Chapter 59: Those doted ones are all fearless

Su Ziyang turned around and laughed at Ling Zhanyi’s startled look. “Are you thinking in your heart that —— this was too simple?”

Ling Zhanyi honestly answered, “It is true though.”

“Later, when the pot boils, you have to stir it with a spoon several times to avoid the rice sticking to the pot. In addition, you also have to turn down the heat a little lower. If you want to eat porridge that is a bit thicker, you will have to put less water or put more rice. If you want to cook a variety of rice together such as Eight Treasure Congee1, Lily and Mung Bean Congee2, Red Bean with Coix Seed Congee3 and so on, some of these rice and beans need to be soaked in water overnight. If you soak it overnight, you can’t use hot boiling water. Otherwise, some rice will be scalded to death…” Su Ziyang spoke frankly and as expected, the idea of “simple” in Ling Zhanyi‘s mind was quickly toppled down.

“So there are actually so many insights and understanding needed…” Ling Zhanyi sighed and he thought of how Su Ziyang said that ‘the rice would be scalded to death’. He wondered, “Is this rice alive? Why did you say that they would be scalded to death?”

“…” Su Ziyang’s face stiffened. He pushed Ling Zhanyi out of the kitchen. “You disappear from my sight as soon as possible! How can you ask such idiotic questions when you don’t look like an idiot?!!”

“This is called being diligent and inquisitive. Lord Wife4, could you help me resolve my confusion!” Ling Zhanyi deliberately asked again, “Why would it be scalded to death?”

Su Ziyang was gritting his teeth in anger but he soon calmed down. He took back his arms and crossed it like he was about to tell a long story: “You want to know, right? We can discuss this question for one whole day…”

“I’ll go wash up!” Ling Zhanyi retreated spontaneously and left the kitchen while making a peal of ridiculing laughter. Turning around, Big President Ling muttered in a low voice, “Forget it if you don’t want to tell me the reason, I’ll Baidu5 it myself…”

Some rice would not be cooked if hot water was used; No matter what kind of method of cooking was used, it would still be hard. This was commonly known as——death from scalding.

Tsk, so it was like that! Ling Zhanyi kept his phone, took the toothpaste and squeeze out some onto his toothbrush and began brushing his teeth.

A certain big president reflected in the mirror had his mouth full of foams, but his eyebrows and eyes were bent. He was obviously in a good mood. At the moment, his heart portrayal was: En, he can taste the cooking of his wife later. How blissful, how blissful…

When Ling Zhanyi was done with his washing up, Su Ziyang had already boiled the porridge and stir-fried the shredded potato6

A simple breakfast would do.

“Ziyang, I couldn’t tell ah, your knife skills are so good! Look at how this plate of shredded potatoes was sliced! It’s too great!” Ling Zhanyi filled his mouth with it while praising simultaneously.

In fact, Su Ziyang knew exactly the level of his cooking skills. It was just average, but when he heard Ling Zhanyi’s praises, he felt rather proud and couldn’t help being smug: “Learn from it, I’m not like a certain someone that still needs an hour to cut a dish and even had his hand cut on the process…”

“Yes, yes, yes. Wife, you are too amazing. I definitely must work diligently to quickly learn how to cook!” Looking at how the little thing that was currently feeling so high and mighty, Ling Zhanyi grinned in his heart and couldn’t help agreeing to his words.

He just liked seeing Su Ziyang throw his weight around. How wonderful was this? He was definitely much more intimate than being overloaded with cautiously where he would not show his anger or happiness.

“Please pay attention to your words!” Su Ziyang rolled his eyes at him and suddenly remembered something. “By the way, I’ll still have to take my photographic equipment to record the baby’s daily life. Yesterday, I was sick and I forgot to record. It’s such a pity.”

Ling Zhanyi naturally was more than willing to do so: “Good ah! Bring them! Bring everything! Would you also film me along too? I am the father of the baby! I didn’t show up in the first four months, so as to make up for the lost time, you have to include and film more of me!”

“There is no share for you. You are not qualified to appear on the same screen as us.” Su Ziyang deliberately played with him and pretended to disagree.

“Then I won’t take the equipment with me. There isn’t any part of my share anyway.” Ling Zhanyi began to act shamelessly.

“You dare!” Su Ziyang feared nothing. “If you don’t bring them, then don’t even try to bring me there! I will live here. You can just go by yourself.”

Ling Zhanyi was helpless, “Don’t be like this… How can you always threaten me with the same thing every time——?”

“Who asked you to only buy this shit7!” Su Ziyang snickered and left Ling Zhanyi at one side beating his chest and stamping his feet8, feeling too late for regrets.

His weak spot was accurately grasped by Ziyang, only slavery awaits him now!

However, although he was hooting out of how unfair this was, Big Bad Wolf Ling’s heart was actually very pleased. He was happy to let Su Ziyang grasp his weakness and threaten him with it over and over again, which did show why the little thing was fearless and willing to live under his protection.

Su Ziyang remembered that he hadn’t washed yet after he had finished his meal, so he ordered Ling Zhanyi to carry his luggage down first, and then he would go downstairs together when he was done washing up.

Ling Zhanyi, of course, had no objection. First, he took the luggage that contains their clothes downstairs, went to the parking lot and drove his car downstairs. He put the luggage in the trunk, locked the car, and went back up. This time, he was carrying the system unit of the desktop computer with one of his hands securing it on his shoulder, while his other hand was carrying the box that contained the display screen. Fortunately, the trunk of his car was large enough. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any room for the photographic equipment after he placed the computer parts in.

