Chapter 50: The Hungry Wolf’s Expression

With that sentence, Su Ziyang almost roared out.

Ling Zhanyi was stunned at first, but then he laughed even more. He went up to help Su Ziyang and he said with a smile, “It’s all right. Big business is it. Come in, I don’t mind you being smelly.”

“Lao Zi disdains you for being annoying!” Su Ziyang shook off his hand. He gritted his teeth and said, “Can’t you come out? If you don’t then move out!”

Ling Zhanyi instantly withered; this sentence was too destructive. He dare not make any more effort to tease Su Ziyang, who was already blown up his hair. He could only come out of the bathroom with shampoo foam around his body: “Okay, you wash up first——”

“…” Looking at how he came out naked, Su Ziyang’s expression changed. Ling Zhanyi blinked innocently and looked back.

“Get rid of the foam first. Hurry up!” Su Ziyang did not turn his head back and urged.

“No need, you can go first.” Ling Zhanyi was modest.

“Are you showering or not?” Su Ziyang raised his eyebrows.

“…Showering, showering. Wait a minute, I’ll be ready soon! ” Ling Zhanyi returned to the bathroom and turned on the sprinkler head. He washed the foam on his body absent-mindedly; there was foam on his head but with his nonchalantly washing, it wasn’t washed cleanly at all. He went in hurriedly and went out hurriedly and then smiled at Su Ziyang. “Okay, Ziyang, you go!”

Su Ziyang stepped into the bathroom. Ling Zhanyi spread his arms behind him carefully and told him, “Go slowly. Be careful not to slip. I’ll get someone to redecorate the floor of the bathroom, so as to prevent it from being slippery. Otherwise, I won’t feel safe if you go in and out of the bathroom alone when I’m not at home.”

“Okay, let’s talk about it later. Get dressed, don’t catch a cold.” Su Ziyang went in carefully and avoided the wet patches on the ground. Fortunately, his slippers were non-slippery. When he saw that Ling Zhanyi was still following him, Su Ziyang threw a towel at him. “Why don’t you go out ah!?”

Ling Zhanyi grabbed the towel he had thrown. His heart was full of sweetness; Ziyang still cared about him.

So Big President Ling obediently exited from the bathroom and thoughtfully closed the door to Su Ziyang: “You shit well…”

“Go to hell一” Su Ziyang almost threw the toilet paper.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Ling Zhanyi laughed, “I’ll listen to whatever you ask me to do, but I’m afraid I can’t promise to die ah.”

Su Ziyang sat on the toilet. Across the door, he could see Ling Zhanyi still standing there. He felt angry and embarrassed in his heart. How could he do his business ah? This was really annoying!

“You haven’t cooked breakfast yet! Didn’t you learn how to make steamed eggs? I’ll have two bowls later. Two bowls!” Su Ziyang was going to divert this bastard away.

Ling Zhanyi rubbed away the water on his body outside and chuckled at his words: “Ziyang, you are so cute, you are actually discussing breakfast in the toilet…”

Su Ziyang was too lazy to argue with him again. He supported his cheeks lightly and said, “I’ve been sitting for a long time and I’m not feeling well. Let’s see what you can do!”

Ling Zhanyi wiped his hair, then silently lifted the corner of his lips ——Haughty because of one’s master’s love and indulgence! This little thing really knew how to look for his weakness!

Well, he teased him enough. If he continued on, this little thing would really fall out with him.

Ling Zhanyi said, “I’ll dress and make breakfast. Walk slowly when you come out, or you can ask me to help you.”

I am not disabled! Su Ziyang muttered in his heart, but he was lazy so he only replied, “I know -“

Ling Zhanyi shook his head helplessly and turned back to the second bedroom.

At last, Su Ziyang took a breath of relief and began to make himself comfortable and did his business.

It was really tiring to have such a chaotic morning!

Ling Zhanyi put on his clothes and went to the kitchen. He put on his apron and began to make a loving breakfast.

After flushing the toilet, Su Ziyang stood at the washstand and began to wash.

Looking at the paired cups, he smiled softly before squeezing the toothpaste and began to brush his teeth.

After brushing his teeth and washing his face, Su Ziyang saw that his hair in disorder and suddenly realized that he hadn’t washed his hair for close to four or five days.

After touching a handful of hair and sniffing it under his nose, Su Ziyang pouted his mouth. Well, it smelled a little bad. It’s almost summer and everyone perspired easily. It’s time to wash his hair more diligently.

He tried the water of the sprinkler and found it was hot enough for him to wash his hair. Su Ziyang decided to wash his hair before breakfast was ready.

It’s just… Su Ziyang felt a little laborious when he bent over to wash at the sink.

—— Bending down would press on his abdomen and that made him uncomfortable. It was a torment to wash his hair like that.

Su Ziyang tried to part his two legs a little, thinking that this should be able to alleviate the sense of repression?

As a result, his feet slipped, and he was so frightened that he grabbed the sink quickly. He never dared to make any weird movement again.

The heart was still beating violently, and Su Ziyang was stunned for a long while before his heartbeat slowed down.

That was close! He was scared to death just now! Looking down at the clothes that were wet, Su Ziyang had an idea; Just stand and wash your hair, just like the usual shower. Anyway, the clothes were wet, at most he would have to change to another set of clothes later.

Su Ziyang, who had made up his mind, could not bother removing his clothes. He straightened up and began to wash his hair with the spray. The water ran down his cheek and soaked his collar. The water at his nape also poured into his collar, staining his back.

When he was done washing the shampoo foam on his hair, his whole body was wet through.

Su Ziyang picked up his top and threw it into the washing machine beside him. The bottom pants were also removed, but it was stuck at his ankle.

—— Now that the clothes were all wet, he should just take a shower!

Although this look was somewhat… different, Su Ziyang now dared not let his feet leave the ground casually no matter how hard it was to wash himself. He then called Ling Zhanyi to help him.

Ling Zhanyi was not surprised when he heard the water rushing in the bathroom. He turned off the fire and went out of the kitchen suspiciously. He went straight to the bathroom: “Ziyang? What are you doing?”

Su Ziyang was concentrating on applying body wash and answered subconsciously, “Showering ah…”

Taking a shower?!

Ling Zhanyi’s face sank: Why are you showering at this time? You didn’t shower with me when I was washing up just now. This is really…

“Let me help you!” Ling Zhanyi said and pushed the door open.

Only then did Su Ziyang realize whom he had just talked to and he cried, “Don’t come in –“

But it was too late. Ling Zhanyi opened the door and watched Su Ziyang’s weird “posture” first before enjoying it. Then his sight stagnated and fell on the shiny and smooth back. Then his eyes slowly crept down and settled on the curves.——

Subconsciously swallowing his saliva, President Ling’s eyes involuntarily issued the same glint as a hungry wolf!

Want to overwhelm him and eat ah——

This lecher!

Su Ziyang naturally saw Ling Zhanyi’s expression and the suspicious drooling of saliva. Without thinking, he sprayed the water directly at Ling Zhanyi.——

Ling Zhanyi didn’t evade at all. On the contrary, it was exactly what he wanted.

If he was wet, he would have a good reason to shower together and be mandarin ducks with Su Ziyang.

After spraying, Su Ziyang regretted it.

Because Ling Zhanyi’s narrow eyes were full of successful laughter.

Sure enough, the next moment, the bastard stepped inside the bathroom, and closed the door of the bathroom.——

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