Chapter 58: He can finally take his wife home!

Ling Zhanyi was busy working. He took the computer apart and packed it in a box. Afterward, he put the luggage and the box together before clapping his hands and nodding his head in satisfaction.

En, he was finally done with packing up. He just needed to wait for tomorrow to arrive, and then take the person home!

Ling Zhanyi went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and chopsticks. Su Ziyang found that it was still early. He had slept the whole afternoon and felt that his spirit getting much better. He didn’t want to sleep anymore, so he got up and went to the living room to watch TV.

Seeing him got up, Ling Zhanyi could not help but put down his work and followed him: “Going to the toilet? I will accompany you.”

“No, I want to watch the TV for a while.”

“Oh, then I’ll turn on the TV for you.” Ling Zhanyi followed up. Seeing that Su Ziyang was still in his nightgown, he stopped him. “You wait. I’ll get your clothes for you.”

“What clothes? I’m not cold.” Su Ziyang sat slowly on the sofa and reached for the remote control.

Ling Zhanyi pressed down on his hand: “Wait a minute, the TV is also radiated, put on some anti-radiation clothes, okay?”

“… Fine, you go get the clothes.” Su Ziyang shrugged and sat on the back of the sofa after he commanded.

“All right, I’ll confiscate the remote control first, so that you can’t watch the TV secretly.” Ling Zhanyi took away the remote control, turned to the master bedroom and opened the newly packed luggage. He found a light yellow anti-radiation clothes and folded them properly. “Here comes the clothes, I’ll help you wear them.”

“I can do it myself.” Although Su Ziyang said this, he still reached out and raised his hand to the top of his head. The clothes were to be worn and Ling Zhanyi carefully put them on for him. He took Ziyang’s hands out of the sleeve and arranged his clothes so that the clothes would completely cover Su Ziyang’s abdomen. Then he gave Su Ziyang the remote control. “Now you can watch TV. Don’t watch too long, sitting too long will cause lower back pain.”

“I understand.” Su Ziyang pressed on the remote control and the TV turned on. He glanced at Ling Zhanyi standing on his side. He could not help but open his mouth.”Let’s watch together! Sit here.”

He patted the sofa at his side.

Ling Zhanyi sat there with a smile. Of course, watching TV was second; Watching his wife was the most important thing.

Although one of the dishes from just now hadn’t been washed, it didn’t matter. Ling Zhanyi watched TV for a while, and his sight floated to Su Ziyang’s face. Before Su Ziyang noticed, he took back his sight and continued to stare at the TV.

This happened a few times and Ling Zhanyi was pushed by the smiling Su Ziyang, “Why do you keep staring at me!”

Ling Zhanyi was pushed aside by him and he flirted: “Of course it’s because you are good looking!”

“Tsk, it’s no use trying to coax me like I’m a woman.” Su Ziyang snorted contemptuously and turned to continue watching TV.

“Ziyang, I’ll fetch you a bowl of ginger sweet soup. You haven’t drink it yet in the evening. I think drinking it is rather effective.”

“Okay ah, you go take it.” Su Ziyang stared at the TV with concentration.

Ling Zhanyi then went to do his task and returned with a bowl soon. He wanted to feed him. As a result, Su Ziyang was very godly. He took the bowl and drank it quickly. There was no need for him feed him at all.

All right, the husband was useless!

Ling Zhanyi put the empty bowl back depressingly and washed the rest of the bowl before coming back slowly.

Su Ziyang was sitting askew on the sofa and looked tired.

Ling Zhanyi, with brightened eyes, sat back next to Su Ziyang. This time he sat closer to Su Ziyang. He tentatively reached out, grabbed Su Ziyang’s shoulder, and then his hands slowly went to his shoulder and said, “Are you tired? Lean on me for a moment?”

His tone sounded like he was asking for an advice, but his actions were absolutely domineering.

Su Ziyang’s gravity was unstable because of his round belly. He was dragged by Ling Zhanyi and fell into his arms. He wanted to refuse. He even tried two times but he still couldn’t get up, and because he was so comfortable laying on his fleshy pillow, Su Ziyang stopped trying to get up. He began to look for a comfortable place to nest himself.

Ling Zhanyi was advancing inch by inch. He asked with happiness cleared in his voice, “Is this comfortable?”

“… Barely comfortable…” Su Ziyang deliberately attacked him.

“…” Black lines appeared on Ling Zhanyi’s head.

Okay, that’s okay… It’s better than answering ‘uncomfortable’.

Soon after, Su Ziyang fell asleep in Ling Zhanyi’s arms. His breathing became smooth, his runny nose was not that serious, and his cough was much better than that in the afternoon.

Well, it seemed that this little thing’s physique was okay. He was healthy and had a strong immune system.

Turning off the TV, Ling Zhanyi carefully picked up the man and sent him back to his bedroom.

