Chapter 56: Video conferencing, why do you have a crib?

Due to his pent-up feelings and the discomfort caused by his cold, Su Ziyang groaned vaguely in a half-asleep and half-awake state with a slightly pained expression.

Ling Zhanyi covered the quilt for him and gently patted the person. He sighed a breath of relief after managing to coax the person back to sleep.

He finished the half-eaten meal, then cleared up the dishes and chopsticks. Finally, he put Su Ziyang’s favorite dumplings in the refrigerator, so that he would be able to eat them when he feels hungry later.

Everything had been cleared up. Ling Zhanyi received a call from Zhang Qing, saying that the company would be holding a meeting in the afternoon. It was an important meeting with the Ye’s media with regards to their partnership. However, how could the meeting proceed when the president was absent?

Ling Zhanyi thought, “Can we have a video conference?”

Zhang Qing was stunned and then answered, “That’s all right, as long as President Ling could appear. But just having a video conference seems a bit insincere. President Ling really can’t rush back? The meeting doesn’t start until four o’clock in the afternoon!”

“I’ll think about it again. I’ll call you at three o’clock. Now you go to tell Gu Feng. Call him to come out to settle the representative over Ye’s side. He is, after all, the vice president of the company, it should be more respectful than a video conferencing.”

“Okay, President Ling.” Zhang Qing was quick to do on her assigned task.

When Ling Zhanyi hung up the call, he received another call from an unfamiliar number. He connected the call and queried, “Who is this?”

“Mr. Ling? We are from Guangming Decoration Company. You called us before and said that you want to redecorate the bathroom floor and change it to non-slippery, is that right?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. It’s me.” Ling Zhanyi suddenly realized.

“What time would be convenient for you? We expect to spend a week refitting the floor and during the refitting period… You’d better move out for a while. Do you have any other plans?”

“Oh, so it’s like this… I have no issue about moving out, but I need a little time. In addition, I hope you can give me the best material. My wife is pregnant, I hope the floor will not be slippery after the furnishing, that is, the kind of safety to where the floor will not be slippery even when it’s wet.”

“Mr. Ling, please rest assured that we have already noted your request, so when can you move out?”

“Shall I call you then?”

“Well, if Mr. Ling has any further needs, please call us directly. Goodbye, Mr. Ling.”


Ling Zhanyi hung up the phone and smiled proudly. Moving out ah… There was really a fancy finding by sheer luck what one had searched for far and wide! It took no effort to obtain what he wanted!

Before, he tried every means to let the little thing move out and live with him, but Su Ziyang had always disagreed. Now, he could take him away on the grounds of refitting the floor!

“En…” Su Ziyang emitted a sound of discomfort in his confusion and Ling Zhanyi’s smile quickly collapsed. He felt very distressed just thinking of the person who was sick at the moment ah!

“Ziyang? What’s wrong?” Ling Zhanyi squatted beside the bed and probed Su Ziyang’s forehead. He did not have a fever before lunch, but he didn’t know if he had caught a fever now.

After the checking, Ling Zhanyi instantly felt relieved; his temperature was still at a normal range.

“En… Headache…” Su Ziyang kicked off the quilt and hummed weakly. He slept poorly.

Ling Zhanyi then sat on the bed and stretched out his hands to massage Su Ziyang’s temple. After a while, he went to press on the top of Su Ziyang’s head. It was said that the human body had a lot of acupuncture points on the head. Massaging it for a while should be effective when one had a headache.

Sure enough, Su Ziyang’s breathing calmed down after about ten minutes. Although he still breathed through his mouth that was wide open, at least his eyebrows were stretched out comfortably. It was no longer wrinkled as before.

Ling Zhanyi tucked back Su Ziyang with the kicked quilt and wrapped it tightly. He hoped that he would perspire a bit more and get better as soon as possible.

However, Ling Zhanyi did not feel relieved for long before his heart was gripped again.

“Cough…” Su Ziyang coughed intermittently and began to turn over again, unable to sleep soundly.

Ling Zhanyi sat on the floor leaning against the bed. One of his hands patted Su Ziyang gently while the other fiddled with his phone to surf the Internet. He began to search on how to treat cough. Of course, it was on how to treat pregnant people when they were coughing.

Braised snow pear and rock sugar… Hmm… This looked good…

Ling Zhanyi got up from the ground, went straight to the kitchen and began to search for the ingredients. Fortunately, when he went to the convenience store to buy snacks for Ziyang, he also bought fruits, and he happened to have two snow pears.

According to the recipe, Ling Zhanyi boiled the braised snow pear and rock sugar and brought it out. He tasted it first, finding it okay before bringing it to the bedroom for Su Ziyang.

The problem was that Su Ziyang was now deeply asleep and was unwilling to be woken up.

Ling Zhanyi had to hold the little thing circling him within his arms. Then he picked up the braised snow pear and rock sugar which had been put on the table beforehand before he coaxed him to drink it. “Ziyang, be good, open your mouth and drink some water. Otherwise, if you sweat, you will lose water in your body. You will be dehydrated… Come on, open your mouth. En, right. Okay, take another sip.”

