Chapter 45: Almost exposed

Ling Zhanyi practiced his knife skills for a while. When he felt that it was almost time, he went back to check on Su Ziyang in the master bedroom. Seeing that he was deeply asleep, he gently closed the door and took the house key. He opened the front door cautiously so as not to make any unnecessary noise.

Ling Zhanyi went downstairs to throw the trash and picked up the lunchbox from Uncle Li on the way.

Strolling casually until he reached the front gate of the residential area without seeing Uncle Li’s car in sight, Ling Zhanyi entered a convenience store to entertain himself. He was about to buy some snacks and other things to return home and comfort Su Ziyang with them.

Through the window, he suddenly saw a familiar car that was quickly getting closer from afar. Ling Zhanyi stealthily went behind the shelf for cover, carefully hiding with only his head peeking out. As Ling Zhanyi inspected it at a close range, it was indeed his father’s car!

Why did they come to such a place?

Looking around carefully, he found that Uncle Li’s car had just passed by.

Ling Zhanyi took out his phone and called Uncle Li. When the call went through, he whispered, “Uncle Li, did my father followed you out?”

“No ah… I drove out by myself…”

“Look at the back, in the rearview mirror, you can see my dad’s car is trailing behind you.” Ling Zhanyi continued to instruct him, “Regardless, you don’t have to go to the residential area anymore, remember to keep on driving until you get to… En… Drive directly to the company. I’ll be in the office right after you. Anyway, if my parents ask you about my whereabouts up to now, it doesn’t matter what kind of excuse you will make, just please don’t tell them the truth for now, Uncle Li!”

“… All right then.” After all, Uncle Li had watched Ling Zhanyi grew up from a young age and loved him quite dearly. So agreeing to such a small favor did not matter.

Ling Zhanyi breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t be bothered to buy anything at all. After seeing his father’s car passed by, he also hurriedly went out of the convenience store and haled a taxi to get back to the company shortly.

Ling Group’s employees were shocked speechless at the sight of their President wearing home clothes for work today. Moreover, what he’s wearing on his feet seemed to be… Slippers?!

What was… What exactly was going on?

Ling Zhanyi entered his private elevator, pressed down on the floor button of his office and arrived straight in without obstruction.

There was a lounge in his office, and this subsection was where he negotiates and do business. Ling Zhanyi entered the lounge and walked straight into his private office to put on a spare suit. He looked down at the slippers he wore from the little thing’s house and laughed before he changed to his formal, polished shoes. He then fastened his tie, hid the recently worn clothes and slippers into the cabinet before he went out of his private office and sat in his formal office’s lounge chair outside. He pretended to read some documents and his computer was not even switched on.

At the bottom of the building, Father Ling and Mother Ling’s car slowly stopped.

“Ah? Why did the car stop at Zhanzhan’s company? Could it be that the person he likes is actually an employee of his company?” Mother Ling guessed as she saw Uncle Li carrying a large food box while swiftly walking onto the steps and entered the lobby on the first floor of the company.

“Want to go up?” Father Ling asked and quickly changed his mind, saying: “Our son had always linen a clear distinction between public and private interests though. He shouldn’t be a kind of person to do this kind of ‘golden house hiding a mistress’ in the company. Could it be that he just missed Zhang Mama’s food and just wants to eat it himself in the company?”

“Well… What you said also makes sense. If our son found out that we’re sneakily following Uncle Li to check up on him, he might explode in anger. Come on, let’s go home. Let’s just wait for our son to settle things with his wife and bring his wife home in the future!”

“En. But it’s such a rare occasion for us to come out, Wife. I’ll go shopping with you.” Father Ling suddenly proclaimed.

“Eh!….Really? That’s very kind of you, Husband!” Mother Ling had a face full of happiness.

“Before we go shopping, let’s go eat lunch first. What does wife want to eat?”

“En… I’m going to have French cuisine for today!”

“No problem!”

Mother and father Ling quickly left after discussing their ‘date’.

Meanwhile, Ling Zhanyi was still checking on Uncle Li on the other side. “How is it, Uncle Li? Are you here?”

“I’m here. I’ve just entered the lobby.”

“Is my dad following you?”

“He did, but left after a while.”

“What?” Ling Zhanyi got up in surprise. He walked quickly to the large floor to ceiling window and looked down. Sure enough, the familiar car turned away on an intersection in the road and left.

“Phew一” Ling Zhanyi breathed a sigh of relief. These two people really knew how to torture people ah! Fortunately, there was no danger at all despite the scare. He almost thought he was going to get exposed, and that made him nervous all the way.

It’s not that he did not want to introduce Ziyang to his parents, but the time wasn’t too appropriate and he still hadn’t wooed Su Ziyang. If he let Su Ziyang meet his parents right now, he might frighten the sensitive little thing.

Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. It was Zhang Qing, the secretary, who upon knocking, had immediately asked outside, “President Ling, there’s a man called Mr. Li that is looking for you outside. May I invite him in?”

“Come in!” Ling Zhanyi adjusted his expression and spoke in a cold tone.

Zhang Qing led the person in and took some time to look at Ling Zhanyi who was inside. Just now, the president rushed in underdressed and it really scared her. The president had always been calm and indifferent. This was the first time she had seen him in such a panic and anxious state. He even came wearing home clothes. Could it be that he came to work straight from his girlfriend’s home?

“Uncle Li, please sit down.” Ling Zhanyi ordered, “Xiao Qing, pour a cup of coffee.”


After Zhang Qing left, Ling Zhanyi urgently said, “Uncle Li, was matter exposed?”

“I don’t know either. I didn’t even realize it until you called me and asked me if the master’s car was following behind me. I was really shocked.”

“Maybe it’s my mother. She loves to eavesdrop on other people’s phone conversation after all.” Ling Zhanyi guessed and went around to Uncle Li to pick up the food box. “But thank you Uncle Li, and I’m sorry for you having you to go around in circles.”

“It’s all right. It’s not that far. If you have nothing else to instruct, then I’ll go back first. Go and do your business.” Uncle Li rose to his feet.

“Ah… Don’t go away yet Uncle Li, why don’t you drink a cup of coffee before you leave.”

“No need, you surely would not be able to sit still any longer. Haha, being a young man… That’s good…” Uncle Li saw Ling Zhanyi frequently looked at his watch, so he could not help but joke. Before he opened the door, he lifted his hand into a fist, vigorously shaking it and said, “All the best!”

Zhang Qing just poured a cup of coffee over and saw him leaving. She couldn’t help but ask, “Is Mr. Li leaving?”

“En, yes. I’ve troubled you little girl, the coffee…… you can just help me drink it!” Uncle Li waved his hand and went up at the elevator to take his leave.

With a sigh, Zhang Qing looked back at the piled papers on her desk. She put down the coffee and knocked at the door with the piles of papers in her arms.

Ling Zhanyi was using a bag to pack the home clothes he had just changed. He would have to change into them after he went home later. He couldn’t always keep wearing the suit, could he?

Hearing the knock at the door, Ling Zhanyi came out of the lounge and opened the door. “Uncle Li, what’s wrong?”

After calling the names, he realized that it was Zhang Qing who was standing at the door. Ling Zhanyi was stunned. “Xiao Qing? Oh, by the way, no need to make the coffee anymore, the person had already left. I will be going out later, if someone asks for me, help me push it off for a while. Any cooperation of any sort will be postponed for further discussion!”

“President Ling, even if you are busy, you should sign the documents at the very least. The marketing department, the finance department, and the sales department are all urging you to sign the contract. Otherwise, they will not be able to proceed with the next process. Well, you haven’t been here for days. You’ve piled up so much work.”

Ling Zhanyi looked at the stack of documents in Zhang Qing’s arms and wanted to say,’ You signed them for me’, but his sense of responsibility did not allow him to do such irresponsible things. He had no choice but to compromise and said, “‘Well, I’ll sign these contracts before I go.”

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