Chapter 7: The coward is worried

Time went back two hours ago.

The coward addressed by Ling Zhanyi was struggling to climb the stairs. When he saw the sign on the 7th floor, Su Ziyang almost couldn’t climb up the stairs anymore. At last, he reached!

Damn, who could have his bad luck? After being tossed and overwhelmed for a night, he fled from the hotel in a panic and rage, and the elevator actually broke down!

Although in his last life, he slept until two o’clock in the afternoon the next day after the intertwined night, the elevator was good at that time. This showed that the elevator should only be broken for a while. But it would be better for him to climb up with his snail pace rather than waiting outside from seven o’clock until the elevator was fixed.

Fortunately, he lived on the seventh floor, not the seventeenth floor. Otherwise, he will die.

Dragging his sore and soft feet to his door, Su Ziyang found that his fingers were trembling and he took a long whole to align the key to the keyhole. After entering the door, Su Ziyang straightaway jumped onto the sofa and groaned — how painful!

Ten minutes later, Su Ziyang, who had slowed down, finally thought of going to the bathroom to wash, especially there…

Looking in the mirror, Su Ziyang looked at his tall and thin figure. He couldn’t figure out why he was a concealed double constitution.

But on second thought, Su Ziyang was relieved again- Maybe it was because of this that he was thrown away by his parents. Otherwise, how could a handsome person like him grow up in a welfare home when he without any illness?

Putting his hand over his flat stomach, Su Ziyang seriously wondered what he would do if this life really had a little life to conceive here.

It was impossible to get rid of it. In the last life, Su Ziyang died because of massive bleeding caused by abortion. In this life, Su Ziyang would not take any more risks. What if he died again and again? If he died again, he might not be so lucky to get reborn again.

Su Ziyang rubbed the shampoo and sighed. Why was the time of rebirth so coincident? It happened that he had a 300-round fight against that bastard! If it was even a little earlier, he would not have gone to the nightclub, let alone roll the sheets with others. Even if he rolled the sheets, he would not be the one below!

Fuck! What bad luck!

He stretched his fingers behind him to clean up the traces of the Ling bastard left in his body, Su Ziyang again cursed out: “Damn, I told you that Lao Zi is a concealed double constitution, you still shot inside. What you said about responsible sounds really wonderful but when I’m really pregnant, you run faster than anyone else!” Scum! Bastard! Stud! I don’t want to meet you anymore! Not even surprise if you don’t want to take responsibility!”

Su Ziyang, who left behind his bold words, limped out of the bathroom wrapped in his bathrobe. He went back to his bedroom, lay on his bed, and thought piteously. How could he raise his child if the other party did not want to take responsibility? Not to mention raising, the previous life’s child was only three months old and he already had no money to support himself.

No, he had to find a way to get a sum of money first, and then during pregnancy, at least during the period when he vomited like there’s no tomorrow, he can rest at home and spend away…
Su Ziyang turned over and struck himself in the soft quilt. He looked at the ceiling and began to calculate his own property. He found that if he started saving now, he would be able to save up to four months worth of pregnancy period.

How can he make money?

Otherwise…How about selling the house?

No, no, if he sells the house then he will have no place to live in. It also too pitifully to rent a house after he gave birth. Currently, it’s difficult to buy a house but easy to sell!

He wished he could win the lottery.

Su Ziyang sighed at first, then suddenly shouted and sat up with a loud cry -Ah! Lottery

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