Chapter 61: Expressing sincerity, finally had gotten relief!

While waiting for his reply, Su Ziyang was so nervous that both his palms were sweating.

Although he was clearly aware that the answer to his question would not be something that he would want to know, he still asked this question that been buried in his heart for a long time.

No matter what, this problem must be faced.

It was better to make things clear between them earlier and be at ease than to put this bloody fact before him when he could no longer control his feelings.

The body of the person in his arms stiffened involuntarily and his breathing grew cautious. With Ling Zhanyi was holding Su Ziyang, such an obvious reaction, how could he not notice that Ziyang was nervous?

Ling Zhanyi sighed lightly. So the issue that this little thing had been worrying about was this. He still thought that Ziyang was blaming him for not introducing him to his parents…

However, he had finally asked… If he continued to keep this problem in Ziyang’s heart and let his mind mull over it erratically, he’s afraid that their relationship would only grow further and further apart.

“Was this question too difficult for you to answer?” Su Ziyang didn’t hear any replies, so he moved sideways with some impatience, ready to leave Ling Zhanyi’s embrace. “Then don’t answer it!”

Ling Zhanyi refused to let him go. Instead, he confined him to his chest, as he murmured in a low voice to him, “Ziyang, so this is what you have been bothered about… You made me guessed so hard…”

Ling Zhanyi pulled Su Ziyang’s body and had him faced himself. Their eyes came into contact —— Su Ziyang’s eyes sparkled with implied expectations; Ling Zhanyi’s eyes were sincere and convincing.

“Ziyang, if I were to answer you that I wasn’t with you because of the baby, it would just show that I am too fake. Now that you had finally asked me today, I’ll tell you the truth.”

“At first, my interest was aroused by you when you told me to, ‘shoot outside’, ‘because you might get pregnant’ that night. But even if I was intrigued by what your words, I didn’t take it seriously. I thought you were kidding then, but since no man had ever made such a joke, I thought in my mind that you were very interesting. And you’re also quite straight forward. You can quickly move on to some things and not restrain yourself, resulting in us having a good time that night….”

“It’s not easy to find a person in tune with your taste. So the next day I wanted to know more about you. However, you hurriedly escaped from under my eyes!”

Speaking of this, Ling Zhanyi was both angry and helpless. He reached out to gently trace Su Ziyang’s eyebrows before sighing, “You know what? Ziyang, the more you run away, the more interested I become. I don’t know what’s going on, things like investigating out more information about you, and I really did it afterward. I found your address and drove to your house in a hurry, but I had accidentally caused you to fall over and injured the back of your head. At that time, I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. You wanted to extort me for money, but your heart was really kind and couldn’t bear to extort too much money from me. I couldn’t help but want to tease you. It’s funny to see how you blew up in anger…”

When Su Ziyang heard this, he couldn’t help but stare at Ling Zhanyi. “I knew you said that on purpose at that time! You are such a bad man!”

Ling Zhanyi smiled slightly. He bowed his head and stamped a kiss on Su Ziyang’s lips to coax his anger away. “Didn’t I gave you more money so that you would feel better?”

“Chopped logic!” Su Ziyang pushed him aside and looked intently at Ling Zhanyi. “Continue, you still haven’t answered the most critical question yet!”

Ling Zhanyi’s lips twitched, hadn’t he answered his question already? Perhaps he didn’t make it clear enough? He was interested in him at first because of the baby, and then after interacting with him for so long, he found him very suitable, which made him want to stay with him for a long time…

“Then I was stuck in other businesses for several months before I was able to get away, and then I went to find you, where you were actually living with another man! You still asked that man to drive me away!” Ling Zhanyi could not help grinding his teeth, “Do you know what this means to me? You have a new lover! I wanted to catch you and teach you a lesson. Who knows when I checked, I found out that you are pregnant!”

Ling Zhanyi was angry and it wasn’t dispersing. He could only press Su Ziyang under his body and kissed him fiercely until the kiss reduced his anger. Then he began to say angrily, “I thought you wanted to steal my seed by deliberately saying that you could get pregnant that night. Naturally, I would move more intensely because I didn’t believe you and your rate of getting pregnant would be higher… If this is not stealing seeds, then what is it? Later on, you kept hiding from me all the time, I was even more affirmed that you wanted to steal my seeds, and naturally, I would not let you go!”

