Chapter 65: The future parents-in-law make their way to the door!

Luoyang smiled as he listened to Su Ziyang’s series of inquiries. He let out a soft sigh before unhurriedly speaking again: “We are different from you two. We didn’t have anything binding us together and we started everything from scratch. So, it is inevitable that we would argue. And I have more experience in life than he has. He is very childish at many times. I can only try to understand and accommodate him… But on the whole, it’s a pleasure to be with him. I just don’t know of how long could this relationship last…”

At this point, Luoyang’s voice sank. Aside from their age difference, there were quite a few disparities between him and Ye Shuo.

Luoyang was just a mediocre university professor without any distinctive traits. And Ye Shuo… he was a young master from a rich family, and this could be seen from where they were staying at right now.

—— How could a child that was still in university have such a luxurious place to stay in?

There was no need to think about it, it must have been bought by his family.

But Luoyang did not ask all these. In fact, his heart was subconsciously avoiding these problems.

He had already thought about it, perhaps for Ye Shuo一this rich young master, who was used to eating exotic delicacies had suddenly felt like eating wildness. All in all, it was all just about seeking something new.

However, a person would feel lonely after a long period.

It was enough for him to have someone accompany him during the dead of night when dreams revolved.

So…as long as… as long as he could stay with Ye Shuo, and Ye Shuo would not push him away to find a new partner, he could forget all the difference between them for the time being.

How could a person with such a mindset manage his feelings in the long term?

“Luoyang? Are you all right? Is something wrong? Su Ziyang could detect the hint of depression in Luoyang’s tone no matter how carefree he was. He could not helped but asked nervously.

Luoyang quickly came back to his senses and laughed, “I’m fine. I just thought about some messy things, circling in my head all at once! so it’s inevitable that I’m a little depressed. I am not like you, having someone to pamper you. I could only rely on myself for everything, so I’m not very confident…”

“Aiya, you just think too much. As long as that kid persists on staying with you, there will be no problem. You also have many strong points ah, such as your gentleness, patience, you also know how to cook, staying extremely calm when handling things. Not like me, when things happen, I’ll surely mess things up… Ah, by the way, you’re very knowledgeable too!!” Su Ziyang complimented, “You will naturally attract those kids that never seem to grow up with your wife vibe. But, he will eventually grow up as long as you have enough patience to wait for him. And I believe you’ll stick to it. For your happiness, you have to work hard!”


Luoyang listened to Su Ziyang’s encouragement and he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Nevertheless, he thanked Su Ziyang for his thoughtfulness. “I will persevere on, rest assured. I called you to ask about you and your babies’s recent situation, after all, the babies are my Godson ah, you have to take good care of yourself and my Godsons. I’ll come and visit you when I have time.”

“That… Luoyang, I didn’t live in my original place anymore… That bastard took me to his house to stay…” Su Ziyang was a little embarrassed about this.

He scratched his cheek, at first, he firmly said he would not give Ling Zhanyi any opportunity, but now he was gradually falling into his hands…

Luoyang was really happy for him: “This is good, you are with someone who will take care of you now. Okay, I won’t disturb your rest, tell me your address, I’ll look for a chance to see you. Speaking of it, we are going to have our summer vacation soon. I can chat with you face to face.”

“Good, good, the address is XX…” Su Ziyang reported the address quickly. The reason why he remembered Ling Zhanyi’s address so quickly was that he and Ling Zhanyi bought several more sets of baby’s clothes from the Internet two days ago. After all, now that they knew that they are having two sons, shouldn’t they prepare more clothes? They also bought an extra baby bed for the twins. When they bought it online, Su Ziyang remembered the address.

He was a photographer. He used to write down the address of which celebrity he was visiting or having an interview with. So he formed a habit and took note of Ling Zhanyi’s address the first time they shopped on the net.

“En, I remembered it. I’ll find you when I’ve time. I’ll call you in advance.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you!”

After hanging up the call, Su Ziyang stretched his waist. This long phone call had made him a little tired.

He got up and was ready to take a stroll in the yard. As soon as he reached the door, he heard the engine of a car.

Ling Zhanyi is back!

Su Ziyang opened the door excitedly. He was surprised to see that the car coming in from the gate was a red one. He remembered that Ling Zhanyi’s car was black, so when did it become red?

