Chapter 48: To the point of taking a cold bath

However, although he could not eat, stealing a few mouthfuls of meat was also good.

Ling Zhanyi quietly took out his loose tie, put down his coat and knelt on his knees. He sat on the bed, with his hands on both sides of Su Ziyang’s body before he leaned down slightly and kissed him gently on the lips.

The kiss did not carry any aggression. It was simply a tentative touch.

Ling Zhanyi raised his head slightly. He looked at the sleeping Su Ziyang that had his eyes closed and his lip slightly puckered. His heart had gone soft.

He pulled out a faint smile and bent over to kiss Su Ziyang’s eyebrows, cheeks, clavicles… Eventually, a gentle kiss on Su Ziyang’s bulging abdomen.

“En…” Su Ziyang mumbled as he raised one of his hands subconsciously, and covered his tummy with his hands.

Ling Zhanyi’s smiles went even deeper; This must be Ziyang subconsciously protecting their child in his sleep right?

How blissful was this…

Although initially, Ling Zhanyi was only curious to find the man who had a night of passion with him, somehow, Ziyang still attracted himself, shifting his gaze bit by bit onto him until it was reluctant to move.

Ah… It was unexpected that Ling Zhanyi had such a day like this.

——To mobilize all his enthusiasm for one person’s happiness, anger, and joy.

This… was this love?

He would not go away until he found the answer.

“… Hmm… I want meat… I want meat…” Su Ziyang muttered in his dream. Who knew what he was dreaming about? His lips were half-open and half-closed, leaving a glimmer of his saliva.

Ling Zhanyi laughed and his exhaustion disappeared into thin air like smoke leaving without a trace at this moment; he was completely satiated. He removed his shirt before he turned off the light. He sat down by the bed, took off his shoe, kept it and then went to bed.

Who said that if you move your luggage to the second bedroom, you must go to the second bedroom to sleep? Today’s opportunity was rare, he must take advantage of this little thing and sleep with him in the same bed. If he did not seize the opportunity, he would surely regret it in the future.

Ling Zhanyi lay beside him, with his long arm stretched out. He avoided Su Ziyang’s abdomen, and carefully wrapped him in his arms. He kissed his eyebrows, gently said ‘Goodnight’, before pulling over the quilt to cover both of them. He closed his eyes and went to sleep in satisfaction.

To be able to embrace the person you cared most about to sleep, it could be considered a blissful thing right?

While he was sleeping, Ling Zhanyi felt that the man in his arms had rolled into his chest and found a more comfortable position to stick on. The warm breath on his chest was almost fatal!

When he woke up, Ling Zhanyi was feeling somewhat hot and it was unbearable. He wanted to turn over but dared not to, so he could only sneakily touched Su Ziyang a little to solve his hunger.

Maybe it would be a wise choice to sleep in the second bedroom for the time being? Otherwise, when he fell asleep in such a position, he could not help to want to do something. It was a painful thing for him to be aroused and not being able to release.

He was still at a young age; what if this suffocation caused him to be impotent?

It was not easy to stay up until dawn. Ling Zhanyi got out of bed and decided to take a cold shower.——

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