Chapter 70: Son, Father and Mother support you!

“Mom, can you don’t lose your cool so easily?” Ling Zhanyi was speechless. Isn’t his mom too impatient? Where is the awareness of being a mother-in-law?

—— What he didn’t know was that Mother Ling had missed so many opportunities to see her future daughter-in-law that her heart was full of complaints!

“Why are you here for?” Unable to see her daughter-in-law, Mother Ling couldn’t bring herself to be happy even with her son’s arrival. She gave him an eye roll before heading back to play her own game.

Ling Zhanyi’s mouth twitched, “Mom, did you pick me up? Why aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Hmph!” Mother Ling just ignored him. She ‘hmphed’ from her nostrils and began to focus on the big screen to play her games.

Ling Zhanyi rubbed his nose awkwardly, but Father Ling did give his son some face. He patted the sofa, indicating him to sit down. “Zhanyi, come and sit down. Is there something you want to tell us?”

“En.” Ling Zhanyi sat down and nodded.

“What is it? Is it related to your dating partner?” As soon as Father Ling said this, Mother Ling’s ears stood up and her eyes keep darting toward their direction.

Oh right, why didn’t she thought of this? Just now, she was too occupied being bitter about her son that she didn’t think if he had come to tell them in advance to let them prepare themselves to see their future daughter-in-law…

“En.” Ling Zhanyi continued to nod, but in fact, he was a little nervous. He lowered his head and looked like he wanted to say something only to stop, “I’m afraid you won’t accept him, so I’ve never dared to bring him back.”

“Whomever you’ve fallen for, we definitely won’t have any objections. This is not like my son. Why did you become so became so lack of confidence?” Father Ling spoke very amiably, “Is it because her family’s background doesn’t match with us? So you dare not bring her back to see us? Afraid that we will object?”

Ling Zhanyi first nodded, then shook his head: “There are other aspects…”

“Is it because she doesn’t look very good and you think we will judge her by her appearance? So you dare not bring her back?” Father Ling continued to guess. it was rare for someone to be able to make their son unable to speak freely and even hesitate so much. They were also dating secretly for so long. Even if the child was ugly, her heart should be beautiful, otherwise, his son would not have associated with her.

Ling Zhanyi shook his head: “No, he looks good. It’s just that… that…”

“What’s the matter?” Mother Ling finally lost her composure. She threw down her game console and leaned over. Her eyes were staring at Ling Zhanyi brightly. “Does she have a high and mighty attitude or she doesn’t have any confidence to meet us? These are all not an issue. Bring her to meet dad and I first, then she will know that we are easy to get along with. Besides, she is pregnant, her mood will fluctuate a little more, having a bossy attitude is normal. You don’t have to worry about her having conflicts with us. We don’t mind. Ah, bring her when it’s time to bring her!”

“This is not the case. He’s very nice and considerate. As a matter of fact, when he heard that I’m coming here today, he asked me to buy you two massage chairs. Someone will deliver them to you soon…” Ling Zhanyi did not tell them that he had was the one that bought the massage chairs and asked for delivery.

“Since she is so good, then what are you hesitating about?” Mother Ling smiled and patted Ling Zhanyi’s arm. “What tricks are you playing, son? Is she too heavy to move now? She doesn’t want to come by car? That’s okay. I can go and see her with your dad.”

Ling Zhanyi pursed his lips and felt that he had laid enough cushion, so he carefully continued, “Those are not problems. He is not such a spoiled person. The main problem at present is that he is somewhat different from ordinary people…”

“What’s the difference? Could it be… he is disabled?!” Mother Ling’s imagination had gone beyond the sky.

Ling Zhanyi endure his smile and pretended to be very sad: “Don’t be frightened when I say it, he is not disabled, he is normal, but…”

Father Ling and Mother Ling looked at each other and urged, “You this child, said it! Stop keeping us on tenterhooks!”

“It just that he is like me… a man…” Ling Zhanyi took a deep breath and finally throw this sentence out.


Both Father Ling and Mother Ling stared with widened eyes and did not speak for a long time.

