Chapter 57: Wife’s orders must be absolutely obeyed!

“Hello? Gu Feng? What’s wrong? Aren’t all the contracts signed? Shouldn’t you accompany your customers to dinner now? I hope you don’t you need me to instruct you to order more good food and wine in the evening meal to bring out the atmosphere?”

When he received Gu Feng’s call, Ling Zhanyi was opening the folders and peeking at them with great interest——Of course, there was nothing that should not be seen by anyone. It was basically the photos taken by Su Ziyang when he went out to play or on business, including his pictures and the picture of others.

Seeing Su Ziyang’s high-end camera equipment, Ling Zhanyi was clear that this little thing was a person with style.

“Ling Zhanyi ah Ling Zhanyi, you are really good!” Gu Feng hid in the bathroom and leaned against the washstand. He held his hand in one hand while the other was in his pocket. He teased “You even hide from me, your good brother.”

Ling Zhanyi’s attention was not on the phone. He clicked the photos stored in Su Ziyang’s computer one by one and laughed so hard that he could not close his mouth. Hearing Gu Feng’s words, he simply asked, “What did I hide from you? I really can’t get away as I have something on. I didn’t lie to you.”

“Come on! Still pretending!” Gu Feng pursed his lips, “What’s with the baby crib behind you?”

“En? Baby crib?” Ling Zhanyi finally took his eyes off the pictures in the computer and glanced back at them. In order to make walking convenient for Ziyang, he pushed the baby crib to the side of the computer two days ago. Unexpectedly, he was caught by Gu Feng when he was watching the video just now. Well, when you see it, you see it. Ling Zhanyi quickly answered, “Of course, it is for my son! Yes? Do you have any comments?

“Tsk – what comments could I have!” Gu Feng disdained said and turned back to the topic, “I’m just curious. Since when did you have another son? Who was the mother? Why don’t I know about this? Eh, Ling Zhanyi, this is not right! Don’t you dislike women? Did you have a change of heart?”

“The one with the surname Gu, can you stop being so gossipy like a woman?” Ling Zhanyi was too lazy to talk to him. “When I get married, you will naturally know everything. Now, immediately, right away, go and accompany the customers, don’t pester me!”

“Very good! You are still concealing the actual situation! Don’t tell me that you just found a woman to give birth to your child. You don’t look so casual either!!” Gu Feng refused to give up and continued to gossip.

Ling Zhanyi resolutely hung up the call and refused to allow him to ask any questions.

So annoying, he still thought that this fellow had a proper business to tell him. Unexpectedly, he came with the purpose to dig his secret. He might as well as use the time spent to entertain Gu Feng to look at the Ziyang’s pictures instead.

Gu Feng’s call was hung up. He gritted his teeth for a while and sent a despising message to him. He then turned to the mirror and super narcissistically arranged his hair, tie, and clothes. Afterward, he went out of the bathroom and went to the reception room to take Ye’s representative to have dinner.

But he didn’t think of giving up. He had to find out who was the person that Ling Zhanyi liked.

Ling Zhanyi received Gu Feng’s message but he did not read it and had directly deleted it. Did he not know him well enough? It was certain to be some sarcastic talk to mock himself.

After seeing all the pictures in Su Ziyang’s computer, Ling Zhanyi then found a video. He clicked on it. The video and the sound were both clear and he saw the label in the lower right corner——Producer: Su Ziyang—— Ling Zhanyi couldn’t help but raise his lips slightly. Very well, the person he liked was multi-talented. The more he explored, the more he liked him.

After learning more about Su Ziyang through the computer, Ling Zhanyi shut the last video satisfactorily. He clicked on a recent photo of Su Ziyang he saw just now and imported it into his phone. It was set on the wallpaper of his phone and the background of his screen; Su Ziyang was smiling brilliantly at Ling Zhanyi.

Laughing at his phone for a while, Ling Zhanyi suddenly realized that he could import more photos into his phone. Thus, he imported almost all the photos of Su Ziyang into his phone! He laughed like a cat that had managed to make an affair successfully.

He turned off the computer, take the phone and slipped to the second bedroom. Su Ziyang was still asleep, but the quilt was kicked away by him again.

Ling Zhanyi turned on silent mode for his camera before he took some pictures of the sleeping Ziyang and saved them in his phone. After keeping his phone, Ling Zhangyi covered Su Ziyang with the quilt. Su Ziyang’s head was full of sweat, he seemed to have sensed that the quilt was covering him. He made a frown to show his resistant and hummed once.

Ling Zhanyi saw that he was sweating and his heart was glad. This meant that he would be able to recover from the cold faster. He got up and went to the bathroom to take a towel to wipe Su Ziyang’s sweat. Seeing that there was sweat on his neck, he reached out to remove Su Ziyang’s clothes and wiped him with the hot towel.

