Chapter 44: The relationship between men and men…

Ling Zhanyi hurriedly shook his head, “No, I was just worried about you… The doctor said that you might face danger during pregnancy because of your unique constitution… So I was just thinking, in the first place, why didn’t you…”

Su Ziyang smiled coldly: “Haven’t I already told you the reason? You just didn’t believe it.”

Looking at Su Ziyang’s expression that was getting colder, Ling Zhanyi inwardly said, Shit! this good atmosphere was destroyed by his previous question.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I remembered the reason you said to me last time, and I do believe it!”

But… the ‘Ling Zhanyi’ in that lifetime and I are of two different worlds after all. What he has done is beyond my control. In short, I am now with all my life, for you to order around as you wish and I promise to never do anything that could possibly wrong you…

Can you also put down your guard and trust me just this once, okay?” Ling Zhanyi was closed to swearing an oath to the heavens because of his helplessness.

“To trust you for this one time?” Su Ziyang raised the corner of his lips, showing an unfathomable enigmatic smile. “To trust you again in this life, but at the cost of my life, can you afford it?”

“Of course! As long as you dare to trust me, I can afford it!” Ling Zhanyi answered decisively.

“…If I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have compromised to let you stay here in my house.” Su Ziyang looked at him for a while and finally relaxed. He leaned back into Ling Zhanyi’s arms and caressed his belly. “Whether this child can be born safely or not is not something I can control, it’s all up to God’s will!”

The relationship he had been trying hard to establish had almost vanished like smoke in thin air, and he was frightened. Ling Zhanyi dared not say anything at random anymore. He decided to just hug him and whispered softly, “It’s going to be all right…”

To know that technology nowadays is very advanced, even if the baby would not be easy to give birth to, there was still a cesarean section… Anyway, he won’t let anything happen to him and the baby…

“By the way, you are here with me all day, don’t you have to work?” Su Ziyang also felt that the topic just now was too heavy, thus, he changed to a lighter topic.

Ling Zhanyi leaned back with him on the quilt: “Nope, I will show up when there is a major decision, usually I don’t have to go to work.”

“All evil capitalists…” Su Ziyang whispered a satire.

Ling Zhanyi laughed and gave him a reassuring pill: “You can rest assured that even if I don’t go to work for a year, I will still have money for you to spend. The cost of food and clothing in the future is all on my hand, so you don’t need to be polite!”

“Who is being polite to you!” Su Ziyang gave him an eye roll. “I must spend away all your property and money! See if you still can be so arrogant!”

“Ziyang, in fact, you really are envious right?” Ling Zhanyi teased him, but then he feared that he would blow his head, so he added, “Rest assured, now you have already become a member of the envy of others. With such a good man like me taking care of you and giving you all my salary, they must be so envious that their eyes had turned red!”

“Tsk – who agrees to you being my husband? You haven’t even passed the appraisal. You are not even considered to be my boyfriend.” Su Ziyang sneered and retorted.

However, Ling Zhanyi did not take it seriously: “We already have a baby, sooner or later, we will be together.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Su Ziyang’s ears were a little red, but his mouth still stuck to his own will and was not willing to admit.

Ling Zhanyi did not tear his facade and only gave a faint smile “Then look and see, I will make you fall in love with me!”

In a trance, Su Ziyang did not speak anymore as he recalled the first car accident.

At that time, his stance was very firm. Ling Zhanyi seemed to have said something like, `Look, you will fall in love with me’. Now he repeated this sentence again… He wondered how long he could hold on to this?

“What would you like for lunch?” Ling Zhanyi asked Su Ziyang, who seemed to be falling asleep in his arms.

“Well… Braised fish.” Su Ziyang dazedly told him the name of the dish, thinking that Luoyang should be done with his cooking at the other side. His cooking was really memorable. Unfortunately, he did not know if Ling Zhanyi knew how to cook a braised fish. Where on earth did he get the dishes he cooked from yesterday? It tasted pretty good too. There weren’t many restaurants with such a homely flavor.

Su Ziyang decided to pretend to be asleep, and then secretly observed Ling Zhanyi.

A moment later, Ling Zhanyi saw Su Ziyang’s breathing getting deeper. He sneaked a kiss on his lips, then carefully supported him and laid him down, covered the quilt, and walked out of the bedroom lightly.

The man on the bed blushed first before he opened his eyes suddenly.

Su Ziyang stretched out his hand and pressed the corner of his lips which had just been kissed. He pouted his lips. Hmph, this bastard only knew how to take advantage of him!

He sat up slowly with his quilt crooked and listened.

Sure enough, Ling Zhanyi went out of the bedroom to make a phone call.
“Hello? Mama Zhang? Haha, It’s me again… Oh, today I want to eat braised fish and make me another sweet and sour fish… Make two more home-cooked dishes… Okay ah, you see what you can do…”

Perhaps the party on the phone was asking him whether he had learned to cook or not. Ling Zhanyi was embarrassed to say, “Ah… That ah… I haven’t finished practicing my knife skills yet. I’ll ask you to teach me when I have time to go home. But maybe it will be a while before I go home. I’ve been busy lately…”

He had been asked about something again, perhaps it was to make fun of him being so mysterious these two days. Was he pursuing girls? Ling Zhanyi laughed and answered, “Yes. I’m chasing my wife! I’ll bring home and show you when I have succeeded… But Zhang Mama, please keep it a secret from my dad and mom, for now, they will mess it up if they know, then I won’t be able to show my charm!”

