Chapter 69: Sweet Progressive Time

At the time when Ling Zhanyi investigated about Su Ziyang, he already knew about his background. Now, hearing himself mention about this, he inevitably would feel some heartache. He drew Su Ziyang into his arms and comforted in a low voice: “Don’t be sad, I will love you even more and make up for all your missing love!”

Su Ziyang nodded sullenly and refused to come out of Ling Zhanyi’s arms.

He put his hand gently over his abdomen and thought to himself — maybe this is the so-called “Sai Weng lost his horse1“, a blessing in disguise? At first, he lost his parents’ love because of his strange constitution, but now because of this strange constitution, he has obtained Ling Zhanyi’s love. There are even two lives belonging to them in his stomach. He believes that they will certainly be a happy family in the future.

So heaven has been always impartial. When it closes a door, it will also open a window for you at the same time. As long as you do not abandon yourself to despair, you will have your own happiness.

“All right, all right. Don’t always be so depressed. Be careful, it might affect our sons.” Ling Zhanyi kissed Su Ziyang on the cheek, attempting to crack some jokes to make him laugh.

Su Ziyang soon recovered. He pushed Ling Zhanyi aside and laid himself on the bed. He ordered Ling Zhanyi to buy an electronic scale. Don’t always try to take advantage of him, they haven’t finished their proper business yet! Hmph!

Ling Zhanyi pinched his nose and bent over to kiss Su Ziyang’s rounded abdomen. Then he got out of bed and went to his desk to turn on the computer. He bought an electronic scale online and also conveniently checked out where fresh strawberries were sold. If his wife wanted to eat, he would surely satisfy his wish!

Su Ziyang laid on the bed quietly looking at Ling Zhanyi’s handsome face. He suddenly remembered that he had not recorded today and he shouted out in alarm. He sat up with his elbows supporting him.

Ling Zhanyi was frightened by his exclamation. He looked back and rushed over after seeing Su Ziyang getting up. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Does your stomach hurt?”

“I forgot to record today. Go and get the camera for me.” Su Ziyang wasn’t tired anymore and he got out of bed with great enthusiasm. Ling Zhanyi get the camera for him and saw him fiddling it professionally. Then he set up an automatic recording system. He went back to bed, faced sideways and patted his bulging belly with emphasis. While recording, he told his future sons how many days were they exactly in his stomach now. They must love dad oh, see how dad was so tired and so on…

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes swirled around. Su Ziyang refused to let him enter the frame when he was recording a few days ago. Today, the atmosphere was so good. He had to thicken up his face and sneak in. Otherwise, the babies would grow up and point to the video, asking why daddy wasn’t inside. Wouldn’t he had no face!

Therefore, Big President Ling had the cheek to go into the recording frame and adopted a posture that he thought was very handsome. Of course, it was indeed very handsome. He looked at the camera with charming glances and said softly, “Babies, now it’s Daddy’s appearance! Daddy’s contribution is not small either. He’s been taking care of your dad for a while…”

“Ling Zhanyi, you hurry get out!” Su Ziyang threw a pillow and smashed it on Ling Zhanyi’s head. Ling Zhanyi rubbed it grievances and hugged Su Ziyang. “Ziyang, why are you so stubborn? What’s wrong with filming me inside? Now the babies are five months old. Isn’t it pitiful if they still don’t know who their daddy is…”

Su Ziyang listened to this man’s deliberate coquetry tone and couldn’t resist a chill. He gritted his teeth and said. “I’m recording the babies’ growth process. Why are you trying to add on to the crowd? Aren’t you going to accompany them all day long after they are born? Will they not know you are their daddy when you accompany them as they grow up?”

“Ah? It is mainly to record them? Ling Zhanyi stared with widened eyes. “But you’ve been talking about yourself…”

“They’re in my stomach, if I don’t talk about myself, then do I talk about you?” Su Ziyang was too lazy to despise him. He pushed him out of bed and showed Ling Zhanyi all the videos he had taken before. “Look, every time I record, I basically focus on my stomach. Occasionally, I will briefly talk about myself. You are really an annoyance! Now I will have to retake it!”

Ling Zhanyi was grinning so widely that he didn’t bother to conceal it at all. He went forward and embraced Su Ziyang. He kissed him hard and laughed heartily. “Ziyang, you are so cute!” You’re silly. Why don’t you take more shoot of yourself? It’s boring to just take pictures of your belly. Anyway, I don’t care. I’m going to be in the camera lens too. It’s the record of our family’s life. It must have me. Quickly continue to record, don’t bother about this anymore!”

After that, Ling Zhanyi pulled Su Ziyang back to the bedside, sat down with him, and continued to ‘stroke his head coquettishly’ and posed to the camera: “Baby, I’m Daddy, this is your Mommy…”

Su Ziyang slapped his palm gently over Ling Zhagyi’s mouth and blocked his words. Ling Zhagyi took Su Ziyang’s hand off and continued to laugh. “Mommy is angry. He doesn’t like you two calling him Mommy, so let’s call him Daddy. Well, now is the time when you two little guys are five months old. Look at how big your Dad’s stomach is. This is very tiring. You must love your Dad in the future! Of course, Daddy also work hard to take care of you two and your Dad, so love your Daddy even more too! Remember okay?”