After wiping him, Ling Zhanyi was sweating all over. He found a set of clean pajamas and dressed Su Ziyang. Then he took the man back to his master bedroom and let him continue his sleep.

He packed some of Ziyang’s clothes and his. If possible, Ling Zhanyi would like to move to his home today, but Ziyang was still sleeping. Seemed like the plan would not be doable today, so he had to wait for tomorrow.

Although he was slightly disappointed, Ling Zhanyi was still looking forward to it.

Afterward, he just needed to tell Ziyang that it would take two weeks for the decoration to be completed, ah, no, three weeks! It would take another week to ventilate the place and for the odor to disperse…

Su Ziyang believed it.

Ling Zhanyi discussed this matter with Su Ziyang after dinner in the evening. When he spoke, his expression and tone were very sincere: “Ziyang, I’ve roughly calculated that it would take three weeks for all the floors to be reconstructed. The formaldehyde odor and other odors would do great harm to the human body. What’s more, you are still pregnant. Why don’t you go to my home first and live there for a month? What do you think about moving back when the renovation is all done?”

As he nearly fell in the bathroom last time, Su Ziyang did not have much objection to this.

It’s just… his objection was somewhere else.

“To your house? Do we need to move everything in? Isn’t this too much trouble? It’s better to rent a house nearby for the time being and supervise their work process so that they don’t fool around with the quality.”

Ling Zhanyi’s lips twitched and he inwardly said: I paid a lot of money to this super renowned decoration company, how could their fool around with their quality? Of course, he couldn’t refute Su Ziyang that much. He just said, “We won’t be moving too many things. They only are touching the floor, so the rest of the items can be left in their place. The company is very professional, you can rest assured that if you are not satisfied with the decoration, we can make a complaint, even if the lawyer sued them, there is no problem!!

“That… Are you going to live with your parents? I haven’t promised to be with you yet. I don’t want to see them for the time being.” Su Ziyang continued to question.

“No, of course not!” Ling Zhangyi waved his hand and explained, “They live in the suburbs. The place we want to go to is my residence. It’s not too far from here. I’ve already cleaned the place. We can just take laundry and our valuables with us.”

“That is to say, there will be servants?” Su Ziyang raised his eyebrows and said in a plain tone, which made Ling Zhanyi impossible to guess his thoughts.

A thought flashed in Ling Zhanyi’s mind. Should he answer yes or no?

“If you wish, I’ll hire a few people to take care of you. If you’re afraid they’ll quarrel with you, let’s just live alone. I’ll take care of you myself. Of course, I also wish to take care of you by myself.”

“You know how to take care of people?” Su Ziyang pouted his lips. “Your cooking is so bad.”

“Uh… Am I not learning?” Ling Zhanyi smiled embarrassingly. “Then I’ll invite an aunt to cook for our meals. What do you think?”

“No, If we hire an aunt, then what are you doing to do?” Su Ziyang’s was calculating; He couldn’t make this a good bargain for Ling Zhanyi. Didn’t he say he had to take care of himself? That’s good ah, let him take care of himself, there’s no need to hire an aunt!

“That… don’t hire?’ Ling Zhanyi of course also hoped not to hire anyone. He finally managed to take Su Ziyang to his home, how could he hope for a third person to disturb their lives?

For cooking or something, he caught just invite Mama Zhang to continue cooking for him secretly.

“En, not hiring. Let’s live alone. It’s quiet.” Su Ziyang looked down at his stomach. “And I looked like this. Let’s not frighten anyone. I looked like a freak.”

“How can you frighten anyone? Who dares say you are a freak! I won’t spare them!” Ling Zhanyi spoke with indignation.

Su Ziyang laughed and asked, “When will we move?”

“How about we move tomorrow?” Ling Zhanyi carefully sought Su Ziyang’s advice.

Su Ziyang was somewhat surprised: “Tomorrow? So fast? I haven’t picked any of my clothes yet.”

“I’ve packed all my clothes, you can see if I’ve missed any.” Ling Zhanyi brought his baggage like he was doing a treasure offering and opened it for Su Ziyang to review one by one.

“Although summer is approaching, I don’t think you can wear summer clothes any time sooner so as to avoid catching a cold, so I packed two more clothes suitable for spring. The rest of the clothes you used to wear must be unwearable now. Let’s buy some new looser soon, okay?” Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang with a smile and waited for his answer.

“En, I’ll do as you say!” Su Ziyang nodded his head and agreed. He took a glimpse at the radiation-proof clothes Ling Zhanyi bought two days ago and added, “Take my computer away too. I can use it in those clothes.”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned at first. Take away the computer? It was a desktop-style, what a bother…

But now that Wife had ordered it, he could only obey the order: “Well, of course, the order of my dear must be obeyed! Move! I’m going to take down the computer!”

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