Chapter 52: Dizziness, sore throat, runny nose…

Ling Zhanyi rushed out in spite of his naked and unwashed state. However, he had only just moved in, so how would he know where Su Ziyang’s bath towel was? He had already turned over the box and emptied the cabinet yet he still failed to find it, so he took his own.

He swiftly wrapped Su Ziyang and then circled the huge bath towel twice wrapping the person like a dumpling 一 of course, this was a pregnant dumpling.

“Let’s go to your room to quickly cover yourself up with a quilt. I’ll feed you later.” Ling Zhanyi spoke as he helped him out.

Su Ziyang frowned and remained in place. “I haven’t removed my bottom pants yet! I can’t walk.”


When Ling Zhanyi remembered about how he saw Su Ziyang posing that weird posture before, just like a child peeing, he almost laughed out loud.

A picture suddenly flashed through his mind一 their naked son preparing to jump off the toilet with his trousers huddled at his ankles. The little boy would slowly come up to him like a penguin and faced his back towards him. His soft voice shouting, “Daddy~ wipe! 一”

A weird smile climbed onto Ling Zhanyi’s lips, making him look a little silly.

Su Ziyang naturally did not know that the person next to him was imagining things about his life with his son. Su Ziyang actually thought that he was laughing at him after seeing Ling Zhanyi’s smiling face. His face flushed red and he glared at Ling Zhanyi: “What are you laughing about? It was inconvenient for me to bend down. The floor was so slippery, so I don’t dare to lift my feet, else… What if I fall?”

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re right. That’s the way it should be. I’ll do everything for you.” Ling Zhanyi said as he squatted down to help Su Ziyang, “I’ll help you lift it off. You hold my head. En, that’s it. Come on, raise your left foot first… En, good. Raise your right foot…”

Although Ling Zhanyi managed to touch Su Ziyang’s calves this time, he did not have any greedy thoughts as the sneezes from Su Ziyang had truly scared him.

Su Ziyang’s pants were quickly stripped down. Ling Zhanyi raised his head and smile at him, saying; “It’s done, I’ll carry you back?”

“No need, you’re barefooted yourself. The floor is slippery. I’m afraid you’ll slip and.throw me off. You can just support me.” Su Ziyang moved his body around, “Why did you wrap me so tightly? Loosen it up a bit.”

“I’ll follow your orders!” Ling Zhanyi carefully and cautiously supported the man back to the room. He also cleaned his body, sat him down and covered him with a blanket. After which, he found a dry towel to wipe Su Ziyang’s hair. “Next time, don’t shower by yourself, call me by the time you want to shower so I can help you.”

“I will not call you, this pervert!” Su Ziyang pouted. The towel on his head blocked his sight, so he simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the service provided by Ling Zhanyi. “I order you to make the bathroom anti-slippery as soon as possible! So that I could quickly shower by myself in the future.”

Ling Zhanyi’s hands that were wiping his hair paused for a moment. His expression was a little despondent.

His feeling about this matter was quite contradictory. If the bathroom was not anti-slippery, he would be able to wash with Su Ziyang and take advantage of him along the way, eating a bit of tofu to alleviate his appetite. However, he wouldn’t be rest assured, if by chance, Su Ziyang would feel like taking a bath and he was not at home.

If the floor was changed to anti-slippery, this little thing would surely distance himself a thousand miles away from him. Su Ziyang would not let him serve him, wouldn’t that be really boring!

But on second thought, Ling Zhanyi felt relieved. again. For him to be able to walk to this step so smoothly to this day just showed that Ziyang’s heart was not entirely without him, he was just lacking a bit of confidence and trust towards him. Thus, he must continue to make great efforts to open his heart thoroughly!

“Did you heard what I told you?” Su Ziyang did not get any reply after a while, so he quickly chased him for answers.

Didn’t Ling Zhanyi say he would transform the floor into a non-slippery floor? Why wasn’t he talking now?

“I heard it. I’ll change it as soon as possible.”

When Ling Zhanyi felt that he was almost done wiping, he changed it to another towel and draped it on Su Ziyang’s hair. “Let this towel absorb the water.”

“En. You should wash yourself out again!” Su Ziyang couldn’t bear to look directly at this naked maniac! Since just now, he had been shaking around in front of him in this manner.

He really did not pay attention to his image at all!

Do you really have to show your figure off like this, do you? Hmph!

Ling Zhanyi nodded: “Then you will have to endure for a little while more. I’ll go and serve you dinner right away.”

When Ling Zhanyi returned to the bathroom, the water in the showerhead had already completely cold. He took a cold shower and then went back to his room for a change of clothes. On the way to the kitchen, he probed to see Su Ziyang’s current state, who was wrapped in a quilt in his master bedroo.m and He stared at him and asked, “Are you hungry? I’ll feed you at once!”

