Chapter 54:  A smile, no matter how hard and tired, is worth it!

“Are you hungry? It’s time for lunch and the food is still hot! They’re all your favorite dishes.” After feeding Su Ziyang the water, Ling Zhanyi turned around, took the lunchbox that was on the ground and opened it.

All these red and green kinds of food that seemed to incite appetite were appearing in front of them, but Su Ziyang was not very interested in it. He shook his head and said, “I don’t really want to eat it.”

“How about eating lesser? Braised eggplant, you ate a lot of this last time.” Ling Zhanyi picked up the chopsticks and handed them to Su Ziyang’s lips. “I’ll feed you. Come on, open your mouth…”

Su Ziyang wrinkled his nose and turned his head to the side. “I don’t want to eat it.”

“How about… a piece of beef? Sauce flavor and not spicy. It will not stimulate your taste buds.” Ling Zhanyi put the eggplant in his mouth and handed a piece of beef over.

Su Ziyang still shook his head.

“You really don’t want to eat it? It’s delicious!” Ling Zhanyi could only send the food into his mouth again. He chose the vinegar shredded potato with the chopsticks “Do you want to eat the shredded potato? This is a little sour, so it should be able to stimulate your appetite?”

Su Ziyang pouted his lips and reluctantly ate two mouthfuls of shredded potatoes. He stopped eating again.

“Then what would you like to eat? I can make it now.” Ling Zhanyi opened all the vegetables he had bought from the market and placed them in front of Su Ziyang. “Here, come and choose them.”

“I want to eat smashed cucumber salad and dumplings filled with zucchini eggs stuffing.” Su Ziyang’s realization came from looking at the pile of vegetables before he opened his mouth and spit out these two completely unrelated names.

“…” Ling Zhanyi felt somewhat awkward. He could make the cucumber salad. But this dumpling with zucchini eggs… How to do ah?

He wanted to ask if he could change to something else, but when he looked up and saw Su Ziyang’s eager eyes, Ling Zhanyi threw caution to the wind, “Okay, I’ll make smash the cucumber first, and then boil some ginger sweet soup. Zucchini dumplings… It’s a bit of a hassle. Can you wait?”

“Oh… You can go downstairs and buy them. There’s a dumpling restaurant across the street from the entrance of the residential area. Dumplings with zucchini egg stuffing are delicious.” How would Su Ziyang not know that Big President Ling had been slapping his face to swell it up and look imposing? He knew Ling Zhanyi did not know how to do it when he saw how he stared at the mess of vegetables in his suit and leather.

Sick people were not only frail, but they were also soft-hearted. As a matter of fact, Su Ziyang showed Ling Zhanyi a clear path with great compassion.

“But outside foods aren’t clean?” Ling Zhanyi’s eyes brightened, but he still wanted to give consideration to Su Ziyang and the baby in his stomach.

“That’s fine. I’ll eat just this once.” Su Ziyang was really craving it that he felt flustered. He had no other appetite and he only wanted to eat dumplings, and it was only dumplings with zucchini egg stuffing.

“That’s all right. I’ll go and watch them do it. I don’t think they will dare to put anything else.” Ling Zhanyi said this while he removed his suit.

“Why are you removing your suit?” Su Ziyang was surprised. “Aren’t you going out?”

“I’ll boil the ginger soup and smashed the cucumber for your first before I go.” Ling Zhanyi hooked his lips and smiled. He stooped down and carried several bags of vegetables into the kitchen. He also told him, “You lie down, call for me if there’s anything!”

Su Ziyang looked at the dishes in the lunch box without moving any intention to eat. He thought to himself that he would give them to Ling Zhanyi and let him eat later.

So he closed the lid of the lunch box to keep it warm.

Otherwise, when Ling Zhanyi was done with his stuff, the dishes inside would be all cold.

Who said he could only wait for someone to serve him? He still knew how to care for people.

Twenty minutes later.

Su Ziyang looked at the smashed cucumber salad being brought in and uncontrollably laughed.

Sure enough, the cucumber was indeed smashed flat, but unfortunately, Ling Zhanyi did not cut the cucumber into parts and had placed the whole cucumber on the plate one by one. There was a total of three and there was no seasoning on them.

“What’s wrong? Is three too little? I’ll smash another one.” Ling Zhanyi was about to turn around.

Su Ziyang stopped him, “No, it’s not little. Can you bring in some salt, soy sauce, vinegar and pour them on the cucumbers? And garlic…”

“Oh…” Ling Zhanyi obediently went out and brought everything in. He passed them to Su Ziyang and watched him mix them in with the cucumbers.

Watching Su Ziyang flipping the cucumber with difficulties, Ling Zhanyi suddenly realized that he didn’t cut them into small pieces after smashing the cucumbers!