“You bastard only knows how to think nonsensically! You cause my death first!” Su Ziyang gasped and despised, but on second thought, he also understood Ling Zhanyi’s feelings.

Well, Ling Zhanyi of this life did not know what happened in the last life. He, himself was pregnant and hid from him inexplicably. It’s beyond reproach that he would think this way…

However, after all, it still went back to this point —— he’s with him because of the baby.

Ling Zhanyi noticed Su Ziyang’s mood was declining and hurriedly re-embraced the person. He whispered, “Ziyang, I have been honest with you. You can’t blame me. There is no love at first sight between people, moreover, we met each other in the nightclub… For you to be able to attract me, there must be something about you that I fancy… But I promise, after interacting with you later, I no longer regarded you because of the baby. I really want to date you!”

Su Ziyang’s eyes were downcast, and his long eyelashes concealed the emotions in his eyes so that no one could see if he was angry or happy.

Ling Zhanyi stretched out his hand and clamped Su Ziyang’s chin, forcing him to look up. “Ziyang, look at me, if I lied to you, saying that I love you at first sight, would you be relieved? No, you could only not believe me even more! I don’t want you to distrust me, so I’m telling the truth.”

“Actually, if you think about it carefully, that day where you almost had a car accident, I had told you in the hospital that I want to try to date you. You weren’t pregnant at that time, and I didn’t know that you could really get pregnant. Would that prove my innocence?”

Su Ziyang looked at Ling Zhanyi’s serene and deep eyes. Where was the reflected contradictory appearance of his? In fact, when Ling Zhanyi studied cooking for his sake, he had already silently trusted this man.

Later, they stayed together for a few days, and all his actions revealed his heart’s intention…

Now, the knots in his heart have been untied. Both of them would be very tired if this dragged on. As he thought before, since they had given each other a chance, then let’s try being together!

Life in the world, wasn’t it to find a person who could hold your hands for a lifetime and never abandon you?

If you keep running away and refuses to take steps, even if the other party have the patience, he would still be overwhelmed by reality. In the end, he would turn around and leave, right?

Seeing Su Ziyang’s eyes relaxing, Ling Zhanyi was overjoyed. He no longer waited for an answer. He put his hands directly on both sides of Su Ziyang’s body and kissed him tenderly in joy.

A moment later, an ambiguous murmur came into Su Ziyang’s ear: “Ziyang… I will always be good to you… Believe me…”

In this situation, how could Su Ziyang, who had relaxed his mind, hold on? He was soon sent dizzy by the kisses. When his brain finally worked, he could not help but stretch out his hand to push Ling Zhanyi. “Okay! Are you addicted to taking advantage of me?!” After catching his breath for a moment, Su Ziyang glared at him. “Your son is hungry. Go shop and cook!”

Ling Zhanyi propped up and moved slowly down to Su Ziyang’s abdomen. He kissed his future son through his clothes. “Son, now Daddy is going to cook, so stay in Daddy’s stomach obediently. If you dare to make trouble, I’ll hit your little butt when you come out!”

“Are you done…” Su Ziyang pouted his lips, but his lips were smiling. He caressed his abdomen, and wondered, “How do you know it’s a son? Maybe it’s a daughter…”

“We’re both XY chromosomes, of course, a son is more likely!” Ling Zhanyi opened his mouth confidently and then added, “Of course, I like it as much whether it’s a son or daughter! My favorite is the child’s mother!”

“You’re then his mother! The child calls me Daddy too!” Su Ziyang corrected.

“Okay, okay, okay, call your Father, call me Daddy, everything is up to you!” Ling Zhagyi hastily echoed.

“Go cook!” Su Ziyang urged.

“Follow your orders! Lord Wife!” Ling Zhanyi finally moved to the bedside. After he got down, he made a funny military salute to Su Ziyang before walking to the door. When he left, he couldn’t help looking back. His face was filled with a happy smile and sincerely said, “Ziyang, I am so happy! Thank you for finally accepting me!”

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