When he reached for the steamed egg, he was too anxious and burned his hands carelessly. He threw down the bowl in a hurry. He quickly rushed to the refrigerator to cool his hand with the ice. After feeling better, he then looked for the heat-insulating gloves to serve the steamed egg.

When Su Ziyang heard all kinds of banging sounds in the kitchen, he asked out of worry, “Are you all right? You wouldn’t accidentally break the bowl, will you?”

“No, no, I’m about done!” Ling Zhanyi felt the bowl and the temperature was just right. He grabbed for a spoon and stuck it inside the steamed egg. Finally, he brought the belatedly loving breakfast to Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang was just about to lift the quilt wrapped around him when Ling Zhanyi stopped him and said, “Don’t move I will feed you!”

“It’s not like I don’t have hands…” Su Ziyang muttered, but he still sat there obediently, waiting for Ling Zhanyi to feed him.

Anyway, he’s already tired enough. His waist and abdomen felt sore, especially his stomach… There was some dull pain echoing. Inside the bedding, his hand rested on his lower abdomen to rubbed it gently.

When Ling Zhanyi concentrated on feeding Su Ziyang, his expression was really meticulous and serious.

Su Ziyang took a bite of the steamed egg he had handed over and his eyes flowed over Ling Zhanyi’s face.

In fact, the dish was not as good as the bowl of steamed egg that Ling Zhanyi had brought with him last time. This time though, it seemed that the time and temperature were not well grasped well enough and there was some lingering burnt taste. As he looked at how Ling Zhanyi was feeding him so thoughtfully and of how his expression appeared very eager yet hesitant like一 he was afraid that his cooking was not good enough.

Therefore, Su Ziyang did not say anything and quietly ate the steamed egg. Looking over Ling Zhanyi’s still dripping, wet hair, Su Ziyang pulled out his hand that was wrapped in the quilt. He pulled down the towel on his head and covered it on Ling Zhanyi’s head. His eyes twinkled as he said, “Wipe your hair too!”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned at first before he showed a brilliant smile: “Okay~!”

He rubbed his hair happily before he was reminded of Su Ziyang,’s sneezes in the bathroom. He could not help asking, “How do you feel now? Are there any discomforts? Do you feel dizzy?”

Su Ziyang shook his head: “Not dizzy, but my stomach feels a little uncomfortable…”

“What?!” Ling Zhanyi stood up. “Why didn’t you say early when your stomach felt unwell?”

“What’s wrong? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“It’s’ all right, the baby must be hungry, plus I stood for a quite a long while… So it’s not very comfortable…” Su Ziyang whispered, then he took a glance at him, And Ling Zhanyi was indeed a little remorseful.

“Sorry, I was too impulsive, next time I will not do that to you, Ziyang, you…, you won’t blame me for this, will you?”

“… Hmm…… See your performance…” Su Ziyang gave a sly smile and leaned back. “Well, you’ve been tormenting me around all morning. I want to sleep a little longer. Go back to the company. You must have a lot of work to do, considering how you came back so late last night.”

“That’s all right. If you’re not feeling well, remember to call me.” Ling Zhanyi imposed these two sentences and then covered Su Ziyang with the quilt. He probed his forehead and asked if he was really okay several times and then if he had a stomach ache again, they had to go to the hospital for an examination. Only when Su Ziyang answered that he was okay that Ling Zhanyi felt relieved.

He went to the kitchen and drank the rest of the steamed egg. Ling Zhanyi gulped it away. How come it tasted so terrible? It tastes’s was really awful. It was so hard for him to finish it. Why didn’t the little thing make fun of him but instead, had obediently drunk it up?

He frowned in surprise and thought for a while. Ling Zhanyi suddenly realized that it was… Ziyang was being considerate for his sake!

Ling Zhanyi went to the company and asked people to contact a furnishing company. He made an appointment for them to decorate the floor at his home at the weekend and then called Zhang Mama to prepare lunch.

Father Ling and Mother Ling naturally did not let this matter go. Staring at each other quietly, both of them thought that it was time for them to interrogate their son. Why had he made Zhang Mama cook and send it to him, but he wouldn’t even come home to eat!

Of course, it was just that they were not bored enough to have to get to the bottom of this matter.

The meal was still sent to Ling Zhanyi’s company. Ling Zhanyi looked at his watch. At 11:30, he could go home to have lunch with Ziyang after reviewing several contracts. His heart was felt very invigorated.

At 11:40, Ling Zhanyi received a call from his baby. He was very happy that the little thing would call him voluntarily. He quickly rushed to answer, wondering whether it would be better to call him baby or wife? As a result, before he could even speak, his face collapsed with defiance and worry.

—— On the phone, Su Ziyang’s voice held a strong nasal sound, and there was a trace of grievance in it: “Ling Zhanyi, I have a cold… my head feels dizzy, my throat feels sore and my nose is runny. I can’t sleep well even if I want to…”

“When will you come back? I feel so bad…”

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