Chapter 64:  Alas, didn’t get to see the future daughter-in-law!

Ling Zhanyi heard Su Ziyang’s trembling voice and decided to park his car at the roadside. He climbed from the driver’s seat to the back seat and looked at Su Ziyang cautiously: “Ziyang… Don’t be afraid… Okay? You’ll be fine this time, I will accompany you.”

Although Ling Zhanyi did not believe what Su Ziyang had said about his previous life, he was still helpless when this person was immersed in such pain. If he asked something like’ Was I really that slag to kill you and your baby in the last life?’ at this moment, he’s afraid that Su Ziyang would only be angrier and down. So he obediently complied with Su Ziyang’s words. “Regardless, the last life had already passed, and I have nothing to do with the last life. Do you think I have the temperament as my last life? Am I heartless and cruel? Have some confidence in me, will you?”

Su Ziyang looked at him and nodded slowly, but the trauma of him dying was still lingering in his mind.

“The doctor also said that your mood should not fluctuate too much, otherwise it will affect the babies. Relax, I will take good care of you. If you’re worried about problems during childbirth, we’ll have a c-section, which is safer. I’ll find the best obstetrician and gynecologist on call at any time before the delivery. I’ll also find the best midwife to take care of your babies after you give birth.”

“You see, the baby hasn’t made things difficult for you in the past five months, right? At most, it’s kicking, stretching its arms or something. The doctor also said that this is a normal phenomenon… So don’t worry about it…”

“In the next five months, let’s exercise more and supplement more nutrients to your body. We will do everything step by step…”

Ling Zhanyi sat in the back seat and took Su Ziyang into his arms. He comforted him softly for a long time before  Su Ziyang felt slightly reassured.

“I’m much better. You go and drive. Let’s go home!” He pushed Ling Zhanyi and said.

Ling Zhanyi smiled and kissed his eyebrow: “Okay, let’s go home!”

After that, Ling Zhanyi began to embark on the difficult road of taking care of his wife and children.

Su Ziyang was also gradually falling in love with the bathtub, as the growing abdominal pressure he had would be greatly reduced underwater.

Ling Zhanyi was so busy that he forgot to call the decoration company to start their work.

Ten days later, the decoration company called Ling Zhanyi and asked if he had moved away and if he still want to process with the decoration? Only then did Ling Zhanyi suddenly realized, “Yes, yes, I’ll send you the keys. Okay, you can start today. Let’s make it about three o’clock in the afternoon. Okay…”

Su Ziyang finished a bowl of soup and asked curiously, “What is it?”

Ling Zhanyi’s cooking skills have been improving rapidly recently, spoiling the two little foodies in his stomach.

“Oh, I forgot about the floor modification of the house, and I just remembered to tell them today. Honey, it’s a pity that we’re going to stay here for more than ten days.” Although Ling Zhanyi sounded regretful, his expression was proud.

Su Ziyang was obsessed with the big bathtub, so when he heard Ling Zhanyi’s words, he didn’t feel anything: “It’s fine, this sort of thing couldn’t be helped.”

“That’s right. There’s nothing I can do about it.” How could Ling Zhanyi not know that he was infatuated with the bathtub? Although it was a good thing that he was obsessed with the bathtub, he wouldn’t let him go back even if the fitting was done.

——Although the building over there was Su Ziyang’s home. He was living on the 7th floor, there were still risks when going up the flight of stairs and taking the elevator. Wasn’t his courtyard nice? Ziyang could walk freely under the tree shades, do some exercises, and even take in the fresh air. That building was crowded with people and, Su Ziyang’s stomach was getting bigger. What if people pointed at him? Even if Ziyang doesn’t mind, he himself would still feel distressed for him.

So, the matter of temporary staying here was settled.

In the afternoon, Ling Zhanyi delivered the keys to the decoration company and signed a contract with them. He sent his company’s staff to supervise the working process. After he was done with this, Ling Zhanyi drove home.

As soon as he stepped out, Father Ling and Mother Ling came in.

They made both threats and promises to Uncle Li and finally managed to knock out a confession. They learned the address of their son and future daughter-in-law and rushed excitedly in hopes of seeing their daughter-in-law.

“It’s on the seventh floor, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s on the seventh floor.”

“This house?”

“Yes, that’s the house!”

They sneaked to the front of Su Ziyang’s door like thieves. After checking the address on the note, they dared not knock on the door.

“You knock… I’m afraid our son will get angry when he sees us…” Mother Ling whispered.

Father Ling put out his fingers only to retract it back: “You are the one that was making a fuss about coming here. You knock.” With that, Father Ling retreated behind Mother Ling.

Mother Ling pulled him back and pinched his waist aggressively: “Are you going to knock?”

“Fine, I’ll knock… Isn’t it fine that I’m knocking the door? Anyway, our son will know that I was forced here the moment he sees us.” Father Ling reached out, knocked on the door and looked at Mother Ling. “Do you think our son will get angry? Otherwise, let’s leave!”

“Calm down, even if we got a scolding, we must see our daughter-in-law now that we’re here!” Mother Ling was no longer afraid. She squeezed in front of Father Ling and aimed at the doorbell. When she heard footsteps, she shrank behind him.

Father Ling was too lazy to disdain her.

The door was opened gently. A man in work clothes looked at the man and woman standing at the door in surprise. He raised his sleeve and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He asked honestly, “Excuse me, you are…?”

This two looked liked there were at most in their early forties. They were well dressed with graceful bearing, looking to be very young. Why are they here? Wouldn’t it be that they went to the wrong house?

“Husband, did you record the wrong address?” Mother Ling was also stunned. She grabbed the note on Father Ling’s hand and looked at it again. “Yes, it’s right here…”

From time to time, some loud and small sounds came from the house, as well as the voices of people shouting or commanding. In short, it was very noisy, Father Ling looked in: “Here why… are they renovating it? What about the original owner? Wouldn’t it be that this house was sold?

Mother Ling cried and looked gloomy: “No way? It’s sold?!”

They came here to see them only to have them gone!

“Oh, it’s Mr. Ling who asked us to refit the floor. They didn’t sell the house, but temporarily went to live somewhere else because it would take a week to finish the decoration here.” The person explained.

Father Ling and Mother Ling were relieved. They didn’t move away. They were frightened to death. They thought that their future daughter-in-law had run away with their future grandchild.

Fortunately, it was ‘Mr. Ling’ who asked them to decorate and refit the floor. It seemed to be anti-slippery. This stinky boy knew sure to spoil his wife ah, not bad, not bad.

“Wife, let’s go home. Let’s come in a week to see them .” Father Ling turned to leave. “Anyway, the house is right here. They can’t run away.”

“Let me go in and take a look.” Now that Mother Ling was assured, her curiosity piqued.

They couldn’t possibly move all the things for this temporary decoration. She wanted to go and take a look. Maybe she would be able to see some pictures, such as a photo album. Hahaha…

“Sorry, you can’t go in without the permission of the owner.” The staff stopped her and spoke politely.

“I am the owner’s mother. Why can’t I go into my son’s house?” Mother Ling wanted to enter after saying her reason.

Father Ling helplessly pulled her away: “That’s enough, Wife, are you silly? Since they aren’t staying here and is moving out temporarily. Where else can they move to? If you think about it again, will your son let his favorite person live in just anyone’s homes? He won’t, right?”

Father enlightened his Wife while making eyes, Mother Ling soon understood: “Ah! Yes! The villa of the stinky boy!”

“Yes, they must be there! Go, go there…” Father Ling pulled Mother Ling to leave together.

The Villa.

Ling Zhanyi left home to deliver the keys. Su Ziyang stayed at home and he was bored. After switching on the TV, he found that there no interesting shows. After a while, he wanted to play with the computer but found that he was getting a backache from sitting down. He wanted to call Ling Zhanyi but someone called him and he saw Luoyang’s name on the screen. Su Ziyang laughed and he connected the call. “Luoyang? It’s been a long time since I saw you! How are you?”

“I was about to ask you. I’m all right. What about you? Okay or not? How about my Godson? Is that person good to you?” Luoyang asked several questions in one breath, and after that, both of them couldn’t help laughing.

“I’m okay, the babies are okay, and that Bastard… He’s good to me, but I don’t know how long it will last.”

“That’s good…” Luoyang knew that Su Ziyang could say one thing and mean others. He laughed as he joked, “Don’t ask for too much. Be careful he runs away from your demands.”

“He dares! Now that I have my babies as chips, he can’t bear to run away.” Su Ziyang said this, unconsciously bringing in a sense of pride in his voice.

Luoyang grabbed the words “babies” and was overjoyed. “Ziyang, you just said babies… Could it be… there are two babies? Twins?!”

“En… Yes, twins… It was discovered during my last check-up… I’m surprised and delighted…” Su Ziyang rambled on about his recent situation and then asked, “What about you? How does your little friend treat you? What step have you two taken?”

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