By the time Ling Zhanyi went back to the room, he was rapidly breathing, Su Ziyang had packed up and consciously put on a light yellow radiation-proof clothes he had found last night.

“My photographic equipment should be handled carefully. They are my treasures.” Su Ziyang entrusted.

Ling Zhanyi nodded: “En, en. Rest assured, I will sure to be extra careful and cautious.”

“There shouldn’t be anything else to take? Then I’ll go downstairs with you.” Su Ziyang looked around and said.

“Both my hands are occupied. I can’t support you. Why don’t you wait a little longer? I’ll go downstairs and put these things away before I’ll come and pick you up.”

“I’m not that delicate. I don’t need your help. Let’s go, I’ll just walk slowly so you won’t have to make another trip. Su Ziyang raised his hand and wiped the sweat on Ling Zhanyi’s forehead.

The weather was really getting hot.

When Ling Zhanyi heard this, his heart was over the moon. This little thing was concerned about him. Of course, he should calmly receive it. If he refused again, it would really be too brainless of him!

“All right, let’s go downstairs together.”

Su Ziyang locked the door, while Ling Zhanyi was already at the side with the elevator’s button pressed. He raised his foot against the elevator door and told Ziyang, “Don’t worry, just walk slowly.”

When Su Ziyang stepped into the elevator, an alarm rang due to the elevator exceeding its time limit, and Ling Zhanyi hurriedly rushed into the elevator. The elevator’s door closed, and its operation was not affected. It still took them downstairs dutifully.

Facing the flight of steps, Ling Zhanyi asked Su Ziyang to wait for him in his original spot here. He quickly ran to the car in three steps, unloaded the equipment, and then rushed back. He stood on the next two steps, and like a dog, he then stretched out a hand and asked Su Ziyang to hold onto it: “Lord Wife, you can take a step now.”

Su Ziyang put his hand on Ling Zhanyi like he was the Empress Dowager in the TV drama and coughed softly, “Little Ling Zi9, go ahead –“

“–”, Ling Zhanyi cooperated with him and helped his little Empress Dowager down bit by bit from the steps. Then he opened the car door and help the person sat in the back seat.

Su Ziyang was unable to restrain a smile and joked, “Ling Zhanyi, are you a schizophrenic? How come that I don’t remember you being like this in the past?”

“What am I like before?” Ling Zhanyi was curious and thought inwardly, was it really true about what Su Ziyang had said before? That his soul had been reborn?

“Conceited, arrogant, indifferent, unsmiling…” Su Ziyang recalled the previous Ling Zhanyi of his last life and listed them one by one.

The more Ling Zhanyi listened, the darker his face became. So, in Su Ziyang’s heart, he always had such an image ah! No wonder what matter he did, he was still incredibly skeptical…

“Hmm…” Su Ziyang thought for a moment and then added, “Of course, you were very enthusiastic in bed, which was a great mismatch to your cold face…”

Ling Zhanyi did not know whether to cry or laugh. Don’t look at this little thing’s raised guard and disdain. In fact, he’s a little pervert, wasn’t he? Otherwise, why was he praising his bedroom skill?

Of course, it’s not shameful to be praised for having good skills in bed. A man who could satisfy his wife was a good husband, isn’t that right?

Ling Zhanyi did not rush back to the driver’s seat but instead, he leaned forward to steal a mouthful of fragrance from Su Ziyang’s lips and asked with a smile, “What do you think of me now?”

“… Arrogant, still prideful, tyrannical, and shamelessness… Hmm…” Su Ziyang’s next words were quickly choked back. Ling Zhanyi was kneeling between the narrow space of the door and seat. He kissed this stubborn little thing firmly!

“Honey, thank you for praising me just now. I will try my best to become more arrogant, prideful, overbearing and shameless!” Ling Zhanyi withdrew from Su Ziyang’s lips and teeth only to take another provocative bite on his bottom lip. He got out of the car and laughed, “Okay, let’s go home!”

The car slowly started, and Ling Zhanyi kept the car moving in a very steady. He glanced back to Su Ziyang, who was gnashing his teeth and couldn’t help but smile.

Su Ziyang removed the pillow from the back seat and smashed it on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder. “I forbid you to eat at lunch!”

“That’s fine. If you can give me a few more kisses, I can even skip dinner.” Although Ling Zhanyi had responded to Su Ziyang, he did not forget to concentrate on driving.

Su Ziyang wanted to smash the pillow on him a few more times, but he felt it was rather strenuous as lifting his arms would pull at his waist making it felt a little sore. So he no longer paid attention to the bastard and looked out of the window in silence.

“Ziyang? Don’t ignore me, can you say something?”

“Is it because I didn’t let you sit in the co-driver’s seat? The co-driver’s seat is the most dangerous. I dare not let you sit there. The back seat is smooth and incredibly safe. Endure it for a while! “

“Do you want to listen to songs? I’ll play something for you… How about this one?”

“Ziyang, when we get home, you will like our ‘new’ home for sure…”

“Ancestor, can you say something? I’ve already talked until my mouth is parched.” Ling Zhanyi finally surrendered.

“You deserved it!” The corner of Su Ziyang’s lips masked his refusal to acknowledge Ling Zhanyi. When he heard Ling Zhanyi saying his mouth was dry. He reached out and took a bottle of milk from the otherwise, empty back seat and twisted it open. He deliberately stretched out his tongue and licked the remnant of the liquid before he provoked, “I just won’t just give it to you to drink! Die of thirst!”

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