Chapter 67: 100% pure goodness wife!

Ling Zhanyi stretched out his hand but failed to grab Gu Feng. As a result, this fellow scuttled to the living room first. Ling Zhanyi could only shut the door behind him and quickly followed behind Gu Feng.

Su Ziyang had just moved to the sofa, he had yet to sit down when he saw Gu Feng ran towards him with a face of excitement and curiosity, frightened him.

Why is this man so energetic and bold?

Gu Feng didn’t care about how Su Ziyang would look at him. He looked at Su Ziyang with bright, shiny eyes that held an unconcealable curiosity. This gentleman of a vice-president stared at Su Ziyang for a while, he even unconsciously reached out his hand, wanting to touch Su Ziyang’s bulging belly to see if it was real or not.

“Pa -” Ling Zhanyi was eager to protect his wife, he hurriedly went up and swatted Gu Feng’s hand away. Afterward, he stood in front of Su Ziyang protectively, angrily saying, “Gu Feng, what are you doing? You better not touch my wife!”

Su Ziyang had already covered his stomach with his hands and stepped back, staring at Gu Feng warily.

Gu Feng came back to his senses and smiled embarrassingly: “Hehehe… Isn’t this amazing? I’m just curious how a man could get pregnant.” Gu Feng said as he poked his head out from Ling Zhanyi’s blocking figure to look at Su Ziyang’s stomach and probe, “Is it an artificial implant on surgically placing an egg cell into your body? No wonder Zhanyi is so devoted to you! You were actually willing to sacrifice yourself to the point of giving birth for him. If he dares to treat you badly after this, I will help you make the decision and surely be the first person not to forgive him!”

Ling Zhanyi looked at Gu Feng with narrowed eyes that were willed with vigilance: “When is it your turn to decide for my wife? I will pamper my wife myself, not like you, this womanizer!”

“Don’t give empty words ah! I will supervise him for you. Ziyang, right? I heard Zhanyi called you with this name just now. Would you mind if I call you this way?” Gu Feng retrieved his frivolous smile and began to introduce himself seriously, but his introductory remark was still full of some ruffian spirit. “My name is Gu Feng, 29 years old, unmarried. I have no bad hobbies, is serious in work and have a good attitude towards life. I don’t have any lover at present. I’m the vice president of Ling Enterprise. Zhanyi and I are the best of friends since young. We both have the same taste. If you don’t like him, you can choose me.”

Ling Zhanyi’s dagger eyes poked right at Gu Feng, but Su Ziyang actually laughed.

“My name is Su Ziyang. I’m 24 this year and unmarried. I’m on vacation and resting at home… Hmmph…” Su Ziyang was talking to Gu Feng when Ling Zhanyi covered his mouth and refused to let him continue his ‘introduction’. He didn’t want to hear or see how his wife might take a fancy for Gu Feng, although the possibility for this was zero.

Su Ziyang, however, pulled down Ling Zhanyi’s hand and continued, “But I already have a partner… Yes, that’s your good brother that you had played with since childhood.”

Gu Feng was beaming brightly with joy. He wasn’t expecting Ling Zhanyi’s partner to be so witty! Just with these words alone, Gu Feng has decided that he must make him his friend!

But Ling Zhanyi was also too blessed ah. Where did he find such a living treasure ah?

“Come on, don’t give me that black-face expression, it’s just a joke. I still like the soft and fragrant woman the most. I won’t steal your male wife from you.”

“That’s not necessarily true. My family’s Ziyang is so charming. What if you were tempted to snatch him away from me? You listen carefully Hooligan Gu, we don’t welcome you here, so don’t come to our house to visit in the future!” Ling Zhanyi naturally knew Gu Feng was joking, and he followed suit.

“Just look at your little prospects. Are you afraid that you wouldn’t be able to win Ziyang over me?” Gu Feng sat down on the sofa and had once again, uncontrollably stare at Su Ziyang’s abdomen. He couldn’t help but say, “If you want children, why don’t you just adopt one instead? How painful would it be to give birth to one! Especially if the one to birth to the baby is a man, it must be more painful than a woman… Ziyang, how many months is the baby? Seven or eight months? Are you about to give birth? Sit down too. Don’t make yourself tired.”

Ling Zhanyi sat down next to Su Ziyang and explained, “It’s only five months. Ziyang is pregnant with twins, so his belly looks bigger than normal. Moreover, things aren’t what you think they are. Ziyang has a concealed double constitution, and he can conceive himself… When he found out, he was already pregnant, so he decided to give birth to the babies…”

Gu Feng stared speechlessly at him, and it took him a long time to react, “Concealed double constitution? This is amazing…”

“Of course, my wife is born a god, he is invincible!” Ling Zhanyi quickly showed off.