Su Ziyang was thirsty in the first place. After a sip, he felt that it tasted sweet and good. He subconsciously went to the direction of the bowl to get more. Ling Zhanyi was very happy. He took this opportunity and have him finish the whole bowl.

After feeding him, Ling Zhanyi put the bowl back on the table. Afterward, he slowly put him down with his hands around Su Ziyang and covered the quilt again.

When he was done with this, Ling Zhanyi’s telephone flashed twice. Fortunately, Ling Zhanyi tuned his phone to silence. Otherwise, wouldn’t this phone call woke Ziyang up at this moment?

Ling Zhanyi walked out of the bedroom and closed the door before he connected the phone: “What’s wrong, Xiao Qing?”

“President Ling, Vice President Gu has taken your place in your stead and had talked to the people over the Ye’s side, but the other side insists on talking to you, you see…” Zhang Qing tentatively spoke, “I’ve already told them about the fact that you can’t get away with something at the moment. The other party doesn’t mind you using video conference…”

“Video conference shall it be. I’ll talk to them then.” Ling Zhanyi said quickly, “Wait for about five minutes, I’ll turn on the computer.”

At first, because he had moved in hurriedly, Ling Zhanyi hadn’t brought his computer. He searched into the master bedroom and saw the computer desk and the computer facing the balcony. His eyes went bright. But then his expression soon collapsed again一 This was a desktop computer, if he wanted to move it to the next bedroom for usage, it would take too much effort!

Glancing over the sleeping person on this side of the bed, Ling Zhanyi suddenly laughed again一 moving desktop computers was troublesome, but “moving a person” was not troublesome at all ah! And he even would enjoy it!

Thinking of this, Ling Zhanyi went to the bedside, carried up Su Ziyang, and carefully moved to the bedroom where he should sleep, but he had not sleep yet.

He bent over and pulled the quilt to cover Su Ziyang. Ling Zhanyi closed the door of his bedroom and then went into the master bedroom with Su Ziyang’s computer.

Fortunately, his desktop computer was also equipped with a camera. Otherwise, he would not be able to proceed with the video conference.

The computer turned on rather fast. Ling Zhanyi could not help but glance at the box in the lower right corner. This computer took 35 seconds to turn on, beating 73% of the computers that were in existence. Ling Zhanyi smiled. This little thing, don’t look down at this desktop computer, it’s configuration was actually very high!

Seeing a list of software on the left, which was mostly for drawing and video production, Ling Zhanyi suddenly realized that it was no wonder that its configuration was high. There was so many high-end software downloaded. Therefore, he would not be able to use all this high-capacity software unless his computer’s configuration was high.

The background of the computer was a picture taken by Su Ziyang when he was traveling. It’s probably when he was less than 20 years old. He looked very young and energetic. The little thing was riding on the back of a stone turtle and he smiled very brilliantly.

Ling Zhanyi’s mood was influenced into a rather pleasant mood because of his smile. When he started to imagine the three of them traveling, his son and Ziyang would surely love to play with childish things. Thinking of the images of these two people playing together, Ling Zhanyi almost laughed…

Fortunately, President Ling did not forget the purpose of him with this computer. He downloaded the software specialized for a video conference on the Internet and installed it and only five minutes had passed.

En… Ziyang house’s Internet speed was quite fast. Not bad, this little thing knew how to enjoy himself.

After opening the video conference, Ling Zhanyi recovered his serious persona during working hours. Although he did not have the company information on hand, Ling Zhanyi was still able to talk freely with strong conviction. Moreover, the examples cited were all right and had confidently spoken about the special characteristics of Ye’s products without missing any other keywords. Just from this, Ye’s representative concluded that the partnership with Ling Zhanyi as the leader was a matter worthy of expectation and trust. So, not long after the meeting, the contract was finalized with Ling Zhanyi and signed by Vice President Gu Feng.

Anyway, Secretary Zhang Qing also had the seal, plus Gu Feng’s signature, this partnership could be considered complete!

“Vice President Gu?” Zhang Qing called twice in a low voice. Vice President Gu Feng quickly returned to his senses. He smiled apologetically and took the pen handed by Zhang Qing and signed the contract. Then he shook hands with the Ye medias representative to express his pleasure in their future cooperation. At the same time, he also agreed to have dinner together…

Of course, although Gu Feng was socializing skillfully with ease with the Ye’s representative, his eyes were always unconsciously drifting to what was behind Ling Zhanyi in the video call.

—— Wasn’t that like a crib? There were also several super cute super Q small clothes on the top, and Ling Zhanyi’s room was covered with pictures of babies on the walls…

—— This room looked really unfamiliar. It was not like Ling Zhanyi’s villa at all. The room seemed like it was no more than forty square meters. It was so small, of course, it could not be a room in the Ling Zhanyi’s villa.

Gu Fengyin: Where exactly was this guy at? Could it be that he had a small nest outside, with someone and children in it?

Tsk, tsk, Ling Zhanyi ah, you really knew how to hide things ah!

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