Chapter 63: Twins! Some are happy, some are worried.

It was not until some time later before Ling Zhanyi found out that Su Ziyang was in love with the bathtub. That day was Su Ziyang’s first time using a bathtub, and Ling Zhanyi thought that the reason he had soaked for so long was that he was tired.

The next day, both of them both relaxed at home and was prepared to go to the hospital for a check-up on the third day.

Su Ziyang calculated, he should be around five months pregnant but his stomach seemed to have grown a size again, making him looked 6 months pregnant. He was prepared to ask the doctor what exactly was happening. Was it because of overnutrition or was it because he was too thin that he appeared to have a bigger stomach?

Ling Zhanyi still asked Su Ziyang to sit in the back seat and drove the car steadily to Pingan Hospital.

There were quite a lot of people going in and out of the hospital, so when Ling Zhanyi helped Su Ziyang get off the car, they would inevitably encounter some people’s unusual expression. There were even some people privately gesticulating as if they were very disgusted with the fact that a man could get pregnant.

“Don’t pay attention to them. There’s another pregnant man in a foreign country who has appeared in the newspaper. It’s normal. Don’t listen to their gossip.” Ling Zhanyi held on to Su Ziyang who was walking slowly towards the hospital.

Su Ziyang’s eyebrows curved and he raised his lips to smile, “En, I won’t care. No one except the doctor knows that I am pregnant because of my special constitution. Others can look all they want, it doesn’t hinder me.”

“That’s right. I can’t imagine your understanding to be so high.” Ling Zhanyi exclaimed, and at the same time, his stern eyes scanned the people around him. Then he helped Su Ziyang to move on without running into any trouble.

The day before, Ling Zhanyi had already made a VIP medical card of the hospital and an appointment with the doctor who had helped Su Ziyang with his diagnose before, so they went to the doctor’s office without waiting.

When the doctor saw that the man who sent Su Ziyang for examination was no longer the gentleman from last time, he was stunned. Then he looked at Su Ziyang inquiringly and said, “This is… the father of the child?”

Su Ziyang nodded and sat down with the help of Ling Zhanyi.

The doctor got up behind the table and went around to the front. He looked at Su Ziyang’s abdomen carefully and was somewhat surprised. “If I remember correctly, it’s only five months now, right? Why is it so big?”

Su Ziyang was about to speak when Ling Zhanyi spoke, “We won’t be coming to the hospital if we knew what was happening. Help him check carefully to see if there is something wrong with the baby. He’s been feeling bloated and sore recently…”

The doctor wasn’t angry. He inwardly thought that this fellow was much more powerful than the gentleman who wore glasses. But with such a man, his wife should be much happier. He had long suspected that the previous gentleman could not be the father of this pregnant man. As expected, he could see at first glance that this man with a powerful aura was the father!

The doctor laughed and said, “Because the child is growing and the organs in your body are smaller than those in women, it is normal to feel pain and distension. I think what is wrong is the abnormal size, if you are a fat man with such a big belly, it is excusable, but you are still so thin ah! Let’s go. I’ll take you to have a detailed examination.”

Su Ziyang stood up holding his abdomen and Ling Zhanyi curiously asked, “Are we doing a B-mode ultrasound?”

“En.” The doctor opened the door to lead the way, “Now the hospital is using color ultrasonic diagnosis, color ultrasonic diagnosis is also a kind of B-mode ultrasound, but with color imaging, so the images could be seen clearer.”

“So that’s it! We’ll be troubling you!” Ling Zhanyi began to compliment.

The doctor smiled. He pushed open the door of the color ultrasonic diagnosis room and smiled at Su Ziyang. “Still lie down like before…”

Ling Zhanyi pulled Su Ziyang before turning to ask the doctor, “Will this be irradiated?”

“There will be some radiation, but he is wearing radiation-proof clothes, so the impact would not be too big, and only babies more than four months old can do a color ultrasonic diagnosis examination, so you can rest assured.”

Su Ziyang patted Ling Zhanyi’s hands: “It’s all right. If this has an impact on the baby, then no one would do color ultrasonic diagnosis. I checked, doing this for three to four times during pregnancy would not be harmful.”

“You’re right. Let’s do the check-up.” Ling Zhanyi helped him lie down, uncovered his clothes, and let the doctor do the instrumental sensing.

Of course, seeing the doctor’s hand sensor move a little on Su Ziyang’s belly, Ling Zhanyi was a little depressed. He wanted to reach out and grab the sensor. He personally wanted to help Su Ziyang with it, but he didn’t know how to do it, where to stay longer and where to stay shorter. So, he could only feel depressed inwardly.

Soon, Ling Zhanyi’s depression disappeared, because the doctor looked at the picture of two babies on the display screen over there, and suddenly realized with a smile: “No wonder, no wonder, it turned out to be so! What a miracle!”

Ling Zhanyi chased, “What miracle? Is there any problem or not?” During the conversation, Ling Zhanyi also looked up at the screen. When he saw the screen, he was stunned at once—— two?!