Su Ziyang continued to use his other palm to block Ling Zhanyi’s mouth. This time Ling Zhanyi deliberately let him blocked his mouth, and he “mmmmmm” unable to make any words out. The scene was funny. Before long, Su Ziyang could not help laughing and scorned Ling Zhanyi: “You are so brazen and shameless! If you say you your face is the second thickest, no one will dare to claim number one!”

“Honey, now we’re recording…” Ling Zhanyi managed to release his mouth from Su Ziyang’s hands and promptly reminded him.

Su Ziyang’s plan to refilm failed. He stopped bothering about Ling Zhanyi and started recording by himself.

After disturbing Su Ziyang for a while at the side, Ling Zhanyi felt that it was enough and let Su Ziyang off. He went shopping online again.

After Su Ziyang was done with his recording, he got out of bed to turn the camera off before heading back to bed, ready to sleep.

Ling Zhanyi picked up the information he had long printed regarding the things to pay attention to for every month of pregnancy and reviewed it again.

From the 6th month onwards, the baby should grow up crazily, and the mother would feel extremely arduous.

He turned his head and took a quick glance at the sleeping Su Ziyang. Ling Zhanyi put down the information, gently stepped forward and put a soft back cushion behind Su Ziyang’s abdomen. This cushion was actually used at the seven months of pregnancy, but Ziyang was now pregnant with two babies, so his stomach was very large, so, putting this cushion would reduce his tiredness.

In the middle of the night, Su Ziyang would turn around and Ling Zhanyi would remember to help him move the cushion over, and then he would continue to sleep with Su Ziyang in his arms.

The electronic scale arrived the next day. In addition to recording the babies every day before they were born, Su Ziyang had one more thing to do every day, which was to measure his weight.

Sure enough, in the 6th month, the changes began to accelerate. Su Ziyang’s stomach grew bigger and heavier day by day. His action became slower and slower day by day. Even the number of times he went to the bathroom to urinate was frequent.

Ling Zhanyi bought him more loose clothes so that he could move more conveniently and his sons would have more room to grow.

He was no longer as active as before. Every time he stood for a while, he would have to sit down and rest. However, he could not sit down for a long time either as his waist would get sore, so, he had to stand up again.

Su Ziyang’s temper was also becoming temperamental these few recent days. Ling Zhanyi had to coax him carefully every day for fear of provoking him, causing him to feel down and irritable.

Ling Zhanyi had not been to the company since the start of this month. He either accompanied Su Ziyang at home or took Su Ziyang out for a stroll. Su Ziyang, who was bored to death, did not like to stay at home anymore. Of course, now that the weather was getting hotter and hotter, so after wandering outside for a while, he would soon say he was hot and tired. Ling Zhanyi would then bring him back in.

In this way, nearly half a month had passed, Ling Zhanyi remembered the matter of meeting his parents and inwardly thought that if they don’t see his parents now, Su Ziyang will be even more reluctant to move when his stomach gets bigger. So, one day when Su Ziyang was in a good mood, he mentioned it to him.

Su Ziyang did not object, but he asked, “Did you tell them I was a man?”

“I didn’t say it yet. I was too busy these days. I’ll call my mom and tell her right away.”

“It’s better for you to talk to them face to face so that they won’t get a shock if the conversation wasn’t clear on the phone. Today is your vacation. You go there and explain it to them. If it doesn’t work, think of other ways.”

“You’re at home all by yourself, is this okay?”

“There won’t be any problem, go!” Su Ziyang waved his hand proudly. “Otherwise, if this keep dragging on, I won’t want to leave the house and then things will get even further dragged on.”

Ling Zhanyi thought about it and agreed with him. His wife was nearly six months pregnant, but his parents knew nothing about it. Wasn’t this fraudulent?

So Ling Zhanyi carefully entrusted Su Ziyang over and over again before he drove out.

In fact, his parents lived quite near Ling Zhanyi. It only took Ling Zhanyi around half an hour for him to drive there with full speed.

When he opened the door and went in, Father Ling was making tea, while Mother Ling was playing games on the big screen TV. When she saw him coming in, she was stunned: “Son?”

Mother Ling quickly responded. She threw down the game console away and ran over happily: “Zhanyi, you are here! Aiyo, I miss you badly. Come on, give me a kiss!”

Ling Zhanyi didn’t manage to dodge in time. He was grabbed by his mother on the neck and kissed on the cheek. Then Mother Ling went behind Ling Zhanyi in a gust of wind and said excitedly, “You are finally willing to bring your girlfriend to see us?!”

Ling Zhanyi didn’t had the time to close the door fully when he came in just now, so Mother Ling thought the girl was embarrassed and was standing outside the door. So she looked out with a quick smile and a voice so soft that was almost melting into the water: “Girl, don’t be shy, come in!”

Then, Mother Ling was disappointed to find that she was talking to the air. There was nobody outside the door at all!

So Mother Ling couldn’t help turning her head and glared at Ling Zhanyi: “What is the person? Don’t tell me you broke up!”

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