Chapter 49: Get out! Lao Zi wants to do Big Business!

Listening to the sound of running water, a certain someone who was sleeping soundly kicked the quilt and opened his eyes in confusion.

Hmm… Seems like it was daybreak already?

Su Ziyang had long forgotten about Ling Zhanyi’s return last night. He subconsciously thought that no one had come back. At the moment, he heard the sound of water in the bathroom. He woke up gradually and thought to himself: Did he forgot to turn off the tap last night?

No, if he did not turn off the tap, then why didn’t he notice it when he went to bed last night?

Su Ziyang took his clothes and wore them absent-mindedly. He got out of bed, put on his shoes and walked out.

Every morning when he got up, he had a habit of solving his physiological problem, that was—— going to the toilet.

When the main bedroom door was opened, the sound of the water stopped and Su Ziyang yawned. He wondered whether Ling Zhanyi had returned last night or not as he walked slowly to the bathroom.

—— His house was not a luxury villa, therefore, the bathroom was the washroom and the washroom was the bathroom. Naturally, the toilet bowl was also in the bathroom.

The light in the bathroom was on and Su Ziyang heard the sound of humming in the bathroom. He opened the door in surprise. As a result, his eyes widened.

Ling Zhanyi!

He did come back last night! Su Ziyang was somewhat annoyed when he vaguely remembered that he seemed to have opened the door for him.

At that time, he thought it was a dream and didn’t think it all real. If he had known, he would not have opened the door.

Look, this president did not treat himself as an outsider at all. He stood in the bathroom naked as he washed himself.

“You, what are you doing?” Ling Zhanyi actually heard Su Ziyang’s coming long ago. When he pushed the door open, he covered his chest in surprise and joked, “Take responsibility after you are done seeing!”

“Get out of here…” Su Ziyang laughed and scolded, “Besides, did you cover up the wrong place? Only women cover their chest…” During the conversation, Su Ziyang began to look down. When he saw Ling Zhanyi’s little brother greeting himself, he immediately made a big red face.

Ling Zhanyi said as he applied the bath lotion to his body, “You saw it, you saw it, you must be responsible!”

“Nonsense, how could I not see when you’re standing naked in my bathroom? You let me see it by yourself. Who told you not to cover there just now ” Su Ziyang blushed only for a second. He soon stared at Ling Zhanyi with impunity.

Needless to say, he and Ling Bastard did not have time to carefully observe each other that day when they were making love. This fellow was in good shape…

The appreciation soon became jealousy. Su Ziyang gritted his teeth – hell! How could a person who sat in an office all day had such a good figure?!

No reason ah, no reason. He used to run around with his photography equipment when he worked. As a result, the more he ran, the thinner he became; he just could not exercise into an envious good looking body…

“What would you look at if I covered it up? Look, you are drooling! “

Su Ziyang subconsciously wiped the corners of his mouth but realised that he was being played when he notice Ling Zhanyi laughing back and forth. He stared at Ling Zhanyi fiercely, thinking in his mind to find something to throw and smash at him!

Laugh? You are still laughing?!

Ling Zhanyi look at him and saw that although his clothes were not properly worn, what should be worn were still worn. He was disappointed: “Ziyang, why did you wear so much in this early morning? Why not remove them and wash together with me? I can clean your body for you. Speaking of which… It is really inconvenient to not have a bathtub at home.”

If he had a bathtub, he could cuddle and plaster himself out with the tofu openly…

Well, the shower was good too. Who said that standing up meant that he could not take advantage of it?

“Get out of here if you mind. Nobody asked you to take a shower at my house.” Su Ziyang ‘Hmph’ and urged, “Don’t dally any more. Hurry and shower, I want to use the toilet!”

Use the toilet?

Ling Zhanyi took a look at the toilet next to him and immediately realized that—— oh, the bathroom and toilet in their house were in the same room!

After realizing that, Ling Zhanyi began to laugh and say, “You come in and do your business. I don’t need to use the water now. It won’t splash onto you. Ah, wait a minute. It’s better if I give you a hand. The bathroom has water. It’s slippery and you can fall easily.” After a pause, Ling Zhanyi said, “Or you just stand at the door and pee. It’s okay to pee all over me. Anyway, I’m taking a bath. I’m not afraid of it…”

Su Ziyang remembered how he urinated on this bastard’s hand from his past life when he did the urine test. He chuckled but it was quickly replaced with an unsightly looking complexion as he urged him, “Why are you talking so much nonsense? Hurry shower yourself and come out! I can hardly hold myself back!”

“Ziyang, are you shy? Whom do you think you are talking to? Just pee there!” Ling Zhanyi teased Su Ziyang and looked at his bulging stomach, before he suddenly said, “Oh, is it not convenient for you to bend down and take out your little brother? Then I’ll help you.”

“Lao Zi don’t need your help! Get out of here! Lao Zi wants to do his big business!”

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