Chapter 72: A nervous historical meeting

Sure enough, Su Ziyang was sleeping.

Su Ziyang was laying on his side in the middle of the big bed. He was wearing a loose set of clothes with a thin blanket covering him, sleeping very soundly.

Parent Ling’s mood could be said to be both nervous and excited. They finally met the legendary daughter-in-law!

They looked at each other and continued to move with gentle footsteps to the bedside, all the while, looking carefully at the sleeping Su Ziyang.

They had only took a glance at him and they already liked him a lot! Su Ziyang was actually quite handsome and had a delicate set of facial features. He looked extremely cultured and refined when he wasn’t angry. At the moment, he was sleeping so his eyebrows were naturally relaxed, giving the onlookers a feeling of serenity.

He looked just like a good child.

This was the common conclusion of Father Ling and Mother Ling.

The next moment, their eyes fell unto Su Ziyang’s abdomen. Although there was a blanket covering it, the extent of the bulge definitely showed that the person under the blanket held a huge belly. Disregarding his stomach, the rest of Su Ziyang’s whole body was still thin. So, excluding the possibility of him just being fat, then the only reason would naturally be because he was pregnant!

Father Ling and Mother Ling were beaming with delight. Mother Ling could not help but want to reach her hands out and removed the blanket covering Su Ziyang to see his stomach…

Ling Zhanyi, who was following behind after putting away the strawberries, was shocked and almost cried out in alarm when he saw his mother’s claws. Fortunately, Father Ling grasped his wife’s hands quickly. He first frowned and then shook his head before pointing to the living room一 meaning, let’s go out first!

Ling Zhanyi breathed a sigh of relief and inwardly thought: Mom, are you so anxious to this extent? No matter what, you’ll still have to wait for Ziyang to wake up first ah!

Mother Ling reluctantly turned around and saw Ling Zhanyi who was at the door. She laughed embarrassingly and obediently let Father Ling drag her out.

Ling Zhanyi closed the door and went to the living room with his parents. After sitting down, he said in a soft voice, “Mom, don’t do that later. You will frighten him with that hungry wolf expression.”

“All right, I understand.” Mother Ling smiled and squinted her eyes until it became a small slit. She whispered, “I shouldn’t be able to scare him with this appearance right? How kind and amiable is this! Am I right, Husband?”

Father Ling and Ling Zhanyi simultaneously gave her the cold shoulders.

Father Ling pulled the person to him and whispered, “Wife, you’d better act normal!”

Mother Ling restrained her smile and reverted her eyes to its round shape, She looked at her husband and son before giving a “Hmph’, “You two can’t even understand a joke, you two really suck!”

Ling Zhanyi steeped some tea, poured them into cups and handed them to his parents. Then he said, “Mom, Dad, sit down first and I’ll go cook something for  you. What would you like to eat?”

“You, this kid, even knows how to cook now?” Mother Ling was surprised. 

Ling Zhanyi nodded proudly: “Yup. Mom, you never thought I would be able to cook, right?”

“I knew it! You, this stinky brat didn’t look for your mom to cook for you, so it turned out that you can cook for yourself. But are you sure that what you can cooked can be eaten? Ziyang doesn’t dislike your cooking?” Mother Ling would never forget to tease Ling Zhanyi.

Ling Zhanyi skillfully tied up his apron and flaunted, “Just wait and see, Mom! Quickly tell me the name of the dishes you want. What do you want to eat with Dad? Son will cook them all for you!”

Father Ling and Mother Ling laughed and stared at Ling Zhanyi who was wearing an apron. They both felt very emotional. Unexpectedly, their son had learnt to cook, and he also knew how to spoil someone. He had really grown up!

They listed a few dishes and Ling Zhanyi went to the kitchen to cook. Father Ling and Mother Ling turned on the TV in the living room, chatting and watching TV while waiting.

Mother Ling had nothing to do so she went to the kitchen to observe her son’s handsome action of turning the strockle. She couldn’t help exclaiming, “You are good, Son. Mother has high hopes for you. You can surely be a chef in the future!”

“Mom, I would only cook for you, my dad, Ziyang, and my future sons. Others can’t even taste my dishes even if they want to!” Ling Zhanyi took the opportunity to flatter his mother.

Mother Ling was idle so she might as well do something. So, she went to the refrigerator, took out the strawberries and began to wash them.

“Mom, wash some first and eat them with Dad. He will be sleeping for a while more before he wakes up!” Ling Zhanyi laughed.

“It’s fine. It doesn’t matter if Dad and I don’t eat the strawberries. Keep them for Ziyang. Didn’t you say he wanted to eat strawberries a while ago? You weren’t able to buy them last time.”

“There are so many of them, are you afraid that there wouldn’t be enough for him to eat?”

“Your Dad and I can wait for the strawberry season to eat them. He is pregnant now, you must satisfy him with whatever he wants to eat.”

“Mom, you are the best!” Ling Zhanyi sighed sincerely, but he still asked, “Let’s eat together later. If Ziyang knew you two are not willing to eat them, he would be so flattered.”

“Then I’ll wait for him to feed me himself.” Mother Ling proudly said.

Ling Zhanyi laughed and said, “He would surely do that… Okay, Mom, go out. Leave here to me. You can rest assured.”

