Chapter 68: Discussing to meet the parents-in-law!

Su Ziyang was embraced and kissed by Ling Zhanyi.

When Su Ziyang heard the words “I love you so much,” he didn’t dodge Ling Zhanyi’s advances this time.

Today, he has given him enough face in front of his best friend. This guy must have been moved to tears by now.

But Su Ziyang didn’t expect that a kiss would lead to the same situation as that in the bathroom!

—— Ling Zhanyi’s younger brother was standing beside him, ready for action.

“Stop making a scene. It’s not early anymore. It’s time to cook dinner.” In order to prevent things from continuing to develop in that direction, Su Ziyang decisively pushed Ling Zhanyi away, “I am hungry, the babies are hungry.”

Ling Zhanyi rubbed against him with a hint of coquettishness in his voice: “Let me hold you a while more…”

“Why are you still using this sort of tone when you are already this old!” Su Ziyang despised.

“Isn’t there a saying that every man is a child that never grows up? Haven’t you heard of this before?” Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang in his arms and said shamelessly. “Ziyang, I’ve checked it. We can still do it even if you’re pregnant. I’ll just be more careful. Shall we head to bed this time? I promise I won’t let you catch a cold again…”

“This fellow with worms filled in his brain–” Su Ziyang picked up the cushion on the sofa and hit it right on Ling Zhanyi’s face with a “pia”. He pried Ling Zhanyi’s hands away. “I am already this tired from being pregnant and you still want to do that. What could you do if my stomach hurts? It’s not you who will be suffering in the end.”

Ling Zhanyi knelt on the sofa pitifully and watched Su Ziyang stroll away. He could not help asking, “Where are you going? Are you going to soak in the bathtub again?”

“Since asking you is useless, I’ll do it myself. Anyway, I’m hungry, my sons are also hungry. They are going to torment me again if I don’t feed them soon.” Su Ziyang walked around the tea table and headed towards the kitchen.

Ling Zhanyi hurriedly jumped down from the sofa and quickly followed Su Ziyang: “Forget it, let me do it instead. Be obedient and take your and our sons to go and rest. What would you like to eat tonight?”

“Well… Potato with stewed pork ribs… Sweet and sour pork… Coke chicken wings…” Su Ziyang announced a list of dishes and Ling Zhanyi accepted the order and headed to the kitchen to make them.

Speaking of these days, Ling Zhanyi’s cooking skills were advancing by leaps and bounds, causing Su Ziyang’s appetite to increase. He was eating more and more by the day.

Of course, the happiest person was Ling Zhanyi. If his wife ate more, his sons would be healthier and stronger too!

During the meal, he would also constantly put vegetables and meat into Su Ziyang’s bowl. Su Ziyang also did not refuse, whatever dishes Ling Zhangyi took for him, he ate them all obediently. After all, he still had to feed the two naughty little things in his stomach. If he ate any lesser, they would surely go hungry.

“Ling Zhanyi, buy an electronic scale from the Internet later. I want to know how heavy I’m right now…” Su Ziyang looked down at his bulging belly and sighed, “I must have gained a lot of weight, right?”

“It’s good to be heavier, but you are really not heavy. What you are is called a standard build. I will buy an electronic scale. After dinner, let’s shop online. By the way, what else do you want to buy and eat? Let’s buy them all together.”

“I haven’t thought of anything at the moment. I’ll think about it first…”

“Okay, don’t worry, take your time to think.”

Su Ziyang pondered over what he wanted to buy as he bit on a piece of pork ribs. On the super-large TV screen, there was a news broadcast that mentioned some Strawberry Festival is arriving in some places. Immediately, there was a sudden flow of saliva in his mouth – strawberry?!

“Ling Zhanyi, I want to eat strawberries too…” Su Ziyang stared at the TV screen and shouted to Ling Zhanyi.

Now it’s summer in their city, there mustn’t be many shops that sold strawberries. Perhaps, there wasn’t even any in the first place.

This little thing really knows how to give him a difficult task ah!

However, no matter how difficult it was, Ling Zhanyi would still accomplish it! He nodded: “Okay, I’ll buy! I would definitely buy some strawberries back for you, This little gluttonous.”

“It’s your sons!” Su Ziyang answered quickly, causing Ling Zhanyi to laugh. “Yes, yes, it’s my sons that are greedy.”

Come on一 can you stop pushing the blame on our future sons every time? These little children are innocent, okay?

After dinner, Ling Zhanyi cleared up the table and Su Ziyang was taking a bath in the bathtub again.

This time, instead of finding him after he was done with the bathtub, Ling Zhanyi directly followed went in. He removed his clothes, squeezed himself into the bathtub, and lay side by side with Su Ziyang. His hands began to grow restless.