Gu Feng scorned: “You have been showered with dog shit luck since childhood and, now you even managed to get such a cow X wife1. He even got you two babies in one go! Ling Zhanyi, sometimes, I really envy you to the point that I feel like strangling you ah!”

“Then be envious and jealous for all I care!” Ling Zhanyi didn’t bother about his friend’s feeling at all. He was too happy and elated at the moment.

“Then when will you two get married? If his stomach gets any bigger, it wouldn’t be suitable for marriage.” Gu Feng got up on his own and went to the water dispenser with the teacup that was specially prepared for him by the Ling Family. He took a sip and asked.

Ling Zhanyi badly wanted to marry ah, but the key problem was—— this little thing wasn’t willing to ah!

He looked at Su Ziyang subconsciously, and Su Ziyang ignored his longing gaze.

Ling Zhanyi could only find an excuse: “I don’t want him to be too tired during his pregnancy, so all the wedding affairs have been postponed. Letting my two sons be my page boy is also good.”

“By the time your children learn how to walk, it would take about three years. Why are you making your wife wait so long?” Gu Feng despised Ling Zhanyi for a while, then looked at Su Ziyang, “Ziyang, let him marry you after the baby’s first month if he doesn’t agree… Otherwise, just leave with the babies so that he wouldn’t gain any bargain!”

“…” Su Ziyang laughed in between.

Ling Zhanyi also looked at Gu Feng disdainfully. “This is the affair between both of us. What does it have to do with you? Don’t lead my wife astray!!”

“I’m giving you face instead of tearing your facade apart.” Gu Feng went to sit on a stool opposite the tea table. “In fact, you this self-proclaimed charismatic president had yet to wooed him, right? That’s why he refuses to marry you…”

“Nonsense, I’m worried about him.” Ling Zhanyi blushed and looked at Su Ziyang as if he was asking for help. He scolded Gu Feng again and again in his heart.

The so-called bad friends were really very bad ah! Couldn’t he save him some face in front of his wife?

Su Ziyang received Ling Zhanyi’s gaze that was begging for help and laughed in his heart. He remained calm and collected as he helped him out of this situation: “I don’t want to get married for the time being. After all, taking care of these two little things in my stomach is the most important thing. I am already so tired idling at home every day. Won’t I be exhausted to death if I have to manage my wedding affairs?”

When Ling Zhanyi heard his words, his heart was bursting in joy!

What kind of wife is a good wife?! Su Ziyang this kind! 100% genuine.

—— In front of outsiders, he gave his man enough face, lowered his stature, and placed his husband as the biggest in the family. This was so many faces ah!

So Ling Zhanyi decided that it didn’t matter how he ordered him around in private. He wouldn’t be bothered! Absolutely 100% satisfied!

Gu Feng can’t help laughing when he heard this. It seemed that this couple was in agreement with each other. As an outsider, he couldn’t say anything ah!

Nevertheless, he was really happy to see that his good friend had found someone he liked, and they even had babies.

In that case, he didn’t come in vain today.

“You’re right. Then you should wait a little while more. A wedding with your sons attending is really something to look forward to.” Gu Feng laughed. “I was still thinking about your wedding feast and stirring up your wedding night. Now it seems like I’ll have to wait!’

“No, if the time is right, maybe we will get married soon.” Ling Zhanyi spoke happily, “Hooligan Gu, you also should find someone soon. Next time when we meet, you better not be a light bulb!”

“Tsk, now that you have your wife, you don’t want your brother anymore, this ungrateful fellow.” Gu Feng got up and said, “Okay, I won’t disturb you two anymore. I’ll go to the bar and see if I can hunt any suitable prey. Haha. Ziyang, you have a good rest. I’ll come and see you again when I’m free!”

“All right, see you next time.” Su Ziyang also followed suit but he was held down by Ling Zhanyi. “Just stay still and sit down. I’ll go and see him off.”

“Zhanyi, don’t pretend. Why are you being so polite with me! By the way, I will handle more of the company’s affairs. You stay at home and accompany your wife more!”

“Okay, you’ve finally said something decent today.” Although Gu Feng told him not to send him off, Ling Zhanyi still stood up and followed him. When he heard him saying that he would be helping out more with the company’s affairs, Ling Zhanyi laughed and hit Gu Feng with a punch, “Good brother! I will surely invite you as my guest when my sons hit their one month! “

“En, okay, if you take out your precious red wine.” Gu Feng also responded with a smile. When he reached the door, he turned to Su Ziyang and smiled at him. “Ziyang, goodbye.”

“Goodbye, come and play when you are free!” Su Ziyang sat on the sofa, holding onto his belly as he said with a smile. He looked like he was the one in charge of this household.

After sending Gu Feng, Ling Zhanyi was still so immersed in the excitement of picking up a 100% pure goodness wife that he ran back and knelt on the sofa. He could not help but hold Su Ziyang and gave him a firm kiss.

“Wife… You are the best… I love you so much!”

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