Chapter 42: This is a reward for you.

“Wow! Did you really found a lover?” Su Ziyang cried out in surprise and repeatedly chased questions, “Is it the boy who was in the hospital that day? I thought he was a relative. He doesn’t look very reliable… So you really decided to be together with him? But his looks are actually quite decent …”

Luoyang watched Ye Shuo run out of the bedroom together with the cups before he lowered his voice and said, “En, that’s him. Whether or not he’s reliable, I will only know in the future. This sort of thing is just like a person drinking water; only the drinker will know whether the drink is cold or warm. I am happy to be with him. Although he is a bit childish, he is very accommodating towards me. In a word… Let nature take its course!”

“Don’t we,一 humans 一just  wants to find a person to spend their  lives with?” Luoyang smiled softly and asked back, “Don’t just talk about me, how are you? Does the big shot treats you well?”

Su Ziyang was stunned and he pouted his lips. “Him? Would he dare to not be good to me? If he doesn’t treat me well, I’ll just throw him out. Otherwise, I’ll just pack my bags and run away so that he can never find me again! “

“You ah*一 ” Luoyang patiently urged, “You are already going to be a parent, how can you still be so childish? Love, in fact, requires two people to cooperate. He is putting in a lot of effort, pursuing you relentlessly, and avoiding him is also not a solution. Before I left, I had a few chats with that family member of yours and helped you to sound him outa bit. Personally, I feel that he is quite a good person. You have to grasp this opportunity properly, don’t lose something only to regret it afterward. Of course, it’s okay to take advantage of your pregnancy to train him properly and sort him out.”

“…” Su Ziyang was silenced and he secretly glanced at Ling Zhanyi who was throwing the rubbish at the door.

—— In the first place, Ling Zhanyi was eavesdropping, so when he heard Su Ziyang’s saying, “If he doesn’t treat me well,  I’ll get rid of him. Otherwise, I’ll pack up my baggage and run away, so that he can’t find me anymore.” His lungs were almost close to exploding with rage. So this little thing hadn’t put down his guard yet!. This little thing really deserved to be sorted out ah!

—— But when he sensed Su Ziyang’s peeping eyes, Ling Zhanyi’s expression immediately became gentle and warm. He even turned around and smiled warmly at Su Ziyang. He closed the door and walked back slowly.

No matter what, it’s better for him to eavesdrop and get more information.

Luoyang did not hear Su Ziyang’s response and smiled slightly: “Well, think about it yourself. I’m going to make some braised fish. Ye Shuo had cleaned up the house for the whole day and helped me with some simple chores. I’ll be personally giving him a treat.” 

“Let’s keep in touch. I’ll see you when I have time.” After a pause, Luoyang laughed again. “As long as that family of yours doesn’t treat me as his enemy… I’m hanging up the call, bye bye….”

“En… Goodbye…” When Su Ziyang hung up the phone, Ling Zhanyi also just came back. Su Ziyang looked at him and asked uncomfortably, “Are your things all arrange already?”

Ling Zhangyi nodded: “Yes, the bedroom and bathroom are all tidied up. Would you like to see? There’s a surprise! “

Su Ziyang raised his hand and opened his mouth to say: “Then why aren’t you coming here to help me up?”

Ling Zhanyi stifled his laughter and took a step forward. He put Su Ziyang’s hand on the opened palm of his hands and bowed with his other hand placed on his chest. “My dear little ancestor, will you please~ -“

Su Ziyang, who was feeling bold and spirited, stood up and look at the toilet under Ling  Zhanyi’s guidance and glanced inside. He quickly saw the set pairs of toiletries, necessity the corners of his mouth raised in a smile. This bastard was rather good at doing this sort of things. He didn’t have to say anything, just by looking at the paired cups, he already felt a sense of superiority from being spoiled and cared for.

After a quick look at the bathroom, Ling Zhanyi led Su Ziyang to the master bedroom.

Su Ziyang frowned slightly. Was it really necessary to look at his own room? Just now, he had been sitting in the living room and was glancing at Ling Zhanyi from the corner of his eyes. He had not been in the master bedroom for a couple of hours and had been watching Ling Zhanyi going back and forth between the master bed and the second bedroom.

Unless… Did this bastard change the things from the master bedroom?

Su Ziyang was angry and nervous, but there was also a hint of anticipation as he pushed open his bedroom door——

Sure enough, some changes had taken place in the furnishings.

—— The small articles of clothing at the head of the bed were replaced by expensive suits that were super Q and made of comfortable material;

—— The baby stroller was placed on the side of the big bed by Ling Zhanyi, and it was not just a baby stroller. Oh no, maybe it was both a baby stroller and a little crib. If you press a few buttons, you could change the stroller into a crib. More importantly, the little mattresses, quilts, and pillows on the baby’s bed were so meng and so lovely. They were all light blue with white lace at the side. It was both warm and clean.

—— The walls were covered with posters of all kinds of cute little babies, each one of them made you feel like taking them out of the posters to hug them in your arms and pamper them…

Su Ziyang’s heart was filled with warmth. He silently hooked his fingers at Ling Zhanyi.

“En? What’s wrong?” Ling Zhanyi was proud of his masterpiece. When he noticed Ziyang’s hooked finger, he leaned over and blinked in confusion.

Su Ziyang was shorter than him. He tiptoed lightly, his face closing in and stamped a kiss on Ling Zhanyi’s cheek.——

“This is a reward for you…”

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