“Ling Zhanyi, you just have to squeeze in with me, I can’t enjoy this.”

“It’s more enjoyable if there are two of us. Help me, good wife? Ling Zhanyi had the cheek to take Su Ziyang’s hand, put it at his family’s second son. He then pleaded, “This time I really am not lying to you, just use your hands… Really… You see, it’s so energetic…”

Su Ziyang had no other choice but to grasp Ling Zhanyi’s lifeblood and relieved it for him.

“Wife, you are the best…” Ling Zhanyi embraced Su Ziyang and began to act spoiled. Afterward, he printed several mouthfuls of saliva on the other party’s face…

And Ling Zhanyi did what he said. After Su Ziyang helped him solve his problem twice, he came out of the water to dress. He took Su Ziyang out and wrapped him in a bath towel before he carried him directly back to the bedroom.

Wiping his body and hair wasn’t a difficult task. After he was done wiping Su Ziyang, he remembered about his hair.

Su Ziyang tugged at his bathrobe and motioned him to squat down. “Let me help you wipe it!”

Ling Zhanyi squatted happily beside the bed. Last time Su Ziyang threw the towel to him and asked him to wipe his hair himself. This time, he did it himself. This is rare, this is rare!

Ling Zhanyi lowered his head slightly and waited for his Lord Wife’s service, while Su Ziyang sat at the bedside and leaned slightly so that he could reach Ling Zhanyi’s hair. He gently wiped Ling Zhanyi’s hair with a towel, and when it was almost dried, he blew dried Ling Zhanyi’s hair with a hairdryer. Halfway through, he stopped and roughly swept it. “It’s done. Go look at the mirror and comb them yourself.

Ling Zhanyi was particularly greedy about this feeling, so he hugged Su Ziyang’ thighs and refused to go. He shook his semi-dried hair and acted shamelessly: “You haven’t helped me blow my hair dry…”

“Blowing them too dry will affect your hair quality. Let it dry naturally!” Su Ziyang refused to pay any attention to him. He used knee and pushed it against Ling Zhanyi’s chest, saying, “Let go. I’m going to lie down for a while.”

“Ziyang, can I discuss something with you?” Ling Zhanyi suddenly became serious. He looked up at Su Ziyang seriously.

“What’s the matter?” Su Ziyang took the quilt with one hand and gently stroked his stomach with the other. These little guys moved in his stomach just now, which almost prevented him from lying down immediately.

“The matter of us… When can we fix it?” Ling Zhanyi blinked, bringing a seam of a pitiful taste in it, “My mother and father have already known your and their grandchildren’s existence. They have always wanted to see you, but unfortunately, they have never gotten the chance. Today, out of a freak combination of factors, they still didn’t get to see you. It is not a solution to continue hiding. Have I passed your assessment? If I passed… You see… if we can go home and meet my parents?”

Su Ziyang caressed his stomach for a while. He looked down and said, “Aren’t you afraid of frightening them with my current appearance?”

“I’ll give them a heads-up in advance, and if they can’t accept it, I’ll convince them first before taking you to see them. If… If they can accept it… And what about you? Would you agree to go back with me to meet them? If you find taking the car ride exhausting, I can let my parents come to see you too.” Ling Zhanyi thought back to his mother’s continuous calls when he was cooking. He felt that this matter could no longer be concealed any more, otherwise, his mother would tear his body into five parts.

Su Ziyang thought for a moment: “As long as you are not afraid of them getting a heart attack, I am fine with it. If they want to see me, then let’s meet them. Anyway, I am in your hands already… I can’t possibly hide forever. But since all elderly liked children, this is understandable.”

Thinking back to today, where he heard his parents-in-law talked at the door. They seemed easy to get along with. On the contrary, the two elderly seemed interesting, fashionable and trendy, so,  Su Ziyang wasn’t too worried. There shouldn’t be… a generation gap or something like that?

“Ah! Ziyang! You agreed?! That’s great!” Ling Zhanyi loosened Su Ziyang’s legs, stood up directly and held his cheeks to plant a kiss on his face, “Ziyang, you are so assertive! I love you so much!”

“Okay, you’ve been saying this phrase so many times, it’s boring.” Su Ziyang gave him an eye roll, smiled and then reminded him, “Let me tell you first, you have to tell them beforehand that I am a man, if they disagree, then you’ll have to let them agree first, otherwise I will leave. I do not want to create contradictions between you and your parents.”

“No!” Ling Zhanyi listened to this and felt anxious, “Don’t say this so easily! Can’t you believe me? If I said I can persuade my parents, then I will be able to persuade them. Besides, what are you so nervous? Maybe they can accept that their daughter-in-law is a man without any persuasion. What’s more, we now have our magic weapon to win them over. Our two sons are enough to shut their mouths.”

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