After taking a shower, he dried his hair in the bathroom and headed for Su Ziyang’s quilt.

Still, like in the previous position of hugging together, Su Ziyang did not resist. After all, he was lying on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder and chest. As such, his upper body would be slightly elevated, and in this way, the abdominal pressure would be lesser and he would be able to breathe more smoothly. In short, he was very comfortable. Although Su Ziyang knew it was Ling Zhanyi, he pretended that he wasn’t aware.

Ling Zhanyi was really busy the whole day. There were his company’s matters, packing up the luggage, dismantling the computer, cooking and washing the dishes. At this moment, his beloved was in his embrace. Sleepiness soon came and he slept soundly with Su Ziyang.

The first person to wake up the next day was Su Ziyang.

Opening his eyes slightly, Ling Zhanyi’s handsome face came into his view. He was leaning halfway with one of his arms cushioned behind Su Ziyang’s brain. The other arm was circled over Su Ziyang’s back and had him surrounded in his arms. Of course, the arm did not exert any strength.

The reason was that Su Ziyang would turn over while he was sleeping. He could not stay on his side for long. After all, he had a stomach and maintaining a single posture was too exhausting for him.

Ling Zhanyi was afraid that he would press on Su Ziyang’s abdomen too hard and make him uncomfortable, so his arm had been hanging in the air unconsciously. This was on the premise of not pressing onto Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang stared at Ling Zhanyi and started daydreaming.

In fact, Ling Zhanyi’s looks were really impeccable. In this life, his temperament was totally different from that of his previous life, or that was to say, he did not have time to get to know him in his previous life.

Su Ziyang pondered: Was he too cautious? If it was him who was being inexplicably accused of being a slag, could he still treat the other party well as always?

He probably would not? He would not get off his high horse to explain to the other party. He would turn around completely, and get rid of the person who misunderstood in his life, no matter what.

Everyone had different temperaments. But it was also true that if Ling Zhanyi was treated the situation like how he was now, they would not have met today.

Let’s just do this for the time being. He had already said that he would be giving him a chance. Even if Ling Zhanyi had a plan, the child in his stomach did have his blood.  Even if he wanted to monopolize this child, it seemed impossible, wasn’t it?

“Are you awake?” Ling Zhanyi sensed the gaze cast at him even though he did not open his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes and sure enough, he saw Su Ziyang looking at him with widened eyes. “How? Did you find me particularly eye-catching?”

“… Get up. Let’s move out after breakfast.” Su Ziyang looked away and tried to get up.

Ling Zhanyi, however, pulled him to his chest with great force: “It’s still early, lie down a little longer.”

“…” Su Ziyang did not have sufficient strength, so he fell back into his arms again.

Very shortly, Su Ziyang used a trump card: “Looks like you’re not in a hurry to move, so let’s not move.”

When Ling Zhanyi heard what he said, he hurriedly loosened his hold on Su Ziyang and shook his numbed arm. “Hurry, who said I’m not in a hurry, I’ll get up and tidy up the bed. You can lie down a little longer, I’ll go make some steamed eggs.”

Su Ziyang frowned with disgust when he heard the words ‘steamed eggs’, “Can you change to something else? I’m tired of it.”

In the first place, he didn’t like eggs. He was just giving Ling Zhanyi face in the past two days. If he always had steamed eggs for breakfast, he would die from depression.

“Uh… What else?” Ling Zhanyi whispered, “I don’t know anything else… Then what would you like to eat?”

“Come on, go wash up. I’ll do it myself.” Su Ziyang said and sat up.

“You do?!” Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Ziyang. “You, you can cook?”

“En, yes. I can cook. Why? You are surprised?” Su Ziyang began to dress himself and then clarified, “Of course, my cookings are just average. It’s good enough to be able to fill my stomach.”

Ling Zhanyi was still in a state of shock. Why did he still order him around when he could cook?

Su Ziyang glanced at him and said, “You must be cursing me in your heart now?”

“No, no!” Ling Zhanyi waved his hand in a hurry: “I am just very surprised. How about, you tell me how to do it and I’ll do it. How can I make you cook!”

“I’ll teach you next time. Now I’m hungry. I want to eat as soon as possible. If I wait for you to do it, I’ll be starving.” Su Ziyang slipped into the kitchen without changing his clothes . “It’s only breakfast, it’s very simple.”

Ling Zhanyi, however, refused to wash up. He followed Su Ziyang around and saw him washed the rice. Then he poured it into the pot, added water, covered the lid and opened the fire… That’s all.

That’s all?! Wasn’t this too simple? Why didn’t anyone teach him such a simple way to make breakfast?

Ling Zhanyi’s depression lasted only for a short while and he was soon immersed in the excitement of moving house. Although they would only be moving for a month, this was still considered an improvement, wasn’t it?

Work hard, work hard! Ling Zhanyi! Work hard and chase your wife to your hand!

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