Chapter 60: Bastard Ling’s house is too luxurious!

In fact, that big bag of snacks and milk was bought by Ling Zhanyi in advance and was placed in the back seat for rainy days. It was mainly prepared for Su Ziyang, but this little thing was too fearless, wasn’t he? He even dared to provoke him now?

“I was wrong, Lord Wife. Can you spare me some to drink?” Ling Zhanyi’s sullen face begged for forgiveness.

“Not giving. You can drink it at home! These are all mine!” Su Ziyang was determined not to be soft-hearted.

Ling Zhanyi sighed helplessly. Fine, so be it that he could only drink after they arrive at home. Anyway, it’s not that it’s far.

Ling Zhanyi no longer teased Su Ziyang. He concentrated on driving, slowly making a turn and drove into a wide expanse of road.

After driving on the road for a while, his shoulder was suddenly poked. Ling Zhanyi lifted his eyes and took a quick glance at the rearview mirror. Su Ziyang stretched the milk straw and placed it into a mineral water bottle. He didn’t say anything, but his head was tilted up slightly with an expression of “This Ye1 bestows to you”.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyebrows bent and he smiled very brightly. He slightly inclined his head sidewards, held the straw in between his lips and sucked two mouthfuls of water. Of course, his whole body was still seated upright, and his line of sight was also focused on the front of the road.

After swallowing two mouthfuls of water, Ling Zhanyi’s eyes narrowed in satisfaction. Why did he think that this water tasted sweeter than any of the water he had drank before?

After driving for nearly fifteen minutes, the car turned into a villa district and then stopped in front of a simple and elegant villa.

Su Ziyang looked out sideways and in between his lament, he didn’t forget to ridicule and said, “What terrible capitalist!”

Ling Zhanyi rolled down the window, took a key from his pocket and pressed it against the gate of the villa. After a ‘beep’, the gate opened and Ling Zhanyi stepped on the accelerator and drove the car in.

After the car entered, the gate closed automatically.

The courtyard was very big and there was a small garden beside it. The beautiful purples and brilliant reds blossomed right at the time. Further in, there was a huge outdoor swimming pool with pools of water glistening, it looked particularly clean. Su Ziyang stared at the swimming pool with shining eyes—— Hmm, this is good ah. He can swim during the summer!

But his eyes immediately dimmed again at the thought that he was now pregnant, seems like he wouldn’t be able to use this pool this summer.

The car continued to drive forward. There was a small basketball court on the cement floor, and as well as some simple fitness equipment. Of course, there were also many lush and verdant trees around, and the huge shade cast downwards was enough to envelop the whole site, making it looked rather sentimental.

This Bastard Ling sure knows how to enjoy…

Finally, the car stopped in front of the steps, and inside was the main entrance hall of the villa.

Ling Zhanyi got off, went around the back door and opened the door for Su Ziyang. He stooped down, stretched out his hand and respectfully said, “Lord Wife, please step out of the car一”

Su Ziyang took back his envious gaze and pretended to be serious as he held onto Ling Zhanyi’s hand to get off the car. However, his shining eyes had obviously betrayed him —— In fact, he liked this place very much.

As a photographer, he was naturally fond of beautiful things and stylish scenes, and Su Ziyang was no exception to this place.

However, he couldn’t show too much fondness. Otherwise, Bastard Ling would surely use this opportunity to tease him.

He must hold on ah, hold on ah, Su Ziyang!

Su Ziyang said to himself and followed Ling Zhanyi up the steps. Ling Zhanyi pressed several buttons outside the door. At the same time, he did not forget to tell Su Ziyang, “The password is 965813, hmm… Forget it. I’m afraid you won’t remember. I will change it to your birthday. When’s your birthday?”

Su Ziyang pouted his lips. “I’m not that forgetful. There’s no need to change it.”

“I knew your birth date even if you don’t tell me, it’s January 21, right? Then let’s change it to 121121…” Ling Zhagyi began to change the password right then and there, black lines emerged on Su Ziyang’s face. “This password is too easy to decipher! You are a fool!”

Ling Zhanyi had just keyed the third number when he heard Ziyang said this. He smiled slyly and pressed 521, this last three numbers: “121521, it should be much better now? The last three numbers is my birthday, isn’t it easy to remember?”

“…” Su Ziyang loss his strength to roast him, “This is even easier to decipher.”

“That’s it. Security guards are patrolling 24/7 here. There’s also a lock at the gate. Nobody would dare to come here to break in and decipher the password, don’t worry. Come on, go inside.” Ling Zhanyi opened the door and welcomed Su Ziyang in.

The living room was very spacious and the furnishings were even more tasteful with a subdued touch of luxury. Su Ziyang was actually also a very tasteful person, but his capital wouldn’t allow him to be tasteful. Otherwise, he would have certainly decorated his home and transform it into a subdued yet luxurious appearance.

