Chapter 66: Determined not to open the door!

As usual, Mother Ling pressed the passcode with familiarity, but later, she was prompted by the system—— the passcode is wrong, please re-enter.

“En?” Mother Ling thought that she had seen wrongly or perhaps it was her hands that was shaky. So she re-entered the passcode again only to receive the same prompt.

She looked at Father Ling for help. “Husband, what’s the password for Zhanzhan’s house?”

“965813…” Father Ling answered.

“Ah? I had just entered this as the passcode ah. I hadn’t typed it wrongly, what exactly is happening?” Mother Ling’s slender eyebrows scrunched up and she suddenly realized, “That stinky boy changed his passcode!!!”

“Why don’t we… ring the doorbell?” Gu Feng suggested at the side, “Even if Zhanyi is not at home, his girlfriend should be at home. Isn’t she pregnant? Shouldn’t pregnant people stay at home and rest?”

“Right, right, let’s ring the doorbell.” Mother Ling’s index finger pressed on the doorbell several times in a row, but no one answered.

“This is weird… Is nobody at home?” Gu Feng’s handsome face was full of doubts. “Did Zhanyi brought her out to eat?”

“But it’s not possible ah. It’s only four o’clock in the afternoon.” Father Ling raised his hand and looked at his watch before he had a sudden realization, “It couldn’t be that she was afraid to see us? So she intentionally refused to open the door?”

Su Ziyang, who was hidden behind the door, was shocked——Do you have to be so smart? He is hiding behind the door! He is never going to open the door!

Ling Zhanyi hadn’t told them about anything yet. If he opened the door with his current appearance… they would surely be very frightened!

He should persevere for a little more. If no one opens the door, they would surely leave after a while of waiting, right?

Where on earth is Ling Zhanyi? Why isn’t he back yet?!

Su Ziyang frowned and thought in his heart that when Ling Zhanyi returns home later, he must give him a lesson. Ling Zhanyi shouldn’t let him handle this sort of problem ah!

Fortunately, Ling Zhanyi had changed his password at that time. Otherwise, his family and friends would have already killed their way in…

Forget it, Ling Zhanyi better come back only after these people leave. Otherwise, at this time, wouldn’t they just end up bumping into each other?

Then he would have wasted his effort from hiding from them and even left a bad impression…

Thinking of this, Su Ziyang slowly went back to his room. He took his phone and was ready to send Ling Zhanyi a text message, asking him to wander outside for a while. If someone asked him, just say that he was bringing someone out to eat and shop…

No matter what, he must persevere through this hurdle…

As a result, Su Ziyang who just finished sending the text message looked up. He saw a Gu Feng that was looking inside the room through the window.

Gu Feng stared at Su Ziyang, and Su Ziyang stared back at Gu Feng.

Gazing at each other, in the end, it was still Su Ziyang who reacted first. He folded his hands together to make a pleading gesture and directed a sincere expression toward Gu Feng. Then he pointed to the main door, indicating him to not reveal Su Ziyang

Gu Feng had yet to recover from his shock. He opened his mouth in surprise and stared at Su Ziyang’s bulging belly—— Man?! Pregnant?!

Heaven, is this world a fantasy?!

Gu Feng blinked his eyes in an attempt to make his vision clearer after observing him for a period of time it then, affirming his doubts even more.

Su Ziyang had Adam’s apple. He was tall and big. There was no way he could deceive himself that the man in the room was a woman with short hair and a flat chest…

No wonder… No wonder Ling Zhanyi has been hiding this matter from them. This kind of thing… Isn’t this just too absurd?!

Even if Ling Zhanyi told him this secret beforehand, he would never believe it unless he sees it with his own eyes.

It’s just…

Gu Feng once again doubted—— could it be that Su Ziyang was lying to Ling Zhanyi by putting a fake belly under his clothes? But does a man need to do such farce to this extent?

After negating this speculation, Gu Feng finally recovered from the shock. His sight finally moved from Su Ziyang’s stomach to Su Ziyang’s face. Gu Feng clearly saw that the man was indeed good-looking and held gentle features. He should not be a difficult person to get along with.

Since he begged him for help, then… Just help him this once!

If Auntie Ling and Uncle Ling came in only to see a man with a bulging belly, would they be so overstimulated to the point of fainting?

This matter isn’t urgent anyway, Ling Zhanyi’s house affair isn’t for him to meddle with. Just let him solve this problem then.

So Gu Feng nodded his head to indicate that he had agreed to help Su Ziyang and Su Ziyang was relieved. Fortunately, it was this young man that saw him. It would be a bad thing if it was those two elderly people that had seen his current absurd appearance.

“Xiao Feng, did you see anybody?” Mother Ling raised her voice and asked.