“There is no problem. I’ve found the root cause of his bloatedness and bigger stomach.” The doctor turned to Su Ziyang and said with a smile, “You have two babies in your stomach. The other one was completely blocked by this one during your last examination. At that time, the fetus was still very small, so it was not shown. Now, with the growth of the fetus, it was discovered by the color ultrasonic diagnosis. Hey, both of you take a look, these two little guys are facing back to back in your stomach!”

As he spoke, the doctor moved his body so that Su Ziyang could also take a look at the screen.

—— Two?!

Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang with a glance of joy, while Su Ziyang looked at the screen before unconsciously meeting glances with Ling Zhanyi. However, his eyes were not as joyful as Ling Zhanyi’s— Two ah, will it be harder for him in the future? It will be even worse when he gives birth…

The doctor did not notice the tender feelings and resentment in each of their eyes: “If you are pregnant with twins, your stomach will naturally be bigger than any ordinary people, and in your case, if you are having twins, your stomach should be bigger, but since your space is limited, and sometimes the two babies will fight for space and nutrients, so you will feel pain. It will naturally stabilize when they find a balance…”

“Take a blood test later to see if you have enough nutrition to keep up with the babies, and even though you are tired, you should remember that you can’t always sit down and lie down. You should also exercise. Exercising is conducive to absorbing nutrition. In the future, you will also have enough strength to support your growing stomach… It’s easier when you give birth too… Of course, now that science and technology are so developed, a cesarean is also possible, that is, it will leave a scar…”

“…” Su Ziyang was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. He tried to calm himself down and asked with a sullen face, “How big will my stomach be when I’m about to give birth?”

The doctor drew a comparison: “Around this big… Haha… But depending on the growth of babies, the healthier they are, the bigger they will be. Of course, what I just showed is basically the largest scope. Don’t be psychologically burdened, this five more months will pass quickly… Relax, your mood can not be depressed as it can affect the babies, understand?”

Su Ziyang nodded and sat down slowly while holding onto his stomach. His eyes were dull.

—— Twins… Two babies… God, it’s going to kill him…

Ling Zhanyi was so excited that he was confused and disoriented. After the doctor instructed Su Ziyang, he called Ling Zhanyi over and began to ask him how to take care of his wife and children.

Ling Zhanyi secretly asked the doctor what he wanted to know most – are the babies male or female?

The doctor said that he could not tell them, but he couldn’t resist Ling Zhanyi’s plea, so he coughed a little and secretly told Ling’s two little guys in Su Ziyang’s belly all had handles…

“En, en, en. I remember. Certainly, certainly…” Ling Zhanyi kept on repeating the above three sentences while he listened to the doctor’s advice and repeated them indefinitely.

The doctor’s mouth twitched, well, this person had been so excited, just how much had he heard in…

During the blood test, Su Ziyang was still depressed, but Ling Zhanyi was extremely excited. He held a piece of paper left by the color ultrasound in his hand, on which were several images of the babies and he couldn’t bear to part with it. Of course, he did not forget the blood test results – Su Ziyang was a little malnourished, and his recent cold should be quickly treated, otherwise, it would be harmful to the babies.

The future task of Ling Zhanyi was arduous, he must bring up the nutrition of Ziyang!

On the way home, Ling Zhanyi was still smiling. “Ziyang, am I amazing? Haha, I shot two birds with one arrow and now there are two babies. Haha…”

“Scram! It’s me who’s working hard, and it’s me who’s hurting too. What’s the point of you being amazing!” Although Su Ziyang was happy to welcome two babies in the future, there were still some contradictions and fears in his heart. After all, he died in the hospital bed in his past life, and this shadow lingered in his heart, unable to be driven away.

Now there’s another little thing in hid stomach, and when that time comes… when that time comes… will he die again?

“Ziyang? Are you okay? Are you unhappy?” Sensing the obvious impatience in Su Ziyang’s tone, Ling Zhanyi’s excitement finally dropped several levels. He asked carefully, “Are you afraid of being tired? You can rest assured that I will take good care of you and your babies. I’ll not make you tired.”

“Now what’s the use of these empty words? Go and try carrying two babies! This is not something that can be solved by a touch of the upper and lower lips…” Su Ziyang looked out of the window irritably. He looked like he didn’t want to talk much.

Ling Zhanyi saw that the little thing had exploded his hair. He dared not say anything more. He just drove smoothly and glanced at Su Ziyang from the rearview mirror from time to time. The atmosphere gradually became dull.

A moment later, Su Ziyang also noticed that he was throwing his temper. He took a deep breath, suppressed his restless mood and spoke softly: “I am not unhappy… I’m also happy to have one more family member… It’s just…”

“Just… I’m not ready for it… Suddenly, I have another baby. I am a little scared.”

“In the first place, I am already afraid with one baby, but now I have two. The risk is even greater… I’m afraid that my babies and I will die on the operating table… I, I’m really scared…”

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