In his two years as a photographer, he had traveled to many places and even came into contact with some big celebrities and rich families. He had some knowledge about antiques and paintings, so he knew the value of the things displayed in Ling Zhanyi’s living room very clearly.

Ling Zhanyi tidied up the slightly disordered sofa and supported Su Ziyang to sit down. “Sit down for a while and have a rest. I’ll carry the luggage in.”

“En.” Su Ziyang nodded and sat down, looking at the huge TV screen opposite him and sighed.

Ling Zhanyi gave no regards to resting at all. He carried the luggage, Su Ziyang’s photographic equipment, and also the computer parts inside before moving them into a room on the first floor. Afterward, he reassembled the desktop computer and went directly to the bathroom to wash his hands before heading back to the room to hang all the clothes inside the wardrobe. Finally, he took a breath of relief.

When Ling Zhanyi came out, Su Ziyang just came to the door. He rushed forward to support him. “Why aren’t you sitting down?”

“I want to see the room.” Su Ziyang looked around the room that was much larger than his master bedroom. He curiously asked, “Is this my room?”

Ling Zhanyi paused for a moment before he nodded, “En, it is.”

—— In fact, he wanted to say, this is both of our room, all right!

However, for fear of Su Ziyang being angry, it would be safer to answer this question in this way first. At most, he would just continue to secretly climb into his bed at night.

“The room in your house is so big. It’s a waste to sleep by yourself.” Su Ziyang muttered and headed for the big bed, which was almost double the size of his bed.

“It’s not a waste, can’t I just accompany you to sleep?” Ling Zhanyi climbed in and peeked at Su Ziyang. He didn’t seem angry. So Ling Zhanyi continued to ask, “Ziyang, can I sleep with you at night?”

Su Ziyang was sitting beside the bed. His eyes turned around, but he didn’t answer his question.

Ling Zhanyi then, began to list the benefits of sleeping in the same bed: “You see, in case if you are thirsty and hungry at night, you can order me as you wish, nor would you need to worry about being unable to wake me up, you can just push or kick me, I promise I would wake up by then. If you feel tired and sore, I can also massage for you. What do you think about my proposition?”

“I didn’t say you can’t. This is your own house, you can sleep wherever you like.” Su Ziyang considered Ling Zhanyi’s words intensively and felt that this was indeed feasible, so he accepted his proposal without any objection.

“Really?! That’s great!” Ling Zhanyi almost wanted to shout out of happiness, but because the pregnant Su Ziyang was near him, he suppressed his urge to shout. He circled in place excitedly and then asked eagerly, “What would you like for lunch? I’m going out to buy some ingredients. I’ve been away from home these past few days. There’s nothing left in the refrigerator.”

In fact, Ling Zhanyi had never eaten at home ever since he started living by himself. He was either accompanying customers, asking friends out or going to his parents’ home to eat, so it would be strange if there were any ingredients in the refrigerator.

“You take a rest first. You’ve been busy the whole morning, it’s still early. There’s no need to rush for lunch.” Su Ziyang then laid back. “Just lie down with me.”

Ling Zhanyi naturally was more than willing: “Okay!”

They lay side by side in the big bed. Su Ziyang still hadn’t recovered from his cold yet. It was just slightly better than yesterday. But after all, a cold would normally last for a week or so and even longer. The moment he took a rest, he quickly grew tired. He turned over and asked vaguely, “Have you contacted the decoration company yet? When will they start refitting the floor?”

Ling Zhanyi leaned sideways with his elbow supporting his weight and his palm supporting his chin. He looked at Su Ziyang quietly and replied after hearing the question, “No I haven’t. I’ll call them when I’m done with the packing. This isn’t urgent. The company still have to prepare the necessary materials needed. The fastest speed for them to start working should be tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Su Ziyang responded, his breathing gradually stabilized. He seemed really tired, and he really did indeed wanted to sleep.

Ling Zhanyi tentatively stretched his hand out around his waist and abdomen. He gently rubbed his belly, feeling the vitality of the little fellow inside. He could not help exclaiming that his son was really growing very fast!

Su Ziyang did not object to this but only moved slightly. Ling Zhanyi approached closer and embraced Su Ziyang in his arms. He rubbed his chin against Su Ziyang’s shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Yes, Ziyang, when is the next check-up?”

“Well… Let me see… Soon… It should be on the 8th.”

“8th? Isn’t that the day after tomorrow? I’ll go with you!”

“Well, then I’m not going to the Municipal Hospital. I’m going to Pingan Hospital.” Su Ziyang emphasized.

“Yes, let’s go to Pingan Hospital for the check-up.” Ling Zhanyi echoed.

Su Ziyang leaned back in his arms, his closed eyes trembled slightly. Finally, he asked the question he had always wanted to ask: “Ling Zhanyi, you… Why on earth do you want to be with me?”

“In the first place… In fact, we should have gone our separate ways and hold no more involvement with each other’s affairs, right?…”

“Tell me honestly, are you with me only because of the baby?”

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