Gu Feng let out an assuring smile at Su Ziyang and answered with his face tilted to the side, “Auntie, there is nobody in the room. Zhanyi should have taken her out to go shopping? It’s summer now. It’s time for some appropriate summer clothes to change into. If she is pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to wear her summer clothes from before.”

“That’s right.” Mother Ling sighed disappointedly and turned to look at Father Ling. “Husband, it seems that we did not come at the right time again. Forget it. Next time, we must consult with Zhanyi before we come. I don’t believe that we will always miss meeting our future daughter-in-law!”

“En, let’s put the snacks here first. Let’s go home and make an appointment for another day in advance.” Father Ling told Gu Feng to put that big bag of snacks at the door.

Gu Feng smiled and glanced at Su Ziyang before he walked towards the main door.

“Xiao Feng, why don’t you go to Auntie’s house?” Mother Ling invited, “Let Zhang Mama make you your favorite braised fish.”

Gu Feng would have gone if it was just like any other days, but now he was very curious about the pregnant man in the room, so he declined politely: “Auntie, I’ll go another day. There’s still a dinner party in the evening. You go with your uncle first, and I’ll leave the documents I brought for Zhanyi at the door.”

“All right, let’s go first. Come and play at home whenever you have time!”


Watching Father Ling and Mother Ling get in the car, left the courtyard and finally, saw them drove out of the gate, Gu Feng bent down to pick up the big bag of snacks again, laughed and rang the doorbell.

Su Ziyang was relieved to hear the car leaving, but he was surprised to hear the doorbell ring again.

“Well, in return for my help, you should also open the door and let me in, no?” Gu Feng picked up the phone by the door and said.

When Gu Feng’s words came through the loudspeaker in the room, Su Ziyang realized that it was the man from just now… Why hasn’t he gone yet? What a nuisance!

If he wants that guy to continue helping him cover-up this matter, should he let him in? But he doesn’t know him ah!

What if he is one of Ling Zhanyi’s business competitors?

Su Ziyang’s brain was so immersed in this train of thought that Gu Feng grew impatient on waiting. He opened his mouth again and urged, “Hey, why don’t you open the door? I’m the handsome man who helped you from the window just now! Don’t be afraid. I’m certainly not a bad man. I grew up with Zhanyi, we are good brothers. If you don’t believe me, then you can call him right now and ask if I was telling the truth.”

“It’s summer, it’s not a good way to treat the guest who had helped you by letting them stand in the doorway and let them basked in the sun!”

Su Ziyang’s heart relaxed somewhat, he was just about to go forward to open the door when heard a familiar voice: “Gu Feng! Who let you come to my house?!”

Ling Zhanyi!

You’re back at last!

Su Ziyang breathed a sigh of relief. He took back the hand that was placed on the door lock, turned back and walked away. This is good, there is no need for him to worry anymore. Let Ling Zhanyi handle everything!

Gu Feng turned his head in disdain and looked at the faraway gate. Ling Zhanyi drove slowly the car in. Then he jumped out of the car and strode towards Gu Feng. His eyes were stern and there was a gust of wind brought as he walked, which made his slightly warmed cheeks from basking in the sun to feel a bit refreshed and cooled.

“What? Can’t I just come to your house? What’s the password? Open the door and let me in. The heat is seriously killing me!” Gu Feng urged.

“I just don’t wanna let you in. What are you here for?” Ling Zhanyi looked at him with disdain. “Has everything been finalized at the company? What about the plans for the new products with the Ye Entreprise? Was the proposal already written? Don’t stand here and get out of the way in my house!”

“You are the one in the way!” Gu Feng tried to hit him with a punch and Ling Zhanyi raised his arm to block it. He couldn’t help but laughed and said, “Okay, just leave the snacks here but humans should get outta here!”

“You’re good. I’ve already seen him but I’m still not allowed to go in?” Gu Feng threw the snack bag at Ling Zhanyi. “When Auntie and Uncle were here just now, I helped you hide the truth. I am your benefactor in some way. Quickly stop dawdling, open the door and let me see my future sister-in-law…”

Speaking of this, Gu Feng could not help but ridicule: “Isn’t your wife too calm? I coaxed him for a long time and he still didn’t want to open the door, I really had to admire him!”

Ling Zhanyi listened to him and asked, “Ziyang, is what this bastard said true? Did he saw you?”

Su Ziyang answered using the intercom, “Yes, that’s right. When I went to the bedroom to text you, he saw me.”

Gu Feng’s face was impatient: “Look, your wife has admitted, let me in!”

Ling Zhanyi used his hand to block the password input so that it would not be seen by this fellow who might come to his house next time in grandiose.

He surely did not want any idle person to disturb his time with Ziyang.

Gu Feng pursed his lips when he saw his childish behavior, showing an expression of contempt. Who cares about knowing his passcode ah!

The door opened in response after the six numbers were inputted, and before Ling Zhanyi could go in, Gu Feng had already rushed in.

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