Chapter 6: A coward that sneaked away

Carefully moving away from the arms that were hugging around his waist, Su Ziyang struggled to turn over and get out of bed. As a result, he was weak and sore, which caused him to stand unsteadily and knelt on the carpet.

Supported by his hands, Su Ziyang looked back at Ling Zhanyi flagrantly. Fortunately, the fellow was so tired last night after tossing him around, thinking about it made him felt tired too. The noise he made just now did not wake him up.

Su Ziyang struggled to get up from the carpet, he also did not bother taking a bath. He endured the pain as he put on his clothes and slipped away in slippers.

It was unknown how long it took for the sleeping man to unconsciously flung back his arm, but the spot turned out to be empty.


Ling Zhanyi squinted and looked at his side and found that no one was there.

Opening his eyes, he sat up, got out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom.

“Ziyang?” Ling Zhanyi opened the door of the bathroom and found nobody inside. He turned and looked around.

—— The carpet was littered with his own clothes, and Su Ziyang’s clothes and the person disappeared.

—— The only thing left was a pair of shoes in the room and in the entrance.

Ling Zhanyi squinted unhappily, and no one would wake up earlier than he did after a night of passion with him, or even sneak away.

Did his skills not satisfy him? Why did he leave in such a hurry? He was thinking about another morning exercise. The taste of that guy… Actually, it’s quite good.

Ling Zhanyi bent over and used three fingers to carry Su Ziyang’s shoes and looked thoughtfully. Did he have to find a man who can wear these shoes just like Cinderella’s story?

After pouting his lips, President Ling threw his shoes back to their original place, gracefully stepped into the bathroom and began to wash.

Ten minutes later, Ling Zhanyi who was dressed, went to the surveillance room.

“Pres- President why are you here?” The person in charge of monitoring rose cautiously greeted the president who arrived here early in the morning.

Ling Zhanyi said solemnly, “Pour me a cup of coffee.”

“Yes, yes!” The person in charge left.

Ling Zhanyi stood straight with his hands before. He was majestic until the door was closed. He quickly went to the monitoring office, moved the mouse, tapped the keyboard, and acted like floating cloud and water. He skillfully found the monitoring of his room with Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang was limping, and the awkward appearance of him wearing slippers caught his eye. Ling Zhanyi could not help but watch him escape from the room until out of the hotel. He then searched for the monitoring set up outside the hotel. He saw Su Ziyang got on a taxi and went off.

Having seen the license plate number, Ling Zhanyi intercepted a photo of Su Ziyang and saved it to his mobile phone. He turned off the monitor, pushed the door and went out.

The person in charge just came over with a cup of coffee and saw Ling Zhanyi coming out. He was not sure whether the big boss was angry or not. He dare not breath heavily and asked in a low voice, “Pres- President, are you leaving?”

“En, the monitoring is good, continue to work hard.” Ling Zhanyi patted him on the shoulder and laughed, “The coffee is for you!” After that, he left with a happy step.

The person in charge slowed down for a long time, and then showed a happy face, as if in a dream – the president praised him.

Ling Ziyang found the taxi driver by the taxi license plate number and then got Su Ziyang’s address through the taxi driver. He pinched the small note about Su Ziyang’s address in his hand, and his smile deepened.

Should I give you a surprise? Coward…

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  1. what is this… this.. brewing dislike of the Male Lead…..
    lol how does he not take his own shoes when he went out? not even one that was in the room?

  2. Classic case of either wanting the one who doesn’t treat you like the best thing since sliced bread or going after the one person who rejected you.

    Thanks for the hard work

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