“Then I’ll go to the bedroom and see him?” Mother Ling was especially looking forward to seeing him. “What if he wakes up earlier than expected? I promise I won’t scare him. Don’t worry!”

Ling Zhanyi wasn’t able to win her, so he could only nod and agree, “Okay, you go!”

Mother Ling crept into the bedroom and looked at Su Ziyang carefully.

Father Ling watched TV for a while and felt that there was nothing interesting. He followed Mother Ling into the room and waited for Su Ziyang to wake up.

What was the feeling of waking up from being stared at?

Su Ziyang couldn’t explain it clearly even after a long time—— when he woke up from his nap that day, he found that there two people beside him staring at him covetously. What exactly was his mood?

Flabbergasted, horrified, upset, and then after he thought about what might have happened, he immediately became overwhelmed and lost.

—— Ling Zhanyi, you bastard! Why don’t you tell Lao Zi in advance that you are bringing your parents back?

—— If you are not going to tell me in advance then why didn’t you wake me up when I’m sleeping?

Above was what Su Ziyang was thinking about when he woke up to find Parent Ling in the room with him.

As for why he had guessed it was his parents, that was because Ling Zhanyi went to his parents’ house to discuss meeting him. Discussion; What is a discussion? That is to set a date in advance! Obtain mutual consent! Then meet afterward!

Now that they are here, he still did not wake him up!

What is this situation of his parents staring at him while he is sleeping ah!

Su Ziyang wanted to go mad, but because there was no Ling Zhanyi in front of him and it was two smiling parents, he took a deep breath and tried to press back his shout. He then sat up with his elbows supporting him.

When Mother Ling saw him woke up and his swirling eyes, looking utterly quick-witted, she grew even fonder of him. Of course, she also saw the surprise in Su Ziyang’s eyes and hastily explained, “Ziyang, right? Are you scared? I didn’t expect you to wake up now. I’m Zhanyi’s mother and this is Zhanyi’s father. We came here without being invited, did we scared you?”

Su Ziyang whispered, “No… As long as you are not frightened by me. I…” Speaking halfway, Su Ziyang bowed his head and stroked his abdomen with one of his hands nervously before he whispered, “I look like this…”

“It’s all right, Zhanyi had told us all about it. We already know the situation. Don’t be afraid. We won’t look at you differently.” Mother Ling saw Su Ziyang’s belly bulging under the blanket. Her eyes were bright, but she quickly retracted it back and said with a pleasant face, “Are you awake from your nap? Zhanyi is cooking. If you’re still sleepy, sleep a little longer. We’ll call you when the meal is ready.

“No, I’m already done with my nap.” Su Ziyang then got out of the bed. Mother Ling busily extended her hands to help him. “Slow down, I’ll get whatever you need!”

Su Ziyang shook his head in embarrassment. “I don’t need anything. I have been sleeping and didn’t go to the bathroom. Now I feel a little nervous and want to go to the bathroom…”

Father Ling and Mother Ling showed a smile: “Okay, then go. Take your time.”

“Auntie, Uncle, sit down first. I’ll be right back.” Su Ziyang put on his shoes and slowly moved out of the bedroom with a smiling face.

Originally, he wanted to go to the kitchen to find Ling Zhanyi to settle accounts. However, Father Ling and Mother Ling followed him out and smiled at him in the living room.

Su Ziyang had to smile at them again, then turned around and moved to the bathroom.

After solving his physiological problems, Su Ziyang washed his hands and looked at himself in the mirror with his somewhat unkempt appearance. He gnashed his teeth. Damn bastard! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? This is so embarrassing! Go to hell!

When meeting their future parents-in-law, which person will be sleeping so soundly and have them wait for him?!

Oh God, I’m ashamed to see anyone. My face has been all utterly lost!

Su Ziyang felt regretful for a long time before he adjusted his mood. He slowly walked out of the bathroom with a smile and headed for the living room.

“Auntie, Uncle, I didn’t knew that you were visiting today. I have lost my manner…” Su Ziyang took the lead in apologizing, “Don’t be angry with me, I’ll pour you tea.”

Mother Ling got up and grabbed him, pulling him to the sofa and sat him down. She laughed and said, “Ziyang, don’t be so rigid. We are the one that came without being invited. Don’t be angry with us!”

“No, no, it’s all Ling Zhanyi. Why didn’t he tell me earlier?” Su Ziyang saw that Mother Ling was so amiable that he relaxed a little and could not help complaining.

“We didn’t let him tell you, afraid that you’ll be nervous at home alone. Isn’t that good? You can sleep comfortably without worrying about anything. We also came here on the spur of the moment. We didn’t buy you anything. Well, we bought strawberries on the road. Quite a lot of them. When there is a chance next time, Mom will make up for your meeting gift!” The more she looked at Su Ziyang, the more she liked him, so she directly changed the form of address.


Su Ziyang stared in surprise inwardly thinking that wasn’t this too fast? 

What should he do then? Should he call her Mom or Auntie?

Su Ziyang could only smile first and his mouth was almost getting a cramp from it. In his heart, he kept shouting—— Bastard Ling, when are you gonna be done with your cooking? Must you show off your damn cooking skill at this moment? This is a critical moment and you are letting me down! Hurry come here and save me!

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