“Well, it’s rare for you to be so serious about love. This old grandma can’t do anything else, but she’s still very good at cooking. When I’m ready, I’ll let Uncle Li send it to you…” Mama Zhang laughed and put down the phone, wiped her hands on her apron and went into the kitchen again.

In the outskirts of Ling’s villa, Father Ling and Mother Ling looked at each other. Just now, they eavesdropped on Zhang Mama’s phone call and grasped the word “love” accurately.

“Dear, do you think Zhanzhan really fell in love?” Mother Ling dragged her lifelong companion back to the living room and lowered her voice. Although her voice was lowered, it still couldn’t suppress the excitement in her voice.

In the past few months, that brat and Su family’s young mistress had stirred a lot of trouble, which made her and her husband hardly dare to go out of the house.

The Ling family had always been relaxed with their control on Ling Zhanyi, and Zhanyi, that child was extremely independent, so they had even lesser control over him.

Until one day, the Su family came knocking at there door, saying that their daughter was pregnant with their son’s child and was asking them what should be done. The two were really surprised as they did not expect their son could also do such irresponsible things.

Mother Ling was a person who liked children very much. Upon hearing this, the most urgent thing was to promise them first, and then wait until the grandson was born. But that brat refused to marry, he even refused the engagement! That girl in Su family was also a rather skilled person. She went to the media and exposed the scandal. She thought that her son would compromise under the pressure of public opinion. She and Father Ling would then be able to wait to hold their grandson peacefully.

The results were good! Their son was not a fool!, what alibi!, what DNA validation!… A pile of evidence came out, which had made the Su family speechless. For this reason, several contracts in the business field were also lost.

But her son was unconcerned and said, “Was it not that easy to hold your grandchildren? But if it’s not Ling family’s seed, don’t you feel scalded when you hold the child in your arms?” He casually comforted his parents with two sentences and left home leisurely.

Tsk – that stinky brat!

She and Father Ling thought that this brat was definitely not going to be in love and marry in the next two years. When she was bored, she would go shopping, play chess, go fishing and watch TV. It was a very monotonous lifestyle.

However, two days ago, she overheard the mysterious phone call from Zhang Mama who was cooking at home. After that, she made a lot of dishes for the driver to take it out. Only then did she know that those were for her son.

But didn’t that brat like to eat at home? And those dishes were not what he liked to eat!

When they got the chance, they eavesdropped once again. Only then did they know that their son had been hiding a mistress within a golden house outside, and he had not hesitated to put down his stature to please the person…

When Father Ling heard Mother Ling’s question, he also nodded in agreement: “En, I think this guess is reliable!”

“Ah!, Husband, do you think so?!” Mother Ling sat on the sofa with her eyes full of excitement. “I wonder if we can fix this marriage this time… Zhanzhan is too critical of his other half. In fact, I personally think that the last Su family’s girl was very good, good-looking, willing to lay down her dignity and innocence for Zhanzhan. She was also willing to give birth at a young age and could play many underhanded schemes. She can also be a good assistant for Zhanzhan in the business field. How perfect is that!”

“Come on, don’t you fear that someone like that lies in bed with you at night? Plotting all day long, and you don’t know when you’ll be plotted by her too!” In Father Ling’s words, he pointed out sharply the reason why his son had rejected the woman. Obviously, he agreed with his son’s method.

Mother Ling reclined indifferently on the sofa, fiddling with the remote control in her hand: “What you said also makes sense. But these are not important, the important thing is that our son is finally in love, so happy ah! Husband, what day shall we secretly go and see what the future daughter-in-law is like?”

“…” Father Ling looked at his wife and sighed helplessly. “I think it’s better for you to wait at home for your son to show you his wife himself. Which mother-in-law was so anxious that she was not afraid to lose her social status?”

“Don’t you want to know who captured Zhanzhan’s heart?” Mother Ling blinked and asked.

Father Ling suppressed his curiosity and answered, “I don’t want to know. Just let him be!”

“But I’m curious!” Mother Ling was restless. She got up and wandered around. She said fragmentary, “Do you think that the future daughter-in-law will be pregnant before marriage this time too? Ah, the last marriage made Zhanzhan reacted so strongly, maybe not only did he hide a mistress within a golden house, but there was also a son included!”

After that, Mother Ling looked at Father Ling who could not sit still and smiled wickedly: “Husband, you say you are not curious, just see if you want to see. You can follow Uncle Li.”

Father’s Ling face changed and he coughed two times to cover up: “I am not accompanying you?”

“I can go by taxi, without you.” Mother Ling deliberately tore his facade apart.

“You are really not letting me go? Then I’m going back to bed.”

“Don’t ah一” Mother Ling pulled him. “If you go to sleep, nobody will drive for me. Let’s go!”

Father Ling and Mother Ling were discussing to see their future daughter-in-law that her son was hiding secretly. On the other side, Ling Zhanyi hung up the phone and went to the kitchen pretentiously, put on his apron, found a potato, and continued to practice his knife work.

Su Ziyang lay back in bed and stared at the ceiling. He thought to himself that he had called his aunt who was cooking at home for help. No wonder it tasted so good…

But Su Ziyang soon thought of another important thing – Ling Zhanyi just said he wanted to hide this from his parents. From his point of view, the feelings between men and men were still too fragile…


  • hiding a mistress within a golden house : quite explanatory, it a golden house to keep one’s mistress (idiom); a magnificent house built for a beloved woman. Basically. Parent Ling are just using this phrase for the sake of using.
  • Reassuring pill: quite explanatory also, something capable of making one at ease

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