Chapter 43: Do you want me to abort the baby?

Although he had kissed Su Ziyang several times, and each of them was all fierce french kisses that usually made the other party gasped for air, Ling Zhanyi felt that a simple and pure kiss akin to a dragonfly skimming through the water surface was the most precious reward he had ever received.

Not counting the night at the club, where Su Ziyang was very open as he fought a fierce battle with him using his tongue, ever since their first meeting in person, he had been hiding whenever he could, escaping at every possible moment. Su Ziyang had never given himself a chance to perform, let alone having intimate contact!

It had been great progress for them to reach this step!

Ling Zhanyi, who was full of happiness, wanted a foot when he only won an inch. “Can I… sleep with…” you at night…

Before he could even finish his sentence, Su Ziyang understood Ling Zhanyi’s intention just by seeing the expression on his face and unhesitatingly said: “No!”

Ling Zhanyi was instantly splashed with cold water. He shrugged his head and whispered an “oh”. His voice was dejected and in a dispirited tone as he said, “Okay then.”

When Su Ziyang saw his disappointed face and felt, somewhat against his conscience. He then added, “The room is well furnished.”

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes instantly lit up: “Really?”

“En.” Su Ziyang nodded. He went up and picked up a set of small clothes and discussed with Ling Zhanyi, “Do you think that little babies can wear clothes with size this big?”

Ling Zhanyi followed up enthusiastically and said, “It should be possible. I heard that babies grew very fast that their stature is changing almost every day. If the clothes are too small, they will soon be unable to wear them.”

“Really?” Su Ziyang tilted his head and compared the little clothes in his hand. “I’ve never seen a newborn child grow up, so I’m not very clear. Have you seen one before?”

“I haven’t really seen one in person, I just heard about it somewhere.” Ling Zhanyi took the baby clothes from Su Ziyang’s hand and half crouched down. He compared it to Su Ziyang’s abdomen and laughed, “Ziyang, our baby is only about four months old, and your belly is already so big, the baby would certainly be very strong!. He will surely be able to wear these clothes.!”

Su Ziyang, however, curled his lips in a reluctant manner: “I don’t want him to grow too big, as it would only make be very difficult to give birth to him. Seems like the next few months will be very hard…” He sighed and caressed his round belly gently. “But he is still growing so fast to the point that I couldn’t sleep for several nights because of him.”

“Ah? Really? Sit down, I’ll have a talk with him and ask him to be more honest in the future, so you won’t have to suffer anymore!” Ling Zhanyi put the little clothes aside and supported Su Ziyang to sit on the bed. He acted as a pillow and let him lean back slightly on his shoulder—— so that he would not press down on his stomach.

“Even if you talk to him, he wouldn’t necessarily listen to you!” Su Ziyang held his stomach as if he was feeling wronged, complaining in a helpless manner. “Sometimes I would feel that my stomach will burst at any moment because of its excessive swelling.”

“Are you sure that it is only swelling? Does it hurt?” Ling Zhanyi also placed his hands on it. Sure enough, he felt that Su Ziyang’s belly was stretched taut. The muscles around it were so tense that even when it was pressed gently, it still felt hard as if the little life inside was fighting against him.

“Hiss一 don’t press ah! It hurts一 “Su Ziyang exclaimed, while he subconsciously struck out an elbow, accurately hitting Ling Zhanyi under his rib, which quickly stopped his actions.

“Does it really hurt? Let’s rush you to the hospital. Let’s go see a doctor to let him do some checkup and see what exactly is causing you pain!” Ling Zhanyi stood up nervously and bent down to gently embrace Su Ziyang in his arms.

Su Ziyang waved his hand and refused, “There is no need to go to the hospital anymore. I roughly know what’s going on.”

“You know what’s going on?” Ling Zhanyi was surprised. “What is going on?”

“I have this mysterious organ in my stomach that could make me conceive. The organ inside of me is not like a woman’s uterus that could be freely expanded to accommodate a growing fetus. For me, it’s very small here and the baby grows up day by day, but it can’t keep up with the growth of the baby. So… Inevitably, there will be swelling and pain…”

Ling Zhanyi’s face was distressed when he heard his words. He sat down again and scooped Su Ziyang into his arms. He also remembered what the doctor said when he had asked him that day, that—— a concealed double constitution… for a man, the success rate of being pregnant is already quite small. If they could successfully be impregnated, then they would have to suffer a lot if they want the child to be born. It’s still better to abort the child. Otherwise, both their lives would be in danger if any accident was to occur.”

“You are already suffering… Why didn’t you abort the baby in the first place?” Ling Zhanyi murmured.

Su Ziyang suddenly straightened up his body. The next moment, he struggled out from Ling Zhanyi’s arms and looked at him with condemnation: “So you want me to abort my baby?”

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  1. Ling Zhanyi, those are the worst words you could’ve said. Now Su Ziyang is going to run away from you again.

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