Chapter 53: The future daughter-in-law is pregnant?!

When would he go back? Naturally, it would be now! Immediately! Right off!

Ling Zhanyi could not be bothered to review his documents anymore. He quickly walked out of the office with his lunch box and headed straight for the elevator.

“Is there a thermometer at home? Do you measure and check if your temperature is high?” Ling Zhanyi then dismissed his own words. “Forget it, you be obedient and lie still, I’ll go back right away!”

“It’s all your fault!” Su Ziyang sniffed and his mucus was running down again. He grabbed the paper towel on the bedside and cleaned away them away. However, he still felt flustered from having his nose blocked, so, he directed his anger at Ling Zhanyi, “It’s all your fault for being so crazy in the morning! I can’t take any random medicine now. I felt terrible to the bone…”

Without needing Su Ziyang to scold him, Ling Zhanyi was already feeling regretful. Now that he was hearing this little thing’s nasal sounding complaints, he felt even more distressed: “I’m not good, I’m not good, you bear with it a little while more, I’ll be home soon!”

Ling Zhanyi quickly stepped out of the elevator and ran to the parking lot. He did not forget to tell him: “Is there no medicine for cold at home? Look for some and consume them first?”

“It’s easy for you to say that. I can’t take any random medicine in my current situation! It would be bad if it affects the fetus.” Su Ziyang sighed. “I won’t talk to you anymore. I have a headache. I’ll lie down for a while.”

When Ling Zhanyi heard the beeping in the phone, he knew that the other party had hung up the call. He could only get in the car first and put the lunch box in the back seat. He put on his bluetooth headset and dialed Zhang Mama before he closed the door. He started the car and waited for her to answer while he drove.

“Young Master? What’s wrong? Is the food not appetizing?” As Ling Zhanyi had been disturbing her these few days, she had gotten used to it.

“Zhang Mama, I have something to ask you.” Ling Zhanyi pondered before he spoke. “What should pregnant people do when they have a cold? It seems that they can’t take medicine casually for fear of affecting the fetus. Is there anything they can do about it?”

“Pregnancy? Pregnant?!” Zhang Mama was shocked and she thought in her heart: Didn’t he just started chasing the person? He scored a home run so fast? Young people nowadays ah, was really accustomed to having a quick combat battle ah!

“Zhang Mama…” Ling Zhanyi’s mouth twitched. He did not realize this before but Zhang Mama was rather gossipy?

Zhang Mama came back to her senses and coughed a little. She began to give Ling Zhanyi some ideas: “If you have a cold, check whether your temperature is high or not. If you have a fever, you’d better go to the hospital. If you don’t have a fever, but you just have a sore throat, dizziness and runny nose, boil some ginger sweet soup and drink it.”

“Ginger sweet soup? How do you boil it? Does drinking this affect the fetus?” Ling Zhanyi asked very seriously.

“It’s very simple. Slice the ginger and boil it in the water… Then put some brown sugar as accordant to your taste.” Zhang Mama entrusted him with detailed instruction.

“Oh, okay, slice, boil it in the water… Should the water be boiled before putting in the ginger slices or do I cooked the ginger slices only when it has cooled?”

“Both are fine.”

“Yes, I see. Thank you, Zhang Mama.” Ling Zhanyi hung up the phone and speeded up his car; he was going back home with all his might.

Zhang Mama put down the phone and turned around. Mother Ling stood behind her and stared at her with her eyes shining, startling her. “Ma- Madam?”

“Sister Zhang, was that from Zhanzhan?” Mother Ling had an irrepressible excitement.

—— Oh, heaven, what did she just heard?

—— Pregnancy?! Her future daughter-in-law was already pregnant ?!

Zhanzhan was really good, he had the rice cooked before even he capture the person … Then she and her husband would be able to hold their grandchildren soon… Thinking about it made she felt very excited.

No wonder the stinky boy refused to engage Miss Su in the first place because he had already made up his mind!

“Uh… Yes.” Zhang Mama did not know how to hide this matter, so she nodded truthfully.

“What did he ask you? Is someone pregnant? Is it?” Mother Ling looked at Zhang Mama longingly.

“… Yes, the Young Master asked me what should a pregnant person do if they caught a cold. I said that if the person doesn’t have a fever but it was just a common cold, just boil some ginger soup…” Zhang Mama revealed everything carelessly.

Mother Ling happily ran back to her bedroom to find her husband: “Husband, big news! Very big news!

To cooperate with Mother Ling’s excitement, Father Ling, who had buried his head into the newspaper, rose his head and pretended to be curious. He asked, “What’s the news?”

“We can hold our grandchildren now!” Mother Ling sat down. She pulled down the newspaper in Father Ling’s hand and said with a fluttering eyebrow, “Zhanzhan, this little bastard had gotten someone’s stomach bigger. He is trying to coax the person into his hands these few days. We didn’t get it wrong before. It’s true!”

“Oh.” Father Ling simply said one word.

Mother Ling’s eyebrow raised: “Why are you not excited at all? Husband, you say, shall we go and find out who exactly is our future daughter-in-law? She actually captured our son. But then again, now that she is pregnant, we can’t wrong the girl. Let’s talk to her parents first and discuss the matter of marriage. I don’t think Zhanzhan will oppose this time, will he?”

“You are not going to wait for our son to bring her back?” Father Ling helplessly looked at his wife and sighed.

His son would probably be speechless if he knew that his mother was plotting against him.

“I can’t wait any longer!” Mother Ling shook Father Ling’s arm. “I want to hurriedly get our daughter-in-law home. I’ll take care of her personally.”

“Seems like you are bored to the extreme.” Father Ling muttered in a low voice. When Father Ling looked at the questioning and warning eyes shot at him, he quickly laughed and agreed, “Well, as long as you are willing to serve others, then just go and find out whose your daughter-in-law, and then bring back the person back.”

“You are the best, Husband!” Mother Ling just smiled brightly.

Father Ling reminded her, “But in all cases, I think you should consult with our son first, lest he falls out with us again.”

“Is this necessary?”

“Of course it is necessary! I’m afraid he’s still on the rise, in case he wants to wait for the baby to be born before he brings them back!”

“He dares!” Mother Ling crooned on her waist. “I’ll the matter rest with regards to the situation last time. Su family’s young mistress was not pregnant with our Ling family’s seed at all. It was justifiable that he did not want to be held responsible. If he’s not responsible again this time, I’ll twist his ears off!”

“Then how do you make sure that this is our Ling family’s seed? What if it wasn’t?”

“Impossible!” Mother Ling waved her hand and said, “I know my our son well. If he had not planted the seed, he would not have been so eager to pursue the other party to please them.” Speaking of these, Mother Ling patted Father Long on the shoulder with a bold face, “Husband, you can rest assured that I am right! Ha-ha, you just wait to have a big fat grandson!”

Ling Zhanyi parked his car in the parking lot of the residential area and then hurried home with the lunch box. When he passed the convenience store, he turned in and bought two bags of brown sugar and a thermometer. Halfway through, he stopped again. Was there any ginger at home? As he did not stir-fried any dishes for breakfast, he could not remember.

All right, he had to buy ginger! Ling Zhanyi then turned back and bought a large bag of ginger at the vegetable market near the residential area. He also bought a lot of vegetables and went back carrying four to five bags.

The markets uncles and aunties were all surprised to see Ling Zhanyi, a formally dressed man in a suit and leather shoes, coming to buy vegetables.

This year, there were too few good men who would come to the market to help their wife buy groceries.

This time, Ling Zhanyi did not forget to take the key. He unlocked the door and did not bothered to put them down before running directly to the master bedroom.

Su Ziyang was sleeping in a trance. Because his nose was stuffy, he breathed with his mouth wide open. His breath was weary and his face was a little red, Ling Zhanyi was afraid he had a fever. He quickly put the bags in his hand on the floor and leaned slightly to reach out to probe Su Ziyang’s temperature with the back of his hand. It was all right, not hot.

Because of the pain, Su Ziyang didn’t sleep very deeply. He noticed someone beside him and struggled to open his eyes.

“You’re back…” The nasal sound in the voice was heavier than that in the telephone.

Ling Zhanyi was also shocked to see his red eyes. How could he even be bothered to boil some ginger sweet soup? He came up to Su Ziyang and whispered, “Ziyang, are you feeling uncomfortable? Let me take you to the hospital!”

“Not going…” Su Ziyang shook his head forcefully. “When you go to the hospital, the doctor will also advise you not to take medicine or injections, so that it can heal by itself.”

“Ah? So irresponsible?

“What do you know? Improper use of drugs can hurt the fetus. Last month, I also had a cold and Luoyang sent me to the hospital. That’s what the doctor told me, to endure it for a week and I will be fine.”

“…” Ling Zhanyi was speechless and stunned. He said with grievances, “I’m just afraid of you being uncomfortable. I’ll go boil some ginger sweet soup. Have a bowl?”

“En…” Su Ziyang sniffed. “I’m thirsty. I want to drink water.”

“Wait, I’ll pour it for you.” Ling Zhanyi just stood up and suddenly remembered something. He handed Su Ziyang the newly bought thermometer. “You should check your temperature first! If you have a fever, I have to find other ways to cool you down.”

“Oh.” Su Ziyang took the thermometer and clamped it under his armpit. He looked at Ling Zhanyi who was pouring water for him. “Why did you come back so fast? Is the company not busy?”

“You’re sick and uncomfortable. How can I stay in the company?” Ling Zhanyi poured the water for him and felt that it was too hot. He took an empty cup and poured water back and forth from the two cups so that the water could cool faster.

“All because you went too far in the morning…” Su Ziyang looked at him and saw him pulling up the sleeve of his suit. He cooled the water with such consideration and patience! Suddenly, he felt that the gesture was simply too handsome!

Su Ziyang, who drank the warm water, secretly felt in his heart that to have someone taking care of him when he was sick and uncomfortable; It was really a very blissful thing!

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