Ling Zhanyi spoke hesitantly: “I have never dared to tell you, in fact, I… like men…”

“Dad and Mom, don’t be agitated. Listen to me. This isn’t any shameful thing. It’s just happened that the person I like has the same gender as me. We’re very happy together. I like to spoil him and love him dearly. He’s also very good. He’s a photographer in a big media company. Of course, he’s not working now. He is resting at home to take care of his body…” Ling Zhanyi explained, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that his constitution is very special. It’s a concealed double constitution. There are only a few people in the world who have such a constitution, not to mention pregnant. He happened to be the same as me and we clicked it off. Now he has our Ling Family’s seed in his stomach. It’s twins and he is nearly six months pregnant. It has been hard for him these past few months. You need to know that for a man to get pregnant is an unimaginable thing…”

“He didn’t threaten me with our children. I was chasing him to be with him. He was also contradictory to his own constitution. Last time he was afraid of frightening you, so he kept hiding in the room and refused to come out. It’s not that he doesn’t respect you. On the contrary, he was afraid of frightening you if he opened the door in his current appearance. Later, when I came home, he was still very self-reproached, depressed and worried that you would hate him.” Ling Zhanyi first threw out his two sons, then he began to play the family cards and pitiful cards to arouse his parents’ love.

“When I’m coming here today, he kept telling me to tell you about it calmly, gently and tactfully. If you can’t accept us together, don’t quarrel with both of you, and ask me not resent you two. He said he understands and decided that if we can’t be together, he would wait for the babies to be born and leave afterward like he had never known me… The only wish he has is to be able to come back and have a look at the children without both of you knowing…”

Ling Zhanyi’s ability to tell lies with his eyes opened was getting stronger, his voice was also full of emotion. He deliberately lowered his voice made it sound depressing. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly heard a sob next to him.

Ling Zhanyi looked up in surprise and saw Mother Ling wiping her tears. He was shocked. “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Mother Ling wiped her tears with a paper towel and said, “What a good child ah!” She then went to seek Father Ling’s opinion, “Right? Husband?”

Father Ling ‘s expression also took a trace of sadness as he nodded: “It is, he is too sensible! No wonder we always weren’t able to see him. He is avoiding us deliberately, afraid of frightening us…”

As a man, Father Ling understood even more. For a man to carry a big belly, how much grievance must he suffer to his self-esteem! Not to mention, he was also pregnant with twins for their Ling Family! He was still so sensible not to ask for any statues but only thought of his sons!

The two little things in his stomach were his grandson ah!

This time, it was Ling Zhanyi that was stunned. He had prepared a lot of stories to win the sympathy of this two eldery. However, the result was good, he only said half of his story and these two elderly had already been captured!

“Son, you have to treat him well. A man who is willing to give birth for you. If you fail him, mother will be the first not to forgive you!” Mother Ling, who was a mother, understood this very well. When she was pregnant for ten months and gave birth to this little bastard in front of her, how tired was she! What’s more, her future daughter-in-law was still a man. The more she thought about it, the more heart pain she felt for him, the sorrier she felt for him ah.

“That’s right, son. If you don’t treat him well, don’t mention about your mother, even I won’t spare you! We won’t want you as our son! You have to take good care of him… By the way, what’s the child’s name?” Father Ling asked in between his indignant. After all, it’s not proper to keep calling the other party, him, thus, he asked.

Ling Zhanyi answered obediently, “Su Ziyang.”

“Su Ziyang… Aiyo, what a nice name! Ziyang, Ziyang…” Mother Ling repeated twice, and she was already familiar with it. She wiped away her tears and pulled Ling Zhanyi’s hand and asked, “When are you going to marry Ziyang into our house?”

“That’s right, Ziyang is pregnant with your flesh and blood. Don’t play with his feeling by co-habiting together. This is doing him wrong.” Father Ling spoke solemnly, “By the way, do his parents know about this? Let’s visit his parents some time and discuss about the wedding.”

Ling Zhanyi inwardly thought that it was so easy to talk about marriage? But in order to make his wife less strenuous, he decided that the wedding must be postponed.

“Dad, Mom, I have to remind you about this matter, don’t mention his parents in front of Ziyang, probably because he has this strange constitution, his parents abandoned him in the orphanage and he grew up there…”

Listening to this, Mother Ling and Father Ling had even deeper sorrow in their eyes. What a poor child!

So, the two men began to complain about Su Ziyang’s parents with indignation: “What kind of parents are they to do such a thing! Why are they so cruel! Ziyang is so good and sensible! How could they dare to do this!”

Mother Ling angrily said, “What’s wrong with being able to get pregnant? How good is it ah! How many people want to marry such a person but could not marry ah Right? Son? People like you who like the same gender won’t have children and no one to pay your last respects. Ziyang is so good ah, he ensures that our Ling Family has an heir and he is even pregnant with twins! Mother support you! We must marry Ziyang to our house! Even if he can’t bear our Ling Family’s seed, mother still want him as our daughter-in-law!”

Father Ling also echoed: “Yes, your mother is right, such a good child, you cannot let him go! Mom and Dad support you! Be nice to him, understand?”

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  3. This is not a matte of open minded, but imaginary and fantasy parent lol

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