in case it tastes good, and if it suits your appetite, it won’t be a big loss even if you eat it, right?”

Su Ziyang’s movement of evading from the spoon slowed down as listened to Ling Zhanyi’s words “You just try my cooking!”

“Haven’t I tasted it yesterday? Why are you still so eager?” Su Ziyang turned his eyes around and looked suspiciously at Ling Zhanyi. “Could it be the food from yesterday wasn’t cooked by you?”

“… How is that possible? That’s what all cooked by me! ” Ling Zhanyi rebutted cheekily and kept feeding this little ancestor food. “If you take a bite, I’ll show you my knife work.”

Su Ziyang couldn’t beat his persistence and opened his mouth in the end, taking away the steamed egg in the spoon.

En… Smooth but not greasy, with a delicate fragrance. There wasn’t any egg smell, furthermore, it was not tasteless like what a steamed egg would taste like. He did not know what was added inside, but Su Ziyang who always hated eating egg found this to be relishing.

Ling Zhanyi kept watching his expression and seeing that he wasn’t frowning, but instead, he looked like he was recollecting the pleasant flavor of the food, Ling Zhanyi proudly handed another spoon to him. “How was it? Is it delicious? Want another bite?”

Su Ziyang followed his hands and take another bite before he reached for the bowl and spoon. “I’ll do it myself. Go show me your knife skills! “

“…” Ling Zhanyi was speechless and he also felt helpless. He turned to the kitchen, took a carrot and started cutting it.

This was what he had practiced last night. All five fingers of his left hand had been basically cut. Fortunately, he had much control, hence, the wound wasn’t deep, but he still bled a little. Otherwise, he would not have wrapped so many bandages around his fingers.

Su Ziyang leaned on the doorframe with the steamed egg. He ate while watching Ling Zhanyi cut the carrot inside. He nodded repeatedly during this period: “Not bad… Have you practiced before?”

Ling Zhanyi was shocked at his words and almost cut his finger again. He slowed down the knife slightly and continued to prove his points: “This is inherent!”

Su Ziyang laughed and scooped the last piece of steamed egg into his mouth. He broke his facade mercilessly. “It’s fine, you can stop acting. Don’t think that I’m really slow-witted just because I’m usually casual. You really think that I’m blind and did not see the many bandages on your left hand?”

Ling Zhanyi’s hand trembled. This time, the knife really fell on the back of his left hand.

“Si -” Ling Zhangyi took a breath of air. He quickly threw the knife aside and looked at his left hand. Fortunately, there were a lot of bandages covering it, so no flesh was cut. Otherwise, he would have to add another hole in his hand.

However, Ling Zhanyi was a little depressed. He practiced for so long last night. Why was he still not proficient ah?

Two hands came stretching, Ling Zhanyi involuntarily handed over his left hand. Su Ziyang held his bruised hand. He looked left, right, and then pouted his mouth. “I still thought the cut was deep, so, you didn’t get cut ah…”

Ling Zhanyi’s mouth pulled upwards. He looked at Su Ziyang, who was close at hand and finally found an excuse for his inexperience knife work today.

—— Because this little thing was looking at him! He was nervous!

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