Chapter 47: The Coexistence Model of These Happy Little Two

Ling Zhanyi was busy doing his work while counting the time. When he felt that Su Ziyang was almost finished with his meal, he made another phone call. The result was that no one answered!

Under this helplessness, Ling Zhanyi could only send a text message: “Honey, is the food appetizing? There are some matters in my company that needed to be taken care of. You should rest at home and don’t run around. This is my number. Remember to keep it in your phone. Anything that you need, you can contact me at any time. Love you, MUA ~”

Su Ziyang finally saw it this time. In fact, he had guessed who the other party was when the phone kept on ringing in succession. However, his mischievous mind made him want to play with Ling Zhanyi by not answering his calls.

—— Who told that fellow to pretend he could cook when he couldn’t? Well, there was no need to think about it. This guy called him to show off and ingratiate with himself. He surely did not want to entertain him!

But since that the phone calls had not been answered, the text message still needed to be replied, so Su Ziyang lazily picked up the phone, read the text message, and returned a word: “Oh.”

Ling Zhanyi who had just finished signing a document suddenly heard the phone rang. He hurriedly threw his pen and grabbed his cell phone. After he clicked on his inbox and he saw the word “oh” under the name “Baby”, his hot blood was similar to getting poured by a basin of cold water. Oh, no, it’s not just cold water, but it was ice cold water, that was frozen to more than a dozen degrees below zero!

—— President Ling, who had lost his breath, had forgotten that zero was the freezing point, and that of a dozen degrees below zero was not water, but hard ice!

He took a deep breath and suppressed the sadness welling in his heart. Ling Zhanyi continue to write a long and lively message. “Are you full? Don’t wash any dishes and chopsticks. Put them aside and go back to rest, I will clear them up. If you’re sleepy, then sleep a little longer. If you’re bored, watch TV. Remember to stay away from cellphones and don’t play with computers. Computers has radiation, which is not good for the baby. Ah, by the way, when it comes to radiation, I’ll buy you some baby clothes that could shield the radiation after work in the evening, so you can occasionally play with the computer. What color do you like?”

Su Ziyang answered, “What about dinner? I’ve finished lunch… Just full.”

Ling Zhanyi was very happy to receive Su Ziyang’s reply this time, but he wanted to vomit blood when he saw the content. But on second thought, this was a serious problem, so he had to reply patiently: “I will send you dinner. Of course, I’ll try to get home before dinner. Honey, I see that most of your clothes are light colored, so I will make the decision and buy the clothes myself.”

“For dinner, I’d like fried meat with garlic moss, fried meat with plum vegetable and braised tofu.” Su Ziyang continued to give orders, this time with a mischievous smile on his lips.

Ling Zhanyi was already used to this and promised obediently, “Okay, no problem. You can eat anything you want. Remember, don’t play the computer, and don’t go out. I’m not assured if you go out alone.”

“Good.” This time, Su Ziyang finally returned a normal text message. After some pondering, he added another sentence: “You work hard and don’t lose your concentration.”

Ling Zhanyi responded with an elated reply: “I’ll obey your orders, Wife!”
Su Ziyang saw the word “Wife” and muttered, “You are not allowed to enter the door tonight!”

Should we say that heaven had eyes or was it no eyes? Poor Ling Zhanyi left work at 8 o’clock. He went to the mall and bought some radiation-proof clothes first. Fortunately, the mall closed at 9 o’clock. When he drove home, he felt for his pocket at the door. It was then did he remembered that he had forgotten to take the bag with his home clothes in his office because he was in a hurry to get back. The key was still there!

Dinner was delivered at six o’clock. Ling Zhanyi looked at his watch. At this point, the person inside must have already gone to bed.

With a trying mentality, Ling Zhanyi pressed the doorbell and called softly, “Honey, I’m back. Open the door for me. My key is in the office!”

Su Ziyang, who was on the bed heard the doorbell rang, he hugged the quilt in a daze and covered his head.

Pressing the doorbell was no good, so, Ling Zhanyi started to call again. However—— Su Ziyang was very obediently and had thrown his phone on the far away table before he went to sleep.

Prevent radiation exposure right!

Ling Zhanyi tried to ring the doorbell several times again. Su Ziyang hummed twice, and finally woke up.

He switched on the light, rubbed his eyes and looked at his watch. He found that it was later than nine o’clock. He listened to it for a while, and sure enough, the doorbell rang again.

Su Ziyang sat up slowly and put on his shoes with a thin blanket covering him. He yawned and walked out, but his steps were very small.

Coming back at such a late time, I’ll let you stand outside a little longer!

Ling Zhanyi waited for a long time without getting any reply. He sighed helplessly before turning around with a pile of things in his arms. Now he could only go back to the company to pick up the keys again. The little thing was sleeping so heavily that he could not be woken up at all.

After pressing for the elevator, Ling Zhanyi stood at the entrance of the elevator and waited. Very few people took the elevator at this timing. It was not before long that the elevator reached the seventh floor.

As soon as he stepped into the elevator, at the other side, Su Ziyang opened the door.

Su Ziyang vaguely saw someone enter the elevator, so he could not help but shouted: “Ling Zhanyi?”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned at first. Then he rushed out of the closed elevator door and dropped the two bags of clothes in his hand. He kept saying, “It’s me, Ziyang, don’t close the door!”

Su Ziyang yawned again. When he was done with his yawning, Ling Zhanyi had already ran back and was squeezing into the door with a smile. “Ziyang, you finally heard the doorbell!”

“En… Where’s your key?” Su Ziyang looked at him and turned back lazily with his eyes squinted. He muttered, “So sleepy… Ha一yah…”

Ling Zhanyi looked at this fellow who did not turn on the living room light and had opened the door in the darkness. He was scared for a moment; he closed the door, locked the anti-theft door, and then pulled Su Ziyang. “Wait a minute, I’ll turn on the light. It’s dark. What if you tripped over and the inevitable happens! Be obedient and wait!”

Su Ziyang was shocked by his stern tone and he stood still. Ling Zhanyi carefully went to the front of the switch to turn on the light through the crack of the main sleeping door. Then he threw his clothes bag on the sofa and returned to help Su Ziyang: “Okay, I will help you go back to the room.”

Seeing Su Ziyang acting like he was aware of his surroundings had Ling Zhanyi laughing and also feeling heartache for him. This was so much that Ling Zhanyi secretly decided that next time he must have more keys to avoid this situation, even if this happened again, he should return to the company at the first moment to get the keys.

He was a little reluctant to wake up the little sleeper. Look, he came out with……. his eyes narrowed and his blanket draped, eh? Wait a minute. It’s actually… Er… not wearing any clothes!

—— Sleeping naked?!

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes almost flew out!

He swallowed his saliva and suppressed his heart’s desires. Finally, he helped Su Ziyang, who was dazed, to the master’s bedroom and covered him with his quilt. Su Ziyang soon fell asleep, leaving Ling Zhanyi standing alone beside the bed, pulling his tie gloomily. He sighed with a grain of disappointment —— could see but could not eat. It’s a real disappointment ah!

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