In this case, that was to say, the approaching car wasn’t Ling Zhanyi’s?

Su Ziyang quickly closed the door. In the crack of the closed door, he saw a car coming in from behind the red car, but the car wasn’t red, it was blue!

What’s going on? Why are so many people coming here all of a sudden?

Who are they?

Su Ziyang locked the door and leaned against it. He stroked his abdomen nervously. No matter who was coming, he could not let them in.

Those who could drive the car in from the gate must be Ling Zhanyi’s family, right? Even if not his family, it must be his friends…

The appearance of his…he was still not prepared to let anyone see him.

Especially… Ling Zhanyi’s family and friends.

Moreover, Ling Zhanyi was not at home.

In the Courtyard.

The red car stopped following by the blue car.

The door of the red car opened and Mother Ling came down with a small bag. Father Ling followed behind and looked at the other car with Mother Ling.

The blue car door opened, and the person who came down was Gu Feng.

Gu Feng greeted Father Ling and Mother Ling warmly: “Uncle and Auntie, are you also looking for Zhanyi? I owe it to you just now, otherwise, I won’t be able to come in. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to talk to you and just entered in.”

“So it was Xiao Feng ah, but you haven’t been to Auntie’s house for a long time. Have you gotten a girlfriend recently?” Mother Ling greeted him.

“I didn’t ah, I am busy working, I don’t have time to find a girlfriend?” Gu Feng stepped forward and took the large bag of food that Father Ling had just taken off from the trunk. He was curious and asked, “Auntie, Uncle, why are you buying so many snacks? I remember that Zhanyi didn’t like snacks very much!”

“Who bought this for that stinky boy!” Seeing Gu Feng asking, Mother Ling knew that her son was hiding from even his best friend, so she took the slightest triumph to reveal what she knew to Gu Feng. “Xiao Feng, you don’t know yet? Zhanyi made a girlfriend!”

Gu Feng stared with widened eyes and inwardly saying it couldn’t be. Doesn’t that kid like men? Has he had a change of heart?

When he thought back to the crib he saw in the video conference that day, surely it couldn’t be a man that was expecting…

So Gu Feng’s gossipy heart was hooked. He took Mother Ling’s arm intimately and curiously said, “Auntie, which young mistress is it? Was it… the young mistress of Su Family whom Zhanyi had disagreed with?”

Didn’t that incident blow up? Zhanyi that guy even hid in his house for 2 months. Didn’t he dislike that woman? He also used a lot of means to suppress the incident. He eventually found evidence at the expense of offending the Su Family to puncture the conspiracy of Su Ziqi. If Mother Ling told him that Zhanyi wanted to compromise with that woman, it would be really unexpected.

“Seems like you really don’t know.” Mother Ling laughed.’ In fact, we haven’t seen her. We don’t know what kind of sort of girl she is nor do we know if she is a young mistress or some ordinary girl from somewhere. But since that girl has the means to make Zhanzhan change for her, I’m sure she’s not that bad…”

Mother Ling was speaking with such assurance that Gu Feng’s lips twitched. So, Auntie Ling was unaware too!

Ling Zhanyi, you sure know how to hide!

“The lady is pregnant with Ling Family’s seed, and Zhanyi showed her great care. Neither I nor his father knows about it. However, we still know that the other day, he asked Zhang Mama to cook for the girl, and asked Uncle Li to deliver the meal. It was very hospitable… I don’t even recognize that stinky boy anymore. He’s never been so attentive to me or his father.” Mother Ling said angrily before she suddenly changed back to a smiling face, “But we can finally meet the real person. And no, the things on your hands was bought for her. She’s pregnant and definitely will like snacks.”

“That person… live here?” Gu Feng doubted.

The room he saw in the video that day didn’t look like here ah! He came here today intending to ask Ling Zhanyi what was going on, where did he hide his mistress too? But he didn’t expect to meet Father Ling and Mother Ling and received such exciting news.

“It is. I think they moved here not long ago as they were living in a small ordinary residential building before. The floor needs to be modified to be anti-slippery, so Zhanyi brought the person back. I just came over from there with his father, where the decoration company is working on refitting the floor. Nobody is staying there.”

“Wife, let’s go, don’t talk here, it’s too hot.” Father Ling was also impatient. He told Mother Ling and Gu Feng before heading to the steps——

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