“I’ll go cut it!” Ling Zhanyi scratched his head embarrassingly. “I forgot to cut them just now…”

“That’s all right. I’ll eat it like this.” Su Ziyang took the whole cucumber and bit it.

Fortunately, it was flattened and the seasoning was able to get in.

Ling Zhanyi blushed and coughed softly before he stood up. “I will take the ginger sweet soup. Do you want more sugar or less sugar in it?”


“Okay!” Ling Zhanyi got his order and left.

Fortunately, he asked Zhang Mama how to make ginger sweet soup while he was coming back from the company. Although the ginger slices were slightly thick, the taste could be boiled out, so the thickness of the ginger did not affect anything.

If you let him do it without knowing the methods, Big President Ling would probably just throw the whole ginger in…

After placing the soup on the table he had set up at the bedside for Su Ziyang, Ling Zhanyi energetically went out of the bedroom and headed downstairs to continue his arduous task.

Glancing at the restaurant chef chopping the filling, rolling the skin and wrapping the dumplings, Ling Zhanyi had learned a lot.

Driven by interest, he also took the skin and followed the chef. He learned how to make dumplings – although the filling did not burst out, the dumpling looked like a deflated ingot.  

Despite the infinite scorn for this dumb man, there was nothing he could do when the man came in and threw 500 hundred dollars, saying that he had reserved this big kitchen and then asked him to teach him how to make dumplings in half an hour…

Well, he now knew how to wrap dumplings, but whether the wrapping was good or not was another matter. Moreover, the chef could guarantee that this man did not master the front preparations of kneading the dough, chopping the fillings and rolling the skin!

As soon as the dumplings were out of the oven, Ling Zhanyi was eager to have someone help him pack them into the lunch box before he hurried away with it. This caused the chef to have no opportunity to re-teach him again.

The dumplings that Su Ziyang thought in his heart had finally come to him. He was so happy that his mouth was bulging from squeezing them in and his eyes lighted up brightly.

He dipped them in vinegar and handed one dumpling to Ling Zhanyi. He said unclearly, “You also it.”

When Ling Zhanyi watched Su Ziyang’s satisfied expression, he also felt happy.

So, it turned out that, to be able to do so many things for your loved one just to see a smile from him, it was worthwhile no matter how hard it was and how tiring you felt!

Taking the dumplings from Su Ziyang, Ling Zhanyi felt that he was not eating dumplings, but honey. It sent sweetness straight to his heart.

“All right, you eat them. Don’t you just want to eat this? Eat more and you’ll get better soon.” Ling Zhanyi saw Su Ziyang pass another dumpling and refused. Of course, the second dumpling still went into his mouth.

Su Ziyang suddenly remembered something. He pointed to the lunch box and looked at Ling Zhanyi.

But his mouth was too full to speak.

Ling Zhanyi understood and he took the lunch box over. He lifted the lid, and took the dishes out: “Do you want to eat this now? Which one? I’ll help you take it.”

Su Ziyang shook his head and drank a mouthful of ginger sweet soup to swallow down the food. He urged him, “You should eat too! I can eat dumplings and you can eat the dishes in the lunchbox. It’s not easy to make the food. Don’t waste food. I covered it with the lid, so it is still warm. It is still warm, hurry eat it! “

Ling Zhanyi was stunned at first before he felt touched. How could this little thing be so cute? He had never thought that Su Ziyang already had him in his heart. Look, it was just a minute movement from the other party and it was able to gratify him for a long time.

He had no more hope, no more hope…

Nevertheless, in this case, he needed to work harder and it would not be long before he could marry Su Ziyang into his family…

Ling Zhanyi found a new bowl and chopsticks. He pulled a chair, sat at the table, and began to eat face to face with Su Ziyang.

Ling Zhanyi swore that this was the most delicious meal he had ever eaten. It was not because the food tasted good, but because of the companion who accompanied him to eat.

A warm atmosphere pervading the surrounding with tranquility and stillness; it was most probably referring to such a scene?

However, disappointedly, Ling Zhanyi’s mobile phone suddenly sounded when he was only halfway through the meal.

He took out his phone rather depressed and saw the label ‘Mother’. He couldn’t hang up even if he wanted to, so he could only connect the call. His tone was not good: “Mother? Is there something wrong?”

“Stinky boy, you can’t call even when you’re doing fine?” Mother Ling’s voice was as cheerful as ever. She scolded her son first, then lowered her voice and asked like she was a spy, “Son, can Mother ask you something?”

“Not free! I’m eating now. Could you call later?”

“No! I’m going to ask now!” Mother Ling acted shamelessly.

“All right, go ahead and ask.” Ling Zhanyi put down his chopsticks, leaned back on the back of his chair and waited for his mother’s question.

“Did you… make some ladies outside…pregnant?”


Slapping his face to swell it up and look imposing: to do sth. beyond one’